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  • "Storm hero" autumn coming: jun GuanCheng up to save you People's Daily online 2018-09-18 00:00:00

    Remember this summer, in time and space hub of the blow out of the alliance and horde fought the battle of alterac? In alterac wars after the battle, as the greatest villain "storm hero official comic, raven king looked dragon town in the country. Now, this country is suffering the evil forces of darkness, and you, is in the limited time to save the world hero. Here, let us together to get to know about the arrival on September 27 "storm hero" autumn GuanCheng fall of "king" timed activities and the content of the surprise in the new version! Jun GuanCheng need you: "the storm hero" autumn period activity coming familiar "storm hero" official comic players must remember, in the comic, jun GuanCheng thorns queen did not succumb to the crow the powers of the king. To this end, the evil crow and the king sent his most capable generals of terror: the witch curse Michael er, white ghost dragons o...

  • "Amazing life Ahead of the storm "will be on mobile platform in September Game time 2018-09-09 12:08:56

    "Amazing life" officer in recently announced, "amazing life" prequel to work the strange life This month, ahead of the storm "will be landing mobile client and MacOS & amp; Linux platforms, including MacOS & amp; Linux landing time as 13, mobile terminal to 19. "Amazing life Ahead of the storm, "the story of the focus on" amazing life "the most popular female role," Chloe "tells the story of the early generation of game a few years ago, Chloe meet with Rachel's story. The official said, this for MacOS & amp; Linux version by Feral Interactive, and mobile version to the original developer & have spent Deck Nine Games. Among them, the MacOS & amp; Linux version will be released in the form of a deluxe edition, the mobile version is unknown. In addition,...

  • The dark II, demeto, arrives at
    The dark II, demeto, arrives at "storm hero". People's network 2018-09-06 00:00:00

    As one of the most classic villains of Diablo II, Mephisto, the king of hatred of the model, has brought considerable equipment and many wonderful memories to many Diablo players. Now, this fearsome demon God has come to Storm Hero, as long as you will put him in the collection, he can help you destroy the will of the enemy. In addition to the arrival of Mephisto, you can also use the dragon power of the Shimada family in the newer Huacun battlefield. In addition, the purchase of any gem is a new Star Snake mount, let's take a look at these exciting updates! Tremble, mortal! Mephisto, the Diablo II god, has now befallen the King of Hatred and is considered one of the most cunning of the Diablo gods. Even when he was imprisoned by the Soul Stone, his evil powers could corrupt Sakharam, first manipulating them to break the seal, subordinating them to his rule, and then reuniting the Three Devils.

  • Latent sci-fi battle royale
    Latent sci-fi battle royale "storm" real machine demonstrate publicly for the first time People's Daily online 2018-09-02 00:00:00

    By the "photoelectricity fighter" developers Housemarque of sci-fi third person great escape games "storm dives (Stormdivers), recently game exposes the demonstration. Each game player will be configured with a jet pack, through a customizable landing pod into the battlefield start the game. Players can choose from the optional two ability, the ability to include delivery, camouflage, jetpack shield to the treatment area, realize the three-dimensional move and fight. The storm dives are on sale in 2019, on PC platform, the host version will be considered according to the sales.

  • The PS3 classic racing game
    The PS3 classic racing game "locomotive storm 3 revelation server shut down Game time 2018-08-27 10:40:24

    The PS3 "locomotive storm of revelation server was permanently closed yesterday. Game director Paul Rustchynsky yesterday morning posted a twitter to remind players "while still in time to online play multiplayer games". When he was asked to know how many people play online games, Rustchynsky replied: I don't know, I have been away from SONY has for some time, so I never see these data. But I doubt that should now few people to play, after all it is an old game. When the locomotive storm of revelation on sale until 2011, Evolution studio when Matt, head of the Southern have revealed that he is worried about the game business failures will be the end of the studio. In fact, the troubled studio in 2016 by the British studio Codemasters acquisition, and run to...

  • 20 years ago today, the original
    20 years ago today, the original "rainbow six" in the "red storm" was born Game time 2018-08-21 00:00:00

    In 1996, was established in north Carolina has just Red Storm Entertainment studio is really don't know anything about game production. For them, this is a new unknown territory. But after two years of suffering in the nightmare, they put a world changing products placed on the game shelves. At the beginning of the generation of the Rainbow Six (Rainbow Six) must be the story of starting in 1985. Chaos theory the royal navy lieutenant colonel Doug Littlejohns military half, successively commanding a diesel submarine, a nuclear-powered submarine and a destroyer. During the gulf war, he also British defense commodore and consultant of staff of the office, the post is equivalent to the role of rear admiral of the joint chiefs of staff in the United States. The last before retirement, Littlejohns also became the first British history for...

  • Mephisto join
    Mephisto join "storm hero" flower village map back to redo People's Daily online 2018-08-21 00:00:00

    Many came to the hub of the space-time diablo devil, diablo but storm players familiar with old friends. In the upcoming new version of storm hero, his oldest brother hate Wang Mofei stowe also will follow the pace of the diablo, bring endless nightmare for his opponent. In addition, there are players long-expected flowers map will also return to the village, and want to know the hatred will be how to manipulate his evil, or learn new flower village maps of the winning formula, and see it with us! Hate evil dark fiend: new heroes of Wang Mofei stowe, long ago, the Wang Mofei stowe was the horadrim capture of hatred, and imprisoned with his brother in three soul shard. But he was imprisoned, is really just the next dish chess, in the course of centuries, mephisto gradually corrupt priests of Ithaca, lamb. They as his prison guards, by mephisto control...

  • Fear of the storm hero new heroes Wang Mofei stowe
    Fear of the storm hero new heroes Wang Mofei stowe People's Daily online 2018-08-21 00:00:00

    Blizzard announced officially, of hatred of the diablo series Wang Mofei stowe will officially join the storm hero, and lead to the hero of the Chinese notice. "Storm hero" mephisto: official said: "hatred Wang Mofei stowe - one of the most cunning in three fiend, will again start his evil ambitions, everyone will surrender to his will, or surrender to his hate... "Mephisto is come from the game" diablo "in the third scenario of BOSS. Type as a remote kill a hero, he has very good AOE damage and damage, but at the same time he is lacking in the outbreak of the strong skills, slightly less than control skills. Q: the magic cranial missiles Summons a skeleton, skull and direction to the goal in 0.75 seconds, to hit the enemy dealing 127 damage and hero in slow and hit 25%, for 2 seconds. W: lightning nova mo...

  • The soul of glory wars
    The soul of glory wars "dominate purgatory" activities online Challenge the flame storm Game time 2018-08-17 14:45:13

    Ubisoft announced that the soul of glory wars season 7 "storm with anger" "dominate purgatory" has officially launched the latest activities, activities will be from now on until August 30. Activity trailer for the original video can be seen from the trailer, the entire battlefield everywhere full of fire, which are reflected in the game. In "purgatory" to the stoppage of mode, whenever a region in a race, will be surrounded by flames, players must be selected against, otherwise will bear the risk of burns to through the flames. "Master purgatory", of course, also limited special reward, containing flame theme of weapons, combat gear, camp, burning moves effect, as well as the new masks, the theme of the expression. Activities open after the second week, the store will open "dominate purgatory" buy package, containing corresponding hero, decorative masks, motion and combat gear. In addition, Xbox Live gold members, there are other benefits: "glory war soul" is this month...

  • "Betrayal: Desert Storm" will be free after all. People's network 2018-08-13 00:00:00

    BEIJING, Aug. 13 (Reporter Yang Yupolo) "Insurgency: Sandstorm" chief designer Michael Tsarouhasin an interview introduced the player upgrade system and on-line operation mode. First of all, the player's choice of occupation determines the weapon he can use, the player has a 15-point budget for the choice of outfits. Player death does not lose the number of equipment points, so it can be adjusted many times. The rules of dressing up props are different. Players can choose the sound and appearance of their characters. The props can be divided into gloves, jackets, pants, hats, shoes, camouflage styles, color scheme and so on, which can be gradually unlocked through personal growth. Players can get random props and 100 points of costume points after upgrading. Players can spend points of costume to buy their own costume props directly. With the wait...