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  • "Bullet Storm" confirms 2019 summer landing Switch Game time 2019-03-29 10:15:34

    Gearbox announced on today's PAX EAST that bullet storm will land on the Switch mainframe in the summer of 2019, and that the game will contain all DLC content, as well as the destruction of the Duke's skin. "Bullet Storm" was first put on sale in 2011, is a combination of a number of action elements of the FPS game, players can learn a variety of skills after hitting the enemy, and in the battle combined with these moves to hit a link damage. Friends who previously liked Ben's friend can now take it out anytime, anywhere on the Switch host experience.

  • Join Storm hero's punk feast to save the machinery capital Kartim
    Join Storm hero's punk feast to save the machinery capital Kartim People's Network 2019-03-28 00:00:00

    In storm heroes, players can always find the fun of adventure in different time and space. In the latest spring activities, players will cross to the 2103 ad Kartimwe city, and Qinglong gang leader Clomiphenol, Xuanwu Gang Karasim and other street heroes to resist the oppression of Hell's machine control company. Before joining this punk feast, let's read the guide to crossing the Kartim Acropolis! The battle for the future is now open: new skin, rides and other generous rewards welcome to the Kartimwe City in 2103 AD. In the city, which has been traded hundreds of times, cyberpunk heroes from countless gangs fought against each other and rebelled against the oppressive Hell's mechanical control technology company. You will have the opportunity to switch to the high-tech skin of clomiphenol, Karasim, Lucio and butcher, and unlock avatars, spray paint, emoticons and special rides by completing the task. Legendary skin ...

  • Cummins song? Giant birds use products to respond to questions since play chess storm
    Cummins song? Giant birds use products to respond to questions since play chess storm Game Daily 2019-03-25 13:48:31

    The turret has updated its official Weibo from play chess studios on the evening of March 23, the first update of the giant bird Dodo official Weibo since the play chess storm, which mainly fixes known BUGS from the "Knife Tower self-play chess" and publishes two new heroes coming online.

  • The storm hero
    The storm hero "to stop the supply of paying loot chests People's Daily online 2019-03-22 00:00:00

    Despite the gaming community based on micro transactions of trophy case, but the developers continue to place it in the latest game, because they bring AAA game publishers millions of dollars of revenue. Therefore, hear the blizzard choose from its popular MOBA games "storm hero" remove paid loot box, surprise. However, normal play games can still get free prize box. This is not a storm hero monetization reform for the first time. Before the game there is a very simple decoration system, players can simply use gems to buy they want the hero of the skin, these gems can buy with real money. Soon, however, blizzard has cancelled the system, and implement and implemented a trophy case, will be able to directly purchase quantity was reduced to a number of the skin. Instead, players need to buy (or make) trophy case, and hope to get the pieces, and then can be used to make the skin. At present...

  • It suggested that again! The bullet storm full play edition or will land on the Switch
    It suggested that again! The bullet storm full play edition or will land on the Switch Game time 2019-03-19 10:48:44

    In continuous suggests new, no land developers Gearbox, it seems, are still don't want to stop, their officer in the recently released a picture, look is the implied the bullet storm ". "Another for PAX game!" Gearbox officer pushed out a Ishi Sato images with the duke nukem corresponded. Because both roles in the heavy work. "the bullet storm full play version," Gearbox mouth the other game is clearly points to the "the bullet storm". At the same time, considering the bullet storm full play edition already landed the PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms, and the officer pushing role in a picture released stance with the original exchanged (switch), which means that the Gearbox may suggest that the bullet storm full play edition will be landing platform of the switch. G...

  • The field 5 fire storm pattern released trailers on March 25
    The field 5 fire storm pattern released trailers on March 25 Game time 2019-03-14 21:34:12

    The field 5 in today released the game battle royale mode "fire storm" trailer, the model will be launched on March 25. First take a look at the trailer: video address in fire storm mode, 64 players will be fighting until the final team survived in the battle. Players can be single or four small headquarters. Players can find many weapons in the battle and vehicle available, including the flight vehicle. Captured a stronghold of the squad can obtain powerful spoils, including V1 rockets and assault tiger tanks and so on. EA also promised double row system will be in April to join the game. The trailer screenshots

  • In order to let hardcore shooting game going mainstream,
    In order to let hardcore shooting game going mainstream, "rebellion: desert storm" made some interesting attempt Touch the music 2019-03-14 16:23:21

    In 1992, was born the epoch-making first-person shooters "German headquarters 3 d", from the protagonist braz yanukovich took ruger pistol that moment on, FPS game is in the details of the weapon and equipment to the realistic close to. After 20 years, both hands tore the future of the demon warrior, or silent theoretical physicist, FPS photorealistic degrees on weapon equipment is under a lot of kung fu. In the German headquarters: the new order, a series of signature weapon ruger pistol and protagonist's face was Gao Qingchong system after the multiplayer mode has become more and more popular, shooting game in the pursuit of the simulated appeared on the path of bifurcation. In & other; Call of duty & throughout; Series represented part of the game and start moving ahead fast rhythm against, more HUD, Hitmarker prompted after the impact, and automatic recovery HP & other Pant solution & rdqu...

  • Despite the
    Despite the "defection" storm, "Metro Leaves Home" still received a lot of praise on Steam. Game time 2019-02-24 11:50:57

    Deep Silver and Epic announced last month that "Metro Leaves Home" would have a one-year monopoly in Epic stores and removed Steam's purchase options from the game. However, players who have already purchased the game before can get the complete content of the game after the game is released, the pre-purchase reward is not affected, and they can buy season tickets. This decision naturally aroused strong opposition from a large number of Steam users, who were dissatisfied with the sudden announcement of Steam's departure after such a long pre-purchase. Some even gave Steam a bad review of his two previous works, The Metro, to express their anger. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & you may think that angry Steam players after the game is released will make the evaluation page of "Metro Leave Home" red, but...... This did not happen. The high quality of the game has won the recognition of the players: as of the end of this article..

  • Immediately join the lra
    Immediately join the lra "storm hero" new content online now People's Daily online 2019-02-14 00:00:00

    Last summer, genji, Anna and stowe peskov snake with army brought space-time hub near a devastating disaster. In the face of snake army evil invasion, has a team called "resistance" is assembled. Now, we are familiar with the di card, half hidden and blaze has resistance army's new clothes, will be hub to the space and time of peace, and evil serpent military fight. Before joining to combat their justice, let's take a look at how these heroes is shouldering the mission! Join resistance army: new tough skin and mounts In the violent confrontation with the viper army, di card he is the backbone of the lra. As the serpent era of military rule, space-time hub of people suffering from the unprecedented suffering. However, under the guidance of major deckard DE Payne, there are special skills of the team are stealth, their task is only one: the resistance. Since resistance army arrived in time and space hub,...

  • Asymmetric competitive mobile game
    Asymmetric competitive mobile game "storm island" on January 12, open double end test People's Daily online 2019-01-10 00:00:00

    Developed by storm storm studio people asymmetric competitive mobile game version storm island will open on January 12, double side tests. Storm island is a multiplayer, acting in a battle, analysis, judgement of asymmetric competitive social interactive games.

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