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  • The official theme park plan Majestic stormwind will wait for you coming
    The official theme park plan Majestic stormwind will wait for you coming 52 pk game network 2017-11-09 13:59:32

    On this year\'s blizzard carnival, \"the watchman pioneer\" blizzard announced a new map to cause the attention of the world, not for other, because the map is a blend of blizzard of various elements of the game, blizzard entertainment theme park.

  • Or affected by the smile 50-50 wars storm? Boxer has 7 job-hopping canine teeth
    Or affected by the smile 50-50 wars storm? Boxer has 7 job-hopping canine teeth People\'s Daily online 2017-10-31 00:00:00

    Late October 30, a well-known video game makers 7 live on weibo announced to join canine teeth. As many players enlightenment teacher, boxer 7 before signing canine teeth situation is not too good. It\'s no wonder why many fans said no matter where 7 will support it. As early as the end of August and early September, 7 were broke the limit their salary for the betta 1/10 of the former, and that he didn\'t live positively, even planned to propose more stringent conditions. Finally with the help of the smile, executives just calculate with a statement of the betta. As a matter of fact, the so-called selectively no live earnestly, is only 7 did not take part in various activities, encircling money like a week 7 issue of the resistance to middle-aged Korean firm of professional degree, this can also be called not good live? In recently, smile and 50-50 annual drama is attracted the attention of many people. And witnessed the laughing and giving the whole process of no. 7 because back...

  • The big devil is like the beginning! Five Galiot stormed into the nest
    The big devil is like the beginning! Five Galiot stormed into the nest 52pk game network 2017-10-28 22:03:56

    Hard five game, the final victory was not in the RNG. After get the first match point, RNG is SKT even after two tickets, eventually missed the bird\'s nest. In the five game, not only changed the hero is Faker, he has been used for the 5 game of Galiot, \"to help the team into the bird\'s nest.

  • The storm hero \
    The storm hero \"Halloween activities to upgrade: special scuffle flash open People\'s Daily online 2017-10-27 00:00:00

    Trick or treat, the storm hero hub for the Halloween party joy height of space and time. This week, we will also usher in more hilarious Halloween ported, still can obtain complete 3 boards of season limit Halloween loot box, box shall be holiday qualified goods. You is to choose the sugar or hair? Halloween ported: throw a pumpkin together This week\'s special bucket will in the end of the tower, the headless knight also joined the fray, he will be on the road down many pumpkin head, and the key to the scuffle victory on the pumpkin. Both teams can smash the pumpkin, after smashing the core to the enemy launched a pumpkin, and for you and your team to release a was catnip or Treat the effect. These effects is multifarious, each are not identical, both for yourself, and for the entire team. Candy effect can bring to you and the team different gain...

  • Novice must read \
    Novice must read \"storm heroes\" popular hero Tai Hao play recommended People network 2017-09-21 00:00:00

    \"Storm hero\" version 2 by the majority of the game player favorite since launch, the new version has attracted a large number of novice game player joined the space hub battlefield, from the feelings of \"storm hero\" the unique charm of the game MOBA. In the storm \"hero\" in the game, fighting hero Tyrrell loved by the majority of the novice game player, game player like Terrel today to bring some recent hot play and operating skills, let each one can get started quickly this hero game player. The positioning and analysis skills hero Terrel is a melee combat hero, with the sword, zhengyilinran, smite the three basic skills and trial and sanctify the two ultimate fighting skills, tairuier traits as the archangel Tyrael\'s wrath, death will become invincible state and self destruct in 3.5 seconds after a lot of damage. From a technical point of view, most of the situation in the case of a front row meat shield appeared, is a novice player\'s favorite double front double back...

  • The storm hero mecha war drama New heroes with Anna map
    The storm hero mecha war drama New heroes with Anna map People\'s Daily online 2017-09-18 00:00:00

    The storm hero can also play mecha war? That\'s right! In the upcoming new version, wo kaya industrial zone on the ice sheet will officially joined as a new battlefield, you not only can drive formidable mecha across the battlefield, also can experience the unique magic here and industrial, fantasy and sci-fi blend of charm! In addition, the growing popularity of two \"watchman pioneer role: Anna and crazy rat will also be in space and time. Can imagine varian and gul Dan to future industrial city common driving mecha would be how a scene? Let us to new benben first to devour. New map: wo kayani foundry manipulation mecha to destroy the enemy in \"the watchman pioneer,\" voss kayani industrial zone is located in the ice sheet on the mecha factory, in \"the storm hero\" hub of space and time, the player will embark on a new foundry here to be completed. Voss kayani foundry is a covered with snow, irregular three way soldier fronts, is here...

  • Great lich Kerr coming \
    Great lich Kerr coming \"storm hero\" kel new skin reward new content People\'s Daily online 2017-09-08 00:00:00

    As a throughout the warcraft III and world of warcraft, and in the hearth legend also has his shadow in the leading role, is carrying a generation kelthuzad blizzard player\'s feelings. Nowadays, under the much-anticipated, big finally starts to kel lich Kerr spacetime hub! Response to his call of the power of the dark winter, can also win a special reward. Open at the same time, this year\'s third season, a lot of new products online, then not let us take a look at this new version what some new content. Kel new hero Kerr is coming soon Feel the wrath of the lich \"Warcraft III\" s powerful remote output ability, and bring pressure to the enemy in the world of warcraft control skills, even the BFS legend a smile of ridicule skills, all is perfect in the space-time hub. Heroes in \"the storm\", is a remote kelthuzad eruption type wizard. ...

  • Kerr Sujoy de arrives \
    Kerr Sujoy de arrives \"storm hero\" new skin, new reward, new content People network 2017-09-07 00:00:00

     , as a famous actor who runs through Warcraft III and World of Warcraft, and also has his shadow in hearthstone legend, Kerr is one of the generations of Blizzard gamers. Now, under the long-awaited, big Lich Kerr Soviet Gadd finally officially came the space hub! In response to the call of his dark winter, he can also win time limits. At the same time, this year\'s third season, followed by opening, a large number of new products along the line, it is better to let us see what the new version of what new content. New hero Kerr Sugard comes to feel the Lich force either \"Warcraft III\" s remote output ability strong, or \"World of Warcraft\" to bring the enemy control skills of oppression, and even \"hearthstone legend\" which is convulsed Tucao skills, have been the perfect inheritance in the space hub. In storm heroes, Kerr is one...

  • Desirable! The storm hero \
    Desirable! The storm hero \"the most eagerly awaited new upcoming kel hero Kerr People\'s Daily online 2017-08-23 00:00:00

    After released three intriguing clues, Beijing time on August 22, \"hero\" storm in the morning the next to look new hero finally emerged from the shadows, plaguelands lich Lord - the coming kelthuzad space-time hub. His death over the hub of time and space, this time even the most powerful people can escape. Is a kelthuzad throughout the warcraft III and world of warcraft prominent role, he not only induce the young prince arthas step by step down to become the lich king, itself is a has a powerful wizard, is guarding the eerie, floating air fortress: naxx. In the warcraft III, lich as undead only remote hero, has a unshakable position in the undead player mind. World of warcraft, as in the \'60 s hard copy \"naxx\" closed bottom Boss, was also a lot of warcraft player\'s nightmare. ...

  • \
    \"Storm hero\" HGC kick-off Asia\'s top eight join forces with blizzard e-sports pavilion Sina game 2017-08-11 19:33:32

    / Taipei August 11, the storm hero \"HGC Asia showdown on August 11 to 13, sweeping the e-sports pavilion blizzard! Eight from Taiwan, South Korea, China and southeast Asia\'s top teams meet in Taipei, for up to $100000 tournament total bonus and the strongest team in Asia Pacific award! Blizzard entertainment first invite 12 well-known both at home and abroad, a review of the anchor, e-sports pavilion at blizzard, bring players...