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  • "Asked 2018 universal PK game a complete packaged The king was born chinabyte 2018-12-03 15:42:09

    After more than half a month of fighting, "asked 2018 universal PK match finally ended, killing horn still lingering in the unusual weekend, four teams in Beijing, on the line

  • And wind
    And wind "ninja ported" blood PK game party benefits People's Daily online 2018-11-27 00:00:00

    Ancient evil fiend is raised, monster messing around, deteriorated. Some have stunt seal and miko, spontaneous royal court, in the fight against monster. If you hustle, also might as well come with "ninja ported", beat together the magic, early realization of ancestral behead demon drop magic oath! [behead demon magic, to say the hand chart 】 want to become a top sealing division, the first thing to have a belongs to own weapons, have a most suitable for their own equipment, can be in the future trials heyday, invincible. In "ninja ported" chart, bing wu, treasure is players chop monster's right-hand man. Treasure to and FengRi of strong solid geometry as the main design, with a strong of primitive simplicity and mysterious color. Different chart, the design is also different. "Day fox pupil" chart is given priority to with cambered surface, ruby, "zero fan plate" chart is given priority to with ancient tree, butterfly... Of course,...

  • "Ask" the national PK tournament knockout competition hot war double birth Yesky 2018-11-19 10:58:06

    After two days of fierce competition, the two males in the four major competition areas of Qinglong, Baihu, Suzaku and Xuanwu finally came into being. They went all the way to the finals of the competition area.

  • "Asked the PK game division knockout open tomorrow Hot war chinabyte 2018-11-16 16:05:26

    Who won the world, another day! "Asked" the 5th national PK game going on, last week's team audition waste heat is in, each contestant got their grouping and rivals, tomorrow will be on to the next

  • "Asked" the fifth national PK race final election competition hot Yesky 2018-11-12 11:28:00

    "Question" The 5th National PK Competition is in full swing. By the end of the group competition sea election yesterday, the Top 128 has been gloriously born! Taoists who have won the stage can not relax, and the more cruel war has already begun.

  • Folk
    Folk "Ye Xiu" near suning lion electric piano master PK contest hand speed People's Daily online 2018-10-30 00:00:00

    On October 28, suning double tenth a "lion Wang Quanqiu invitational" in wuhan. A play starcraft e-sports has caused wide public concern over the player's hand speed. Have said on the sidelines users, this hand speed in 200 times/min up to say less. There are those who even doubt this is a professional player. Suning's official trill account in wuhan, this paragraph of the gameplay video playback volume has breakthrough millions, thumb up nearly 40000, watching the audience screamed, "that's the reality version of the Ye Xiu!" In "the full-time masters," Ye Xiu with its hand speed quick, dazzling skills, regarded as "the god of glory". Professional league glory in the history of the first and only a three-peat dynasty team builder, won four Olympic "most valuable player (MVP). In the fiction, the Ye Xiu in battle finally hand ran to 764 times/min, the average speed has also been steady hand around 510 times/min. But this is just a virtual...

  • "Asked the PK game is about to open fire power the new version chinabyte 2018-10-30 13:25:49

    "Asked" the 5th national PK game is blood open, open on November 2nd formal registration, hand in hand the new expansion, set off a game belongs to the friends of the feast! Ten thousand yuan of award, the massive silver treasure

  • To survive the jedi Halloween activities open pumpkin head mask for free
    To survive the jedi Halloween activities open pumpkin head mask for free People's Daily online 2018-10-25 00:00:00

    On October 25, to survive the jedi PUBG official announcement officially opened the game's Halloween theme activities. Maintenance after the player will be able to buy in game store Halloween theme suit, also to within a specified time by logging in play game to get free of the mask, see together! Announcement, said after the game maintenance, players can survive the jedi in-game shop killer clowns, mad butcher, ancient mummies and bloody nurse suit. Every suit with discount price and sold in the form of a single box, the mad butcher suit can be used to buy 10000 BP. Conditional friends can continue to focus on PUBG official twitter, in this week ahead of time by taking screenshots in the competition to win a Halloween suit! Official said at the same time, in order to celebrate Halloween with players, pumpkin ghost head mask will prompt for free, as long as the play...

  • Place of the limit of the CS: GO Asia finals over South Korea MVP. PK team title
    Place of the limit of the CS: GO Asia finals over South Korea MVP. PK team title People's Daily online 2018-10-22 00:00:00

    People in Beijing on October 22 (reporter Yang Yu polo) late October 21, was held in Shanghai place of the limit of the CS: GO finals ended in Asia, eventually the south Korean team MVP. PK2:0 victory over NASR team won a championship. Is considered to be the title before the largest popular support they didn't let people down, just in the semi-finals against the defending champions Flash Gaming losing one figure, show the overlord of the super power in Asia. In addition to win the MVP. PK, the runner-up team NASR, performance is impressive, as they have defeated the Chiefs from Australia and Singapore B.O.O.T - [D] S finals, eventually lost to the MVP. PK team came second, but this is what they get the best result. Result: the final day MVP. PK 2-1 Flash Gaming...

  • Who is
    Who is "asked" PK achievement ranking first? Digital gifts waiting for you to get it chinabyte 2018-10-12 10:54:24

    "Two" PK clothing exclusive achievement ranking activities, to participate in activities have access to digital gifts, are more likely to get the iphone! There are huge amounts of silver treasure transmitted simultaneously! Waiting for you to finish all kinds of interesting achievements