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  • Who is
    Who is "asked" PK achievement ranking first? Digital gifts waiting for you to get it chinabyte 2018-10-12 10:54:24

    "Two" PK clothing exclusive achievement ranking activities, to participate in activities have access to digital gifts, are more likely to get the iphone! There are huge amounts of silver treasure transmitted simultaneously! Waiting for you to finish all kinds of interesting achievements

  • "Asked" PK served the first cross-server qualifying a complete packaged Event hot chinabyte 2018-10-08 11:10:30

    Yesterday, the classic version of PK suit to open after the first cross-server qualifying well packaged, fighting spread in the whole continent! After a fierce fight, the real strong, finally on the top of the glory, is worthy of PK

  • Cross-server qualifying heats up
    Cross-server qualifying heats up "asked" PK suit to reviving round competition chinabyte 2018-09-18 14:34:46

    In the world, journal asked cross-server qualifying is always love PK players importance, "two" the first qualifying is picking up, the players of the qualifying race is the dragon

  • Bonuses for PK's got talent
    Bonuses for PK's got talent "asked" try way waiting for you to fight chinabyte 2018-09-11 11:30:49

    Large PK classic "asked" suit "of two" will be officially opened on September 14, will try synchronization opens in a new way of the king, the friends during the activities involved in "try" to win, in addition to the sea by the game itself

  • In the middle of the year, PK took
    In the middle of the year, PK took "two 0 18" 14 days to attack "ask" to open up the role. Yesky 2018-09-07 10:41:19

    On September 14, the PK classic suit "February 18" will be shocked to open, "February 18" on the basis of the classic version, the introduction of a trial meeting, team competition, world class 17 exclusive

  • From no losses? H5 proud day game
    From no losses? H5 proud day game "daily ares" PK battle People's Daily online 2018-08-27 00:00:00

    When players in the proud day day by day the ares of ascending to a certain level, you can easily open the PK battle, this means that at this moment you already have the ability to challenge. Set the level is not high also, about 27, 28, a small make up in 29 level already can challenge between 30 to 27. Well, how do you want to try with small make up? However, must first understand how much daily PK battle is not to challenge can have. A quota limit every day, here small make up the rest of the number and the total number of your total is 6 times. Challenge is completed, if you still want to continue to challenge, you'll have to take the silver piece to buy number of challenges. If a challenge to the current competitors are not satisfied, can use up 200000 gold COINS to refresh, challenges with other people. Proud day day by day the ares H5 small make up privately thought that this is unnecessary, what system you though the challenges of bai...

  • Kapkorn's first quarter 2018 earnings report posted record revenue
    Kapkorn's first quarter 2018 earnings report posted record revenue People's network 2018-07-31 00:00:00

    On July 30, Capcom released its first quarter results for 2008, which included financial results for the period from April 1 to June 30, 2008. As shown in the table, the company's three-month combined net sales growth of 46.5% year-on-year, revenue growth of 550.8%. This is the highest operating revenue record for the first quarter of the issuer. Capcom also said the game had sold 8.3 million copies as of June 30, thanks to the growing popularity of Monster Hunter: The World. Not only that, sales of The Street Bulldog's 30th Anniversary Collection are growing steadily, but sales of The Rock Legends Collection are also quite impressive. Capcom's revenue in the single gaming sector reached 13.782 billion yen (79.3% year-on-year growth) and its revenue was 5.735 billion yen (242.2% year-on-year growth). Kapkorn also outlined the whole business...

  • New personal cross-server PK summoners of legends, summer carnival public beta
    New personal cross-server PK summoners of legends, summer carnival public beta People's Daily online 2018-07-05 00:00:00

    The legendary summoners summer officially on July 5 in all platform bums and open beta. The placement of breakthrough in the game card game, magic cartoon exquisite picture, hundreds of heroic personality and exciting cross-server competition, so many ship "new" game experience in the legendary summoners! Much-anticipated personal ladder qualifying also with open beta comprehensive attack, let below small make up to you explain it in detail. New personal qualifying game also known as "field" the legendary bucket and technique, require players to reach level 48 above to enter. Its style is similar to the game in the battle, a bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and the glory of six grade, after the success of the registration system will automatically match eight grade points equal players with you, start the wheels with their war. New arena interface to configure game, the player 3 rows troops "tian racing" fight, and you can only see the opponent's first...

  • Ranking points there are tricks in the asked cross-server god pet pk to authorities
    Ranking points there are tricks in the asked cross-server god pet pk to authorities chinabyte 2018-06-26 11:19:17

    "Asked" summer cross-server qualifying, ignition summer passion! Participate in cross-server qualifying, to meet the competitive new upsurge, millions of gifts giving more authority god beast waiting for you to take! Asked to open summer fiesta party at the same time, pressing and exciting activities

  • Four times a hour PK
    Four times a hour PK "king" of red-violet start and then open MOBA group People's Daily online 2018-06-08 00:00:00

    The line's repressed, wild growth by GANK, if your heart have aspirations, have so a MOBA games, will allow you to go directly to experience, the most wonderful and exciting melee? Well, good news, "the king of red-violet" which produced by Japanese game SE club of the original game, is about to 18:00 on June 14, "gratitude". In Japan has ten years history of IP as a national grade MOBA games, "the king of red-violet" abandoned the cumbersome equipment, reduced the long development, make all the players of the game, start can directly involved in the exciting melee. Start to play ball, blood fighting If MOBA games model from traditional farming to the wild to upgrade to the line, from access to arrest people to melee highlands, if precancerous dysplasia, again even with strong technology also powerless; In contrast, "the king of red-violet" game mode,...