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  • "Crazy tank" genuine authorized mobile game open test on September 21 People's Daily online 2018-09-21 00:00:00

    Issued by the wanda cinema line game, "crazy tank" genuine authorized tour, hand 21 open billing delete file not test! Fusion strategy + qualifying group combat game, against competitive mobile game in real time. Game main relaxed leisure cartoon style, brand-new battle map, different new combat system, and combining with characteristics of skin, bring the most innovative combat experience. Crazy crazy tank classic repeat 】 【 tanks "in the era of side swimming ever led a wave of leisure sports, leisure sports now mobile games, when the king returned again, return old cannons, renewed war! Once they neglect practice's attack skills could finally show up! And available role is not just old fashioned a cough up, also need not pay for the game time, we only want the most pure happiness! [team action tactics] for faster, more comfortable pace of the game, refused to boring waiting time. The crazy tank tour will hand round...

  • The navigation wang: burning will to mobile game don't delete file test today open
    The navigation wang: burning will to mobile game don't delete file test today open People's Daily online 2018-09-20 00:00:00

    En route, the dream don't extinguish, sailing king 3 d role playing hand swim the sea king: burning will not delete profile test today officially open! Courage and strength and elite, let us follow the footsteps of luffy, conquer the great course of adventure! (game login screen height reduction "sea king" world view "sailing king: burning will to popular animation on the navigation king" highly reductive animation wonderful plot and unique character set. Straw in the game, players will be accompanied by a group of open sailing trip, recruiting partners to form a pirate group of their own. Each role is strictly follow the original animation design, luffy, zorro, robin, ace role modeling in accordance with the original animation set proportion. & have spent & have spent (show) plot to show more realistic sailing king of the world, the development team has set up a full 3 d games for the rival host expressive...

  • The industry has a new concept the rhyme desire netease demon spirit mobile game
    The industry has a new concept the rhyme desire netease demon spirit mobile game "god all night" Game daily 2018-09-20 11:43:45

    Today on App Store exclusive starting the god are nocturnal recording, repose the netease great efforts and look forward to - individual special background and RPG market subjects, hot secondary elements and monsters, netease to suppress the finding of "1", how can?

  • Because of no plate number two
    Because of no plate number two "chicken" mobile game will be pulled from the shelves? Tencent: rumors! The game in a teahouse 2018-09-19 19:16:14

    Today, the game tea house revealed that anonymous E-mail received, tencent to eat chicken game get plate number has become a foregone conclusion, and the next one or two months will be ordered from the shelves. Anonymous source said the news got evidence of tencent game department staff, studios have been secret research other similar new battle royale game, in the "battlefield: desperately stimulation" and "desperately: army attack after the provide a supplement, but will be huge to eat chicken user transferred to the new game on a few cannot. Two weeks before low-key launch tencent since the research of "the law of infinite" PC version is testing the waters, the future or will launch a mobile version.

  • NEXT studio mobile game
    NEXT studio mobile game "o blare the online Dogs and cats are one of them in the same boat Game time 2018-09-17 13:24:36

    Developed by NEXT Studio free hand tour "o blare Europe" (OWO) has in AppStore and TapTap platform on September 14. This is a 2 d action game, players need to play two tied with a rope pet dogs and cats, in order to rescue the master on his adventure. "O blare the operation is very simple and no brain, players need only one finger, stamp screen continuously, can pass a barrier. But the game level design won't let players play can play in the past, in fact, this game can be difficult... Try on this experience can click [game store]. & have spent Said the NEXT Studio, you may not deep impression of it, but if the mentioned valve's death came, and August 23 in WeGame provided free of charge ", hill shaman ", the player may for them...

  • Developers MADFINGER announced e-sports domain into mobile Games
    Developers MADFINGER announced e-sports domain into mobile Games People's Daily online 2018-09-13 00:00:00

    This year (2018) for the first time in the German Gamescom exposure of e-sports game new action "shadow gun: War game" (Shadowgun War Games, before the translation of "shadow gun: world War"), its developers MADFINGER Games officially published today will work with ESL and asus, e-sports domain into mobile. "We are very happy to be a part of e-sports," MADFINGER Games CEO and game director Marek Rabas said: "at the same time we also the content of the game for team made fairly confident, and under this cooperation opportunities, believe that I can bring action e-sports domain different feelings." The ROG Phone is currently on the market the best action e-sports device, "ROG Phone, senior director of product...

  • Super order mage in the full-time mage: awakening mobile game role first exposure
    Super order mage in the full-time mage: awakening mobile game role first exposure People's Daily online 2018-09-13 00:00:00

    The havoc to magic eternal life! By wanda cinema line game issue, the legal authorization of novels of full-time master of next generation 3 dmmorpg mobile game "full-time mage: awakening" forthcoming. Today, the first official order two super mage MuNing snow and summer leaves the heart. Two super order mage image set based on novel source, swim in hand to new roles in the creation and interpretation. Players through the novel background and concept of fusion, which the plot clues a glimpse into the game with the help of the bit. Hurry to catch a glimpse of their looks! Frost mage - super order MuNing snow as an important one of the heroine of the full-time mage, MuNing snow is primary frost family bo family daughter, and MoFanCeng are childhood sweethearts, talent as a child, when he was only fourteen years old self awakening the spirit level of frost, with superior talent. Characters in the original painting, MuNing snow from the perspectives of appearance, clothing apparel, fine reduction novels describe the characteristics of wearing silver, sideways meditation, closing eyes...

  • The mobile game starter edition of the DLC, tan 2 tomorrow Four highlights the ultimate revealed that the plot
    The mobile game starter edition of the DLC, tan 2 tomorrow Four highlights the ultimate revealed that the plot People's Daily online 2018-09-12 00:00:00

    Mark dream weavers, books, tan again! Authorized by the net yuan SAN tang official only genuine, gaia mutual entertainment and independent research and development of the annual boutique MMORPG tour the DLC, tan second hand, starting version will open tomorrow (September 13) shock, drama and listen to the original, DLC, invite you jian Ming manifest is wanton river's lake! The mobile game starter edition of the DLC, tan 2 online, from the view of sword play too China, array, and from plough patrons of the giant three career are on standby, waiting for the arrival of the yanshi. On from changan, the bamboo shoots the steamed stuffed bun, the music blasted into feather and other leading role make suppress armour, casting sword soul, probe the ancient secret account through signs, through regression of current month. In addition, the tour starting hand edition of the DLC, tan 2 comprehensively deepen combat experience, the strength of soaring at the same time, more will depend on the PVP play reduction characteristics demonstrated dangerous blood quack! The tour starting hand edition of the DLC, tan 2 'video exposure, 3 class 4 big luminescent spot today reveal...

  • South Korean martial art mobile game
    South Korean martial art mobile game "sword: eight guardians shortage" Lord posters in public People's Daily online 2018-09-11 00:00:00

    DNC Of Storm has publicly owned by hand for the first time new swim "sword: eight guardians shortage" Of the poster. From the public of the "sword: eight guardians shortage" in the first post as you can see, in order to defeat the demon that makes the world into chaos, set out alone hero lonely figure. At the same time, the thunder rolled dark background, and surrounding the samurai's giant genie brings tension. And with a title "sword" as the theme of the second chapter of the posters, have ended up with just the battlefield of the war as the main content. Posters, surrounded by some mysterious breath of sword, waiting for players to use. Sword: eight guardians shortage as a martial arts MMORPG is a description alone in order to protect the eight wild world of intense competition and war and the science of uniting the mobile game of the process, has the huge martial arts world view and the plot, at the same time using the Unity3d engine embodies the battle between the forces of good and evil. ...

  • Netease battle royale class mobile game
    Netease battle royale class mobile game "the wilderness act" will land on PS4 Game time 2018-09-10 18:42:06

    In the just-concluded PlayStation LineUp Tour conference, produced by netease mobile game of battle royale "wilderness action will confirm on the PS4 platform. "The wilderness act" is a third-person shooting game, the players in the game playing one of the people's liberation army, try out for a peacekeeping special forces military exercises. This last December officially issued on iOS and Android platform, in addition to mobile phones, also introduced a PC version. It is worth mentioning "the wilderness act" in the Japanese market's performance very grab an eye, all the year round in the App Store seller, even in August and popular animation "ferocious giants" localization linkage. May also be for this reason, netease decided to SIE conference announced the news of the landing PS4 in Japan. "The wilderness act" in the spring of 2019 is expected to land PS4, the specific time still need to wait for the official further news.