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  • QuestMobile report: jump jump user 389 million chicken mobile game MAU6000
    QuestMobile report: jump jump user 389 million chicken mobile game MAU6000 People's Daily online 2018-04-19 00:00:00

    Heat 1, 2018 Q1 king glory, user scale and stable growth in the new role, the new game operation support, Q1 2018 king glory users stable growth, with the downward trend in Q4 2017 slightly form bright contrast. 2, eat chicken hand tour industry a full-blown, or into 2018 national tour with tencent two genuine hand to eat chicken hand swim, eat chicken full-blown hand tour industry, three typical eating chicken hand swim not to heavy, exceeded 60 million active users, and is expected to become new national hand swim in 2018. 3, travel frogs sat real "phenomenal" mobile game, user scale weak 4, female mobile game user preferences, non-confrontational mobile game easily QuestMobile data show that women mobile phone game users main partial good swim for music and a puzzle casual games. 5, in addition to the happy eliminate le, "feminine" mobile game...

  • "Fairy" mobile game strategy: to understand these, acura shi familiar with you Ren play hall 2018-04-18 17:00:44

    In "a fairy hand tour," shi pet has a very important role, not only in his side pet can provide us with a lot of power, even the recycling status of shi spoil, can form a front method to increase power to us. Especially the last updated, introduced a new law shi pet "7 exquisite array" shi pet's position more important, the maid to spoil the product order from low to high respectively is: every products, in product, top grade, gourmet. Of all goods and products of fairy friends help is small, here we focus on the way of top grade and the best pet for method. A, activity, get a fairy friends to participate in the activities of daily duo spoil in the park, can get top grade and gourmet pet random star, collected after the corresponding number, can form a complete top grade or acura shi spoil. The last blow to the world of the lich king's team, also can get top grade shi spoil a random, cornucopia is have a chance to direct access to the best shi spoil. Second, exchange for exchange of shi familiar with front is different...

  • The fairy find mobile game strategy: know the secret, let you experience the time soaring
    The fairy find mobile game strategy: know the secret, let you experience the time soaring Ren play hall 2018-04-18 17:10:03

    In "a fairy hand tour, experience value, besides can give fairy friend upgraded can also give shi dandle law and law on pet upgrade, so the experience gain also is particularly important, in addition to our daily experiences available, online, offline yo can also obtain good experience gains, off-line on-hook scene, but the game is not as level and gradually open, all need fairy friends opened only complete a task, and different scenarios of open mode is also different, for the moment is divided into five kinds, let's explain one by one. One, of being/gaiden open task we first need to open the hang up scenario is: 23 of yellow wind volume, the banner of the open it needed to complete tasks under yellow wind flag, since neither of tip or gaiden will have tasks, so it is relatively easy to complete, here did not elaborate, now need task open hang up scenarios are: yellow wind volume (23), red in the wind tunnel the banner (...

  • Which boasts the world's first 3 d block chain chain of pet can't develop a mobile game can also play?
    Which boasts the world's first 3 d block chain chain of pet can't develop a mobile game can also play? The game in a teahouse 2018-04-18 15:08:36

    Game the teahouse last week about the current block chain development articles, mention block chain game currently on the market, most of the missing gameplay, focuses on transaction attribute, more like the "notes" in another way. In DApp developer team, someone already started attaches great importance to the gameplay in product development. On April 17, the reporter to interview when company's Ajoy Lab game development team, Ajoy self-developed "Peter bears" hand chain blocks will be launched at the end of April, the game is billed as the world's first 3 d model block chain pet form hand to swim, it and what is the difference between a traditional block chain pet game?

  • Dillon heat, led by endorsement
    Dillon heat, led by endorsement "song fire, such as" mobile game App Store starting today Ren play hall 2018-04-17 10:44:28

    By ali and together to build the perfect world game series legal authorization, huai close social MMO swim "fire such as song" hand swim today on App Store heavy start, all iOS users can be directly to download games. By Dillon hot bar, bin-bin zhang, Liu Rui 'three TV play leading role of star super lineup for the mobile game, endorsements, invite you players from place to place. At the same time, AR, gang wars, affinity system, open new play has one by one, such as the star printing system, to bring you more full of fire and immersive gaming experience. App Store exclusive first feel the pleasure of growth, river's lake creek the works of the novel, the adaptation of the glaringly apparent tells the story of jianghu, represented by the fierce as boys and girls, after a series of love/hate grew. The play in height reduction, on the basis of the original details, created a fresh and full of young spirit ", river's lake ". ...

  • Fantasy bikkuriman
    Fantasy bikkuriman "sword" is Mobile Games micro end Android hot starting today Play Hall 2018-04-17 10:21:48

    With the name of the sword, nine days of battle! HWTOYS culture's first wave network technology Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen, the big fantasy and immortal chivalry micro end tour, will be launched today (April 17th). The game with the demon invasion, bikkuriman triggered at any moment, Fairy Magic contend for background, based on the ultimate high-definition picture; Xian yuan punch remodeling the thrill of battle; various magic arbitrary control, help out, riding the four camps on equal to anything; one hundred characters full of personality; more into xianmeng war, personal pet, Indiana, Xian Xian group adorable fashion and other characteristics, to create a very touching fairy legend! The new world opens a new chapter since the secret reincarnation of the creation of the world, God and the devil for the eternal endless war. In such a background with Fairy Magic, as the cultivation of people, must control the artifact, self achievement in this world, and the demon expulsion, save the turmoil of the immortal world. Whether it is the task, the realm, the copy, or the activity, it is you...

  • China mobile game popular in Korea
    China mobile game popular in Korea People's Daily online 2018-04-17 00:00:00

    Google mobile games popular in South Korea in the top 20 list of 16 Chinese mobile phone game in 2017 on the list "list", the influence of the Chinese game in South Korea market is gradually expanding. Quality rise, adjust measures to local conditions and other factors, is considered by south Korean industry is the main reason for the China tour in South Korea by hand. According to south Korean mobile phone software survey IGAWorks to released the "2017 China mobile game, South Korea performance report", according to Google mobile games in South Korea in 2017 released by the China mobile game 136, increased 19% year-on-year. From the point of game category, chinese-made role-playing and strategy class mobile game accounted for 78% of total market share for the role-playing game market share from 46% to 65% in 2016, strategy game share fell to 27% from 13%. The list of top 20 best-selling tour in hand, the Chinese game from 11 in 2016...

  • "Dream mock battle" mobile game 4.26 morning test opens People's Daily online 2018-04-16 00:00:00

    Time flies, when when sleep deeply the sword has long Langrisse buzzing, the world finally understood, that a great legend will come again! "Dream mock battle" series formally announced that its tour edition will hand in the test on April 26, to carry out a new round of the dawn. This test is paid for android users delete file test, limit of 4000 people. On April 26, 10 o 'clock in the access to the game's official website can download games to participate in the test. Participated in the last test players can directly use the original account login game, is not subject to quota restrictions. As a series of the prophecy, as shown in the most famous of the ", between light and dark are only Langrisser legend, will also be a sustainable... "Young teens will follow the guidance of the goddess, sword recasting of sacred journey; Former hero again, brave knights will live on "ai road saizeriya" continent gallop! The familiar matchless phase grams, terrain factors and the laws of more arms...

  • Android starts since not hit songs fire, such as mobile game overall optimum exposure
    Android starts since not hit songs fire, such as mobile game overall optimum exposure People's Daily online 2018-04-16 00:00:00

    By ali and together to build the perfect world game series legal authorization, huai close social MMO mobile game "song fire, such as" mobile game on April 18 in the starting platform, new starting version optimizing play point and add content is heavy exposure, before about hand play method of speculation will unravel, players will experience in brand new game world classic original/hate with love. 【 android starting of fire quack romantic encounter with you 】 the hand swim as a fire, such as songs by ali and huai together to build the perfect world game close social MMO hand swim, perfect restore the essence of the original content, players will with "song" on the road to river's lake to travel, to follow the plot lines, change a perspective through fire again. A few days ago, the mobile game fire like songs has officially revealed star endorsement, in the TV play "fierce songs such as" Dillon hot, play "maple"...