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    Miracle Games \"Rage of Kings-HD\" national clothing Win10 version exclusive beta first Ren play Hall 2017-11-10 11:13:53

    \"RageofKings-HD\" at the beginning of the year in 155 countries overseas landing and GooglePlay global recommended, recommended more official apple AppStore in Arabia, August officially returned to Chinese exclusively by MiracleGames starting today, \"RageofKings-HD\" version of Win10UWP in the official Microsoft store exclusive first! \"RageofKings-HD\" is more than a large European style battle strategy game Europe and the United States, the picture with different geographical landscape, game player can freely choose city building sites, and other game player from the alliance together. The game can be full interoperability with GooglePlay and iOSStore and PC end, instant global war, without borders, the global game player and at the same time, the global synchronization, you will compete with various countries and regions of the big game player...

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    \"Miracle: the strongest\" rally test today open diamond to send Ren play hall 2017-11-09 17:46:47

    From south Korean web zen \"miracle MU\" end the original authorization, tower people \"miracle MU\" the original operation team, 3 d magic by ways to launch an MMORPG mobile game \"miracle: the strongest\" rally test today at 10 open. Immediately to make an appointment to receive test gift bag \"miracle: the best of this test is only open android, delete files without paying for it is the official server test, the game will provide a substantial resources regularly for warriors, total more than 10000 diamonds, help you get a better experience. Attended the game official server all previous payment test, and a prepaid phone player, will also be in the test for the previous test for 100% of the total top-up diamond rebate, feel open beta treatment in advance (public beta will rebate every individual top-up amount 200% of diamond). Battle horn sounded, brothers have begun to gather, join right now! \"Miracle: the strongest\" rally testing open 15 heavy welfare activities, help you easily become...

  • Miracle warm in the snow to leave how to match Snow in the separation points, collocation is recommended
    Miracle warm in the snow to leave how to match Snow in the separation points, collocation is recommended People\'s Daily online 2017-11-07 00:00:00

    Miracle warm fluorescent, the spirit of bam, bam, parting suits in the snow is very good, because is recently a new suit, so you also don\'t know how to match, small make up after attempts to finally find the miracle how warm in the snow to leave? Snow in the parting critical points collocation is recommended. Together and see it! Wonder how warm in the snow to leave collocation consumption summary reward summary fluorescence property attribute analysis that is the spirit of small make up the final thought of the miracle of the warm in the snow to leave points collocation is recommended for, isn\'t it a good match? Try to match!

  • How to remove miracle warm health system? Be forced to offline solution
    How to remove miracle warm health system? Be forced to offline solution People\'s Daily online 2017-11-03 00:00:00

    Miracle after warm version updates, new added the function of a pit, is the health system. The system will limit the game time, as to how to remove, just come and below small make up together and have a look. How to remove the health system? 1. Minor players pay attention to the mix, reasonable. 2. Play an account again, change a id card Miracle warm health system rules minors online 2 hours daily cumulative, forced offline for 30 minutes. Accumulative total 4 hours online, offline for 30 minutes. Each online 1 hour, the forced offline for 15 minutes. Adults daily cumulative online 3 hours, forced offline for 15 minutes. Total 6 hours online, forced offline for 15 minutes. Each online 1 hour, the forced offline for 15 minutes. Daily cumulative length and the login limit refresh time for daily 5:00 don\'t know why adults are also limited, but...

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    \"The new miracle\" server \"dragon in the world today open burning engine People network 2017-10-22 00:00:00

    Millionaires momalibing, prehistoric ancient renewed! The most anticipated new Jin war gaming masterpiece \"the miracle\" will be held today (October 21st) opened a new server burning engine, \"dragon in the world\" to open a formal test! In the battle of blood passionate sports, fun a copy of the challenge, new content, new journey, Geluyinghao are invited to come to the war! Server name: Harbourside open service time: October 21st 14:00 [new] amazing adventure line content out new clues: in order to let the game player as soon as possible to experience the country and the essence of the game play, the main task of the new simple, comprehensive optimization of game player Daguai process, cut down a lot of heavy task, let the game player fast upgrade. New copy: a new copy of the opening service [off fire Palace of the Earth]. New gameplay, interesting storylines, dazzling scenes and skills are sure to make players experience a challenging adventure. ...

  • RNG miracle advance to the final four Europe into a tearful farewell to the field
    RNG miracle advance to the final four Europe into a tearful farewell to the field 52 pk game network 2017-10-21 21:57:13

    RNG in today\'s game 3-1 scores from as FNC hand grabbed the semifinals tickets to Shanghai, and with the RNG promotion rivals, the Uzi has become the only one in the LPL league three times in the promotion of the last four players, tomorrow WE will play C9, hope LPL two teams can be stationed in Shanghai.

  • Miracle awakening thousands of fans first music conference, Shang Wenjie theme song first exposure
    Miracle awakening thousands of fans first music conference, Shang Wenjie theme song first exposure Ren play Hall 2017-10-22 09:00:30

    After fifteen years of classic innovation, the next miracle waits for witness! The new official licensed miracle Mobile Games \"miracle MU: the awakening\" invites you to return to the wonders of the world, the brave battles. \"Miracle MU: Awakening\" thousands of fans first concert will be shocked in October 22nd, luxury Symphony electronic combination, bringing unparalleled avant-garde magic feast of hearing. Classic miracle repertoire review, new magic theme song first exposure, full immersion stimulation, more \"miracle MU: Awakening\" CG first, witness the next miracle! The theme song of Shang Wenjie\'s first exposure the new magic wind interpretation each \"miracle\" MU game player are not to be missed hearing feast -- \"miracle MU: the awakening\" magic symphony concert, the upcoming Beijing Exhibition Theater in Beijing! In addition to the classic repertoire of magic symphony concert Encore sounds, as well as the finale of the drama, singing the new magic from the electronic single man is the wind, \"the miracle of MU: the awakening\" new theme song! 15 years of classic awakening...

  • Miracle to staging by SKT MSF of a recruit
    Miracle to staging by SKT MSF of a recruit 52 pk game network 2017-10-20 21:10:30

    MSF this just to enter the world triple-jump match team in today nearly make history, to borrow a word from the PDD: \"too wanted to win the team also fear of failure.\" Eventually SKT 3-2 after the last four, they are going to play the winner of the RNG and as FNC.

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    \"Miracle MU: awakening\" magic symphony concert Shang wenjie with grammy nomination composition made a miracle Ren play hall 2017-10-21 10:00:14

    Under 15 years back classic innovation and witness a miracle waiting for! Authorized by the tencent sole agency official licensed new miracle mobile game \"miracle MU: awakening\" invite you to return to the mainland miracle, brave fight again. October 22nd, the miracle MU: awakening auditory feast for the \"miracle MU\" players, memory and new heart \"miracle MU\" incoming blend of magic symphony concert will be strong! The concert scene, shang wenjie to grammy nominations composer Peter Boyer, as well as in Asia chief philharmonic, singing a miracle! Epic magic scene symphony concert are highlights overview \"miracle MU: awakening\" magic symphony concert soon is held in Beijing on October 22nd beizhan theatre, the one thousand fans gathering feast \"aura\", multiple audio-visual enjoy absolute can let a person regret it! In music, electronic sing as shang wenjie will bring new magic wind song, is the miracle MU: sleep...

  • Inheriting traditional aesthetics \
    Inheriting traditional aesthetics \"miracle warm\" x \"traditional aesthetics to capture division\" of the imperial palace announced activity Ren play hall 2017-10-20 18:15:29

    Earlier this year, the miracle warm joint of the Forbidden City, the queen dressed warm, in the qing dynasty royal apparel, winter in the latest activities, officially launched again a few traditional cultural relics collection of clothing to the Palace Museum, the attention of the people from all walks of life. Warm in miracles and cooperation of the imperial palace of the six sets of clothing, or elegant, or plain and neat and elegant, but are good to restore the features of traditional culture, and carry out the traditional Chinese aesthetics. But this is only the miracle warm, \"carry forward the development of Chinese traditional aesthetics a beginning. Qing dynasty empress winter dress suit for narcissus bonsai prototype suit the October, \"qing yao green shadow\" skins \"miracle\" in China academy of fine arts, guangzhou academy of fine arts colleges and universities opened \"miracle warm traditional aesthetics to capture\" offline talk. At the event, officials have prepared a series of prize question and answer questions about traditional culture, attracted students vies to answer first. Students actively contest problem hosts contest classmate in addition, there are acim warm...