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  • Magic power multiple lifestyle into the cinema hero miracle awakening
    Magic power multiple lifestyle into the cinema hero miracle awakening People's Daily online 2018-05-15 00:00:00

    Magic miracle may wake up early on May 11, 0 points, all multiple eagerly anticipated by his fans moment finally arrived. In the cinemas in major cities across the country full of look forward to after 3 people have released a long time, desire for the first time into the cinema, first glimpse out the bully destroy. Similarly, in the day before, and so a group of people, is experiencing the same emotion by anxious to joy - that is the miracle MU: awakening of players, they finally usher in the full game platform officially open beta. This is doomed to be a magical in May, the occasional "miracle MU: awakening" official also decided to make some big things: when the two magic the IP make collision, will produce how wonderful spark? Popular event crazy multiple 3 tickets to the theatre? Super in the MU miracle: awakening the official original, "MU miracle: awakening official in early May 8, the official public...

  • Unruly and tyrant? The ice steam times a miracle of code behind the story
    Unruly and tyrant? The ice steam times a miracle of code behind the story Game time 2018-05-15 09:30:00

    Not to rule, is lacking. Recently sold ice steam times because of its "the end of the world to carry out ten hours work week" set by the player, a law in the game can also lead to consequences. But the existence of law is the standard citizens, to guarantee the social steady development. Reality legal permeate all aspects of social life, as well as in the game code. Ice steam times forcing players to sign the code of a variety of situations, the consequences of players signed code, is nothing more than the reality situation when promulgated laws and super simplified version. Ice steam times story happened in 1887, players in the game to create "new London". Overhead with reality: the basis of the background of the end of the 19th century in the early 20th century, has experienced two industrial revolution changes in the western world, with about work and rest, food and security, entertainment and leisure, and even the law of the cemetery and funeral. Only work ten hours a day, how do you want to...

  • "The miracle MU" and the general gift bag, media, public to receive free of charge People's Daily online 2018-05-14 00:00:00

    Today we recommend is a "miracle MU" antell media general gift bag. Package content: bloody castle free tickets free tickets * 1 * 1 demon square kali ma free tickets * 1 * 1 experience seal (4 hours) master level seal * 1 (12 hours) master level experience divine seal * 1 (12 hours) the game is introduced: the dress end of tower people online tour "MU miracle created by the south Korean company Webzen classic 3 d games, game picture gorgeous rich in content, can support tens of thousands of people at the same time online play games. Speed 12-2 new version area ", "incoming. New era miracle, break through the limit; Four times, broken cocoon into a butterfly! On May 17, 14 points, battle dark dungeon!

  • Occupy the castle crowned king
    Occupy the castle crowned king "wilderness eight times mirror" to teach you how to become a medieval castle Ren play hall 2018-05-14 11:23:44

    "The wilderness act" subject information guide columns "wilderness eight times mirror" since the launch of the player watches. Shows to the wilderness act, "the new version of new content in the new play has carried on the system, for players to quickly start the new version. The latest issue of the wilderness eight times mirror "will be on the air on Friday (May 11), this program will be for everyone -- castle strategy, a new scene, let you become the king of the castle! Visit giant ice castle To explore the mysterious snow area on the top of the action in the wilderness the new map "hurricane peninsula" many features of scene area, a mysterious castle scene especially can cause the curiosity of players. Castles stand tall in the southwest of the hurricane peninsula, this area was covered with snow all the year round, due to the remote, inaccessible at ordinary times, with snow area increase the fog effect, the castle scene is particularly solemn and full of classic breath architectural appearance is to let people have a back to the 14th century Europe. Great covering workshop...

  • MU miracle: awakening review: should have filed a cane melee kill mage
    MU miracle: awakening review: should have filed a cane melee kill mage Ren play hall 2018-05-10 15:30:00

    MU miracle: the awakening since January don't delete file test, because of its excellent quality, and the content of the good game experience, by the praise and recognition of miracle powder. In recent games finally ushered in the whole platform open beta, as well as every player has brought some new game content, and makes a further optimization in the play. Assisted with the output as holy teacher, how can you miss in the previous version of the test, the game has launched swordsmen, wizards, archer three career. Three professional, distinctive swordsmen proving inconclusive in melee, wizard rather hit high damage, archers to address a random battle. And this time by the open beta launch a new career holy teacher, can not only to battle strikers of party members, also has all kinds of comprehensive skills can quickly respond to different situations. Holy teacher skills by spells with the light of the divine attributes, flame and a few contain the dark powers of spells, which department...

  • An exploration of vanguard vanguard -- an analysis of
    An exploration of vanguard vanguard -- an analysis of "mirror to the end" of Ares Game time 2018-05-05 02:00:00

    The new "God of war" has been sold for almost half a month, so it is necessary that most people should also pass the customs, and the game "one mirror to the end" the core technology throughout the game in the game how, I believe everyone has their own judgment. This paper attempts to analyze the lens from the two angles of lens art and game technology, in order to avoid subjective arguments and try not to bring value judgments. Because I am not a movie professional, nor am I proficient in the game process, honestly, I do not qualify for serious views on this topic. Although in the past of the game production process, some of the two aspects of the dabbling, will also try to consult the professional opinions of the surrounding, but still can have omissions and mistakes, looking at the related professional friends. The concept of a mirror is actually very old, if the game is regarded as an interactive film, "one mirror to the end" can be seen as a long shot that runs through the more than 10 hours. The whole movie has only one shot. It sounds like a pioneer.

  • Carnival ROG betta S5 / S7 rob mirror with core i7 9999 yuan only
    Carnival ROG betta S5 / S7 rob mirror with core i7 9999 yuan only Game daily 2018-05-02 16:55:58

    ROG in bettas carnival Intel master challenge - wuhan station, Intel master challenge as a national grade professional tournament, it provides e-sports players with a wonderful stage, Intel

  • Underwater warfare how to play?
    Underwater warfare how to play? "The wilderness eight times mirror" teach you how to become a master of war Ren play hall 2018-04-26 11:12:23

    The wilderness act information strategy section the wilderness eight times "since last week, the wraps in line, to use the most interesting ways for the interpretation of the game content. This "wilderness" eight times mirror will on Friday (April 27) in a national TV, TV, the banner of the tentacles TV and meet you, in addition to inventory "wilderness act" hurricane "assault" full platform launched the anecdote of one week, will to detailed explanation of the new version of the underwater operations, vast wilderness players not to be missed! The dragon attack invincible Special veterans involved in motion capture 】 in order to let the players in the game to obtain more real delicate game experience, this action the wilderness act the role of the new version please dragons in the Chinese navy special forces commandos veterans to participate in the motion capture. With many years of actual combat experience, highly military accomplishment dragon team veteran professional and standard, under the action of players will get more realistic game experience, the sense and greatly...

  • Fashion control will look! MU miracle: the awakening fashion personality inventory
    Fashion control will look! MU miracle: the awakening fashion personality inventory Ren play hall 2018-04-17 10:47:04

    Under 15 years back classic innovation and witness a miracle waiting for! New MMO mobile game official licensed miracle "miracle MU: awakening all platform don't delete file unlimited number is now open, invite you to return to the wonders of the world, the brave fight again. MU miracle: the awakening the latest expansion "brave the pack", meet new fashion system formally and players, whether European missionary aristocratic wind + the face of the austerity of the robe, or elements into the armor, reveal the strength and power of wild Lord + night visitors, glamorous fashion will let players stand out from the crowd, quickly become the focus of attention. A brave man st outfit New fashion beautiful profile in the latest version of the "miracle awakening, breakthrough experience level, open the master level, and increase new quan-xin zhang map, including the city of the world map frost, quiet pool, as well as the deep sea of map month, legend plain. Game also opened up new elf growth lines, and launching grad sacred animals...

  • "Miracle world SUN" dream desert novice privilege gift bag pay close attention to the public free to receive People's Daily online 2018-04-09 00:00:00

    Today we recommend is a "miracle world SUN" dream desert novice privilege gift bag. Package content: the onslaught of iron will ring * 1 7 days of the grain leopard the arcanum of 7 days * 1 * 5 baton rebels will 7 days * 1 * 1 goddess of 7 days grace * 10 dachshund hounds gift bag 28 days * 1 activation code instructions: this card on April 12, only open desert war zone "miracle world SUN" dream