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  • "Rest" Steam version costs 381 yuan Mecha collection Game time 2018-10-10 12:22:43

    Today, Square Enix announced that the rest of my life will be on March 5, 2019, and Steam for sale in Europe and the authorities have released two new trailer, to introduce the game plot and world view. Public and game with one of the European and American version of the first edition, the collection of information. Release Date Announcement TrailerState of the World Trailer first of all, the first edition of the rest of my life will be attached DLC reward, called "survival pack" containing ammunition package, lightweight body armor, recovery package, Klyuch weapons and hand grenades and other practical props: in addition, Square Enix online store will also be exclusive to launch the entity collection "walker" edition of the rest of my life, '$159.99: contains the content: the PS4 edition of the rest of my life, and "live on the first day...

  • Two tests sentiment kokomo unique game mechanism recognized the ark tomorrow
    Two tests sentiment kokomo unique game mechanism recognized the ark tomorrow People's Daily online 2018-10-09 00:00:00

    Not long ago, "tomorrow the ark" officer page reservation number has breached 50 w. Plus the tomorrow of the ark in the domestic authority of game platform TapTap and Bilibili game center on the booking number, the total number of reservation has millions. Tomorrow the ark is a tactical strategy of development by the Angle of eagle network games, officials initially for the game's propaganda only issued a game concept propaganda PV, while its contributions in station B a quantity to reach more than 30 w. At the same time the game on TapTap once open appointment they scored 9.9 points of high expectations. At the same time, according to the author, the game is not complete, only made two small delete file number limit test. In the last test, on July 20, due to the activation code in short supply, on taobao appear even the scalpers rob, selling the activation code, an activation code to open...

  • "Fort night" introduced the machine punishment mechanism Permanently banned computer People's Daily online 2018-09-25 00:00:00

    For the fort night dress plugins, tencent security center recently launched the black machine monitoring and punishment mechanism, found that banned computer directly to the plugin. Since the fort night online dress, plugin is rampant, banned repeatedly. Game in many bombs, the end of the scarecrow, fiend, sniper, and AW, x64team, la - hack plugins, these all belong to the class at perspective, seriously affected the fairness and the experience of players of the game. Although the official of the plugins in line with high strength, zero tolerance attitude, a strong strike activities. But there is still no calls. This is roughly is due to the fort night free game mechanics, simple application, and QQ number plugin has caused a lot of trumpet. So single banned account always unable to eradicate the plugin problem. In the face of this situation, the fort night security operations team launched against black machine monitoring and punishment system. For many times to make...

  • "The rest of my life" TGS live demo: finally saw the mecha battle Game time 2018-09-23 13:08:03

    In today's TGS live activities, Square Enix brought a period of ten minutes "rest" real machine demonstration, we finally have a chance to see this kind of set in the front line task survival game the world view of the what on earth is. In the rest of my life, the player will control the role of the three different background, a fight for survival, at the same time looking for the reason and the conspiracy behind the Garmonia invasion. Can see in this presentation, the rest of my life style is given priority to with stealth, but it also contains the mecha battle, mecha can use machine guns, a variety of weapons or melee pulse-cannon, can also pick up the enemy's weapon. The rest of my life will go on sale and on February 28, 2019, landing PS4 / PC. Source: Gematsu

  • Steam platform action game
    Steam platform action game "rebel mechanics will be updated in Chinese Game time 2018-09-15 10:52:35

    By independent game producer Joakim Sandberg eight years to make a 2 d platform action game "rebel mechanics on January 23, 2018, log in to Steam. Game with delicate pixel style, rich plot by foreign media with a higher evaluation of game players, after scoring Metacritic site got a score of 87. At the same time, the game also won the 2016 GDC "BEST IN PLAY" and other awards. But recently the Chinese publisher Gamera Game announced on September 28, updating the Game in Chinese, more players will be able to enjoy the charm of the Game. In "the revolt mechanic," players live in the kingdom of evil religious authority control, only was awarded licences by theocracy mechanic can use "white" quality instrument. Girl of the players play mechanics "robin," pursued by authority by self-taught,...

  • The mecha frenzy will launch a
    The mecha frenzy will launch a "western world" DLC Game time 2018-09-07 14:16:35

    Developers Deck13 announced that "science edition black soul" game "mecha frenzy" will launch new DLC on October 2, "The Good, The Bad", and published The trailer video. B station address you can see The DLC title pay tribute to The famous western "gold Good" (The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly), players will be further in The DLC CREO paradise, in a western theme park, through a number of training room and against mad scientist Dr Rischboter, this set is very similar in recent years, word of mouth TV drama "in The western world". Trailer screenshots: "the mecha frenzy" will also be on December 5, usher in A new development content "A Walk in the Park", included the game all the DLC "mecha frenzy: full version" also...

  • The fairy tale illusion Mechanic rare fashion
    The fairy tale illusion Mechanic rare fashion "little red riding hood" online now People's Daily online 2018-09-05 00:00:00

    Netease's first asymmetric competitive mobile game "fifth personality", the annual new expansion "fifth amusement park" has been launched, in the new v8 joint hunting game 2 at the same time, also made a rare fashion for survival role mechanic "little red riding hood". Little red riding hood is the classic role in "Grimm's fairy tales", the "fifth personality" mechanic rare fashion "little red riding hood," will make players feel strong gothic dark style. The game put on rare fashion "little red riding hood" mechanic became extremely dark girl gothic temperament. Mechanic "little red riding hood gift bag" already in game mall stores, fashion, not only this rare and rare belongings "hunter's quiver." Players will dress up, like the archer to quiver back behind you, with the bright red roses as a decoration, and love the special effects will be flashing red. In addition, dress up the player of this kind of belongings, manipulation of the mechanical doll model also...

  • Flash the trajectory of 4 new you mecha save drive real machine demo and screenshots
    Flash the trajectory of 4 new you mecha save drive real machine demo and screenshots Game time 2018-08-31 06:39:13

    This article includes to flash the trajectory of 3 major revealed that the plot. Live on August 30, 2018, the shock, "the legend of heroes: flash," the end of the trajectory of four legends, exposes the latest game real machine demonstration, which contains 3 paragraph. First the content of the presentation is part of the border town "al" sitar, the protagonists in here have a uncle, can be seen from his conversation to ollie victor the death of the prince, a desire to perform military service the war is very strong. And lead a line of people in this town discovered memorial ollie victor prince, there's name engraved or at the bell and his close bear appeared a pseudonym. Demonstration of the second paragraph is MiaoJie led forces from her dialogue with the eu tower, Mr Grey leah, you can see that she's in a flash the trajectory of 3 do seem to be out of goodwill. In the third paragraph is the escape from the content of the location, he seems to be back in...

  • The main theme of the random
    The main theme of the random "Khaki expedition" is the first exposure of the weather round the clock mechanism. People's network 2018-08-24 00:00:00

    Recently, the construction Roguelike class novice tour "The Clark Expedition Team" officially released a group of maps about the weather and day and night mechanism in the game. Synoptic mechanism: day and night mechanism of rainy and windy day: & nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp;

  • "Mecha frenzy 2" notice: wearing exoskeleton will also continue to close combat Game time 2018-08-23 14:47:49

    Game publishers Focus Home games in the cologne fair game in the open "soul like" -- "mecha frenzy 2" the real machine demo trailer. Trailer video address in less than 1 minute, we see the game's combat, the cunning of mercenaries to search in the run-down park a powerful creature of the players have to be careful in the artificial forest they trap, cloaking device and control guard... As you can see this as a battle than its more cruel and tactical. "Mecha frenzy 2" landing PS4, Xbox  is expected in 2019; One, as well as the PC platform. Source: windowscentral