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  • Nepal's Banning of Jedi Survival: Negative Impact on Youth
    Nepal's Banning of Jedi Survival: Negative Impact on Youth People's net 2019-04-12 00:00:00

    Nepal has banned playing "Jedi Survival" (PUBG), and the Nepalese Telecommunications Authority (NTA) issued a ban on 12 April, saying the game would "addict children and adolescents" and have a negative impact on them, Reuters reported. NTA deputy director said the game had not caused any real problems, but some people worried that Jedi Survival would affect children's learning or other aspects. NTA has banned mobile phones and the Internet from providing services related to Jedi Survival. Nepal is not the only place where the Jedi Survival has been banned. Last month India temporarily banned the mobile version of the game because the local government believed it would make young people violent.

  • One minute taught you to skip the BOSS Battle of ghost Criminal Department and the ghost of resentment,
    One minute taught you to skip the BOSS Battle of ghost Criminal Department and the ghost of resentment, "two degrees of Wolf shadow." Game time 2019-04-11 14:11:08

    "Only Wolf Shadow two degrees" has been on sale for nearly one months, the Masters began to excavate the game, recently they found that the game has two BOSS can be through a simple trick to skip the fight, respectively, is the ghost of resentment (provided by the dog feeding group-building seat) and the Ghost Court form Masahiro: The ghost of resentment Masahiro

  • Japanese game/Hardware weekly sales 2019 4.1~4.7
    Japanese game/Hardware weekly sales 2019 4.1~4.7 Game time 2019-04-11 10:50:45

    The sales of games and hardware in Japan last week (4.1~4.7), Fami, have been announced, and the new "Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission" won the top of the sales list with 123,000 results. Last week's first-selling "Yew West Handmade World" slipped to second place, selling 28,000 copies. In third place is the "Wolf Shadow two Degrees" PS4 version, sales of 18,000 copies. Located in the fourth, "Nintendo star Big Bucket Special Edition", sold 15,000 copies this week, the Japanese region's cumulative sales have officially exceeded 3 million, only 17 weeks. Other new works, the B women's game "Variable Barricade" landed on the PSV platform, sales of 3,993 copies, located in the 14th place in the sales list. 2019 2019 4.1~4.7 Japanese Game sales: hardware, last week's highest sales for Switch, a total sale ...

  • From
    From "Pokemon" to "Heraldry call", the value of the winning road is still interactive Touch Fun 2019-04-10 19:57:06

    "" Flame Heraldry Hero "Official edition of the Chinese version of the National Service is officially launched! "Recently, in various types of hand-travel forums, search engines and Baidu paste bar appeared in such an advertisement." The ad points to a game called "Heraldry Call," which is in the cut test phase and is on the shelves on major mobile app platforms. Baidu Paste Bar in the advertisement mentioned in the "Flame Heraldry Hero" seems to be alluding to the "Seal of the Flame: Heroes" (Fire Emblem Heroes, hereinafter referred to as "flaming Grain"). "The Seal of Fire: Heroes" is a mobile game produced by Nintendo in 2017, which follows the "Flame Heraldry" series of combat chess mode and combines hand-swam card pumping systems. In the early days of the sale, it was negatively rated by some players, but this classic, which lasted nearly 30 years ...

  • Switch
    Switch "German headquarters New Blood" physical version no cassette, only download code Game time 2019-04-07 11:55:12

    According to a number of retailers in the United States page shows that Switch "German headquarters new Blood" of the physical version of Lee does not have a cassette, but only a download code. This is not the first time, most of the time the main reason is the higher cost of Switch cassette, coupled with the "new blood of the German headquarters" sold for only 39.99 of dollars, the space required is not small, even if the use of cassette may also need additional downloads, so officials may consider the direct cancellation of the cassette in this regard, Change to the download code. The new bloodline of the German headquarters is expected to go on sale on July 26, 2019, landing on the PS4, Xbox one and PC platforms to support Chinese. Source: Amazon

  • Sky Gate is the worst inventory of interesting data Boss has been pushed down the most times
    Sky Gate is the worst inventory of interesting data Boss has been pushed down the most times People's net 2019-04-04 00:00:00

    Since the platform-wide public survey on March 14, the enthusiasm of Sky Gate has been soaring. Every day, new apocalypses follow the call to join. So far, more than 500 clothes have been opened. It can be said that it perfectly interprets the positioning of Ju Jing-zheng, the goddess of Ju Shi. On the basis of the growing number of players, "Sky Gate" official also collected a lot of interesting data, taking advantage of the Qingming holidays to launch an inventory H5. According to the data observation, no matter the MMO enthusiasts who are attracted by the labels of "Fantasy 4" and "High Face Value", or the popular players who are joined by "Curious Ju" or the readers who follow the 17K god, they all show their special preference for the three Boss in the game. As a MMORPG hand tour, the core of Sky Gate retains the strong social attributes of large-scale multiplayer online games, ranging from teamwork to field PK. ...

  • Long-term sustained efforts of the original country Man to help the rise of the overseas market of local works
    Long-term sustained efforts of the original country Man to help the rise of the overseas market of local works People's net 2019-04-04 00:00:00

    For a long time, Raman has been concerned about the excavation and growth of novice writers, and continues to work in the field of Raman, Raman Star Race was born in this context. In February, Naraman joined forces with Naver Webtool of Korea and Line Manga of Japan to create the third Naraman Star Manga Competition. As an Asian heavyweight cartoon competition, Raman actively promotes Raman as the organizer, excavates the high-quality works, provides channels to go to sea, and develops mature overseas markets for authors, platforms and the whole field of Raman. The total bonus of this competition is 6.4 million yuan. Super-high bonus and strong support from professional team also provide escort for the follow-up operation and development of works. Overseas top platforms'serialization opportunities and resource support can further enhance the development potential of works. For both works and authors themselves, the contest is a rare opportunity. Hope...

  • Immersive Cultural Experience
    Immersive Cultural Experience "Floating Life for Qing Song" Promotes Millennium National Style People's net 2019-04-04 00:00:00

    Floating life meets the moon downstairs, Bianjing flourishing Sheng song falls. "Fusheng is Qingge" Handyou adheres to the purpose of reconstructing the ancient style game. On the basis of promoting classical culture, it deeply integrates the cultural elements of the ancient style which have been spreading for thousands of years into the game. It ingeniously restores the cultural details of the land of Shenzhou for thousands of years through poetry, song, qin, chess, calligraphy and painting, and so on. It also carves the representative national style characteristics into the game so that players can play in it. Experience the game and appreciate the pure ancient style at the same time. Interweaving ancient and modern experience of Millennium civilization in promoting the core concept of national culture game, "floating life for the Qing Song" Tour dedicated to the vast number of players to dedicate a cultural and visual coexistence of the ancient style feast. In the process of research and development, in order to ensure the pure ancient tone and the acceptance of players, hand-tour designers combine modern aesthetics with ancient culture, through game characters, plot animation, background stories, scenic spots and monuments, so that history and culture can penetrate into all aspects of the game.

  • "The King of Navigation sets sail" recently updated frequent chopping system has been unfettered People's net 2019-04-04 00:00:00

    In the recent routine updates of the official version of "The King of Navigation sets sail", some seemingly understated changes have actually brought about significant changes in the chopping system. In this issue, the Start Player Strategy Team will talk about the meaning of these updates and how they have changed the chopping system. The routine renewal has brought a new situation to the chopper system. Since the rise of Luffy New World and Robin New World, the sailing has opened a new era of tactical diversification. Fire system, water system, energy-reducing system and knock-down system are evolving and merging constantly. There is no nuclear bomb array with stable victory rate, let alone no tactics that are invincible. But in all tactics, the chopper system is really unique. Typical chopper team - - can not be integrated with other tactics, spell breaking - - small formations into zero chopper team become possible before this round of updates, chopper system also contains five characteristics, that is, only in 5........................................

  • Why the puzzle game has been a little hot recently
    Why the puzzle game has been a little hot recently People's net 2019-04-04 00:00:00

    From the live video style of "Memory Reconstruction" to the animated interesting "I Want to Skip Classes", and even the Forbidden City has launched puzzles on historical subjects. The puzzle-solving game has become a hot topic in the hand parade industry recently. The leading third-party global data service provider alliance in China + from the analysis of the whole game market found that the puzzle-solving game has returned to the public view. I don't know when the freshness of the game lists will gradually decrease. With the help of various listing and buying operations, publishers can push the game to the top of the list. But for the players, they have seen too many krypton games with similar playing methods and themes, and their curiosity about the list is very few. The puzzle-solving games, such as a small spring breeze, bring a few bright colors to the solidified list. Substitution is the soul of puzzle-solving games. Each puzzle-solving game has a specific story. With the development of the story, it touches the players'emotions. Then, through feedback of game design, the players can experience different hearts after correct or wrong operation.

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