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  • "Ma us released early generation of heavy plate making and limited edition content for details Game time 2018-04-19 18:09:23

    A Japanese announced its classic war chess game "ma us original Gao Qingchong plate-making" ma us Refine "will be released on July 26, and announced the limited edition of content. "Ma us original PS2 landing platform in 2003, the us ma Refine" will be on the basis of the original scene, the character set painting, game UI Gao Qingchong system, make no contact with this series of players can enjoy this on PS4 / Switch. Heavy system before system as an alternative war chess game, after the us, "ma game system is very unique, this has dozens of professional players can cultivate, role Max level as high as LV9999, and can be repeatedly metempsychosis, was regarded as the most fierce SRPG. In the game and the throwing system, diablo parliament, elements, such as prop industry players can easily spend hundreds of hours of play time. The us ma Refine...

  • World union card games into the international union of intelligence seventh formal member
    World union card games into the international union of intelligence seventh formal member Game daily 2018-04-19 13:32:43

    In 2018, the international sports meeting (SportAccord Convention) has officially opened in the Thai capital Bangkok

  • Jiuzhou group, grasp the new era of opportunity to grab the e-sports industry advantage
    Jiuzhou group, grasp the new era of opportunity to grab the e-sports industry advantage People's Daily online 2018-04-19 00:00:00

    BBS boao Asia annual conference 2018 on April 8 solstice in boao, hainan on April 11, during the jiuzhou group executive director, hainan jiuzhou shengshi network games co., LTD., general manager ms Chen Lu west accepted the xinhua news agency, the economic daily, international business, China business news, the south China sea network media interview, she told the reporter hainan jiuzhou prosperous time of the network games co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the jiuzhou competitive) will build with growth and the sustainable development of ecological pattern, construction of social function as the core of the "open intellectual movement ecosystem" game, with the aim to develop international intellectual movement game entertainment company, actively participate in the global online game market competition. Chen Lu west (left) during the 2018 boao Asia BBS for an interview Jiuzhou sports since its inception, in the country and the people's government of hainan province policy after the release of multiple support intellectual movement development, grasp the in hainan's unique...

  • Tencent games accelerator formal version online With professional interpretation to the attention of the players
    Tencent games accelerator formal version online With professional interpretation to the attention of the players People's Daily online 2018-04-19 00:00:00

    As the international clothing is becoming more and more high in the heat of the domestic game, the problems more and more, not only have a picture caton, accidentally dropped, there are also all sorts of BUG annoy people, largely affect the enthusiasm and interest of the players. In order to give players a better game experience, tencent games accelerator formally launched on April 18, 2018 version. Official version will provide more support, a variety of game acceleration scheme, better line, solve the interconnection bottleneck, let players no longer mad due to network latency, enjoy smooth online fun. Powerful r&d team makes every effort to burnish a better product for the user experience, tencent games accelerator technology updates and user experience the biggest guarantee. Tencent games accelerator paid version after upgrading comprehensive, more powerful, carrying level financial network lines, provided by the international top IDC room speed up service. At the same time, relying on the deployment of more than 800 nodes in the whole world, by tencent...

  • The five big point tells you that you must watch the first PVE contest of
    The five big point tells you that you must watch the first PVE contest of "watching the pioneers". 2018-04-19 00:00:00

    The "watch vanguard" challenge Venice action will be opened on time at 18:00 on April 20th! As the first PVE challenge held by the NetEase blizzard, the competition can not be missed. Many well-known watchmen commentator commentator turn into battle, super high value beauty contest stunning the whole stadium, the national costume great God passion collision, novel competition system entertainment sports two is not wrong. Who is the strongest challenger in PVE? The answer is soon to be announced! The players who miss the live broadcast can also watch the daily video of the events by going to the events and review the wonderful moments together. Point one: smoke again, many veterans return to watch the battlefield "watch the vanguard" new PVE "Venice action" line, so that many top watchers have ignited the fighting spirit, have been ready to meet the new challenges. Who became a battlefield, led the team in the world cup China reached 8 JamLee with the team to return to watch P...

  • Century huatong overseas good news bully list two SLG game last march
    Century huatong overseas good news bully list two SLG game last march People's Daily online 2018-04-19 00:00:00

    For the above list, industry analysts believe that the two product continuous march firmly overseas income in the top five, in addition to represent the future stability of the two product data, also highlights the little interaction for SLG type products issued by the master, marks its future earning power abroad. According to the Sensor Tower previously disclosed data, the market continued to one product "the musket era" the main source of foreign income, gold uptake accounted for more than 43% in February. As one of the top ten income company in the overseas distribution in the world, little interaction is one of the most important aspects of the century huatong globalization strategy, buying a little interactive century China completed to highland games industry, one of the layout of the north American market, in addition to relying on shanda games and little interaction gradually strengthen the company in Japan and South Korea, southeast Asia and other markets. Company announcement before disclosure and interactive paid 10 billion won (about 59.1307 million RMB...

  • If
    If "fortress nights" into China, and it can overturn chicken game market pattern? The game in a teahouse 2018-04-19 11:27:41

    Recently, foreign media PC Gamer in an article on "fortress nights" to enter the Chinese market prospects for some kind of interpretation, the teahouse compiled main content of the original game. "Fortress nights" is very popular in North America and Europe, revenue reached $126 million in February, but it is not "conquer the world." The game is not yet in China, the Chinese player is not in the PS4, Xbox One, PC or smartphone, developers Epic also not released when it into China. But the fort night "will enter the Chinese market, this will be a great thing,

  • To meet the new world of adventure
    To meet the new world of adventure "hope legend" android open test today Ren play hall 2018-04-19 10:42:40

    The future with you, looking forward to! New world adventure mobile game "hope legend" open android version test today. This is a magical world full of imagination, fighting is no longer the only fun games, infinite adventure the world is waiting for you to explore. There is "the most ferocious" in the history of pet, a word not pull the master friction on the ground; Here has a mystical treasures left by ancient prophet, take a picture to find it can open the ruins; Here are whimsy wulitou open task, how to do really need some good active brains; Set sail here is full of fascinating sea dream, what will become king of a new generation of navigation; Walking with a friend when he was tired, beach photos together POSE as a souvenir. Boring time invited several community, friends, they swing dance contest. PK is not the eternal purpose, adventure and exploration is our forever pursuit. New world of adventure set out to explore the new world is full of challenges Funny on pet changed imagination...

  • Snow, and the earth monogatari
    Snow, and the earth monogatari "pale blue state" na mysterious coming new role snow Ren play hall 2018-04-19 10:44:31

    The pale blue state issued by Chinese game exclusive agency, is a collection of character collection and strategies for fighting with the integration of the cartoon RPG hand tour. Following the popular role Lorelei reproduction after the activity, one of the most popular with the player character of snow was finally! Double as the mother of alfven and empire 13 wing of mysterious identity, has a unique charm, and snow today na will play angels movement, grand coming Eileen continent! Click to join the pale blue state excitation combustion risk (click here), white deer blademaster snow was coming, before the game plot, already know snow is not only the adoptive mother of alfven, also in ella island, their high position but about snow's identity, far more than these! Na was born of Snow White deer, was once the imperial 13 wing, inherited the ancient royal tradition of fencing. In the empire and the rebel war lost her husband and children, left the empire, and thenceforth ella island in seclusion. One day, a meteor...