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  • The roaming play
    The roaming play "draw the chalice of jianghu mo stop H5 full platform online People's Daily online 2018-05-15 00:00:00

    Tu camp shot HuYan will, derived battle-hardened broken iron the clothes, if beauty sword dance art, elegance is called hero! In the heart of every man there is a river's lake to wu, chivalrous as maxim, although the hardships and setbacks, but accompanying lover in the side, the final victory of justice over evil, govinda wulin became a superpower. On May 15, the platform line yao world "cup don't stop the H5 of painting river's lake", will lead players together with the new "quack". Adapted as sen digital diffuse the classic countries draw the chalice of jianghu mo stop H5, original restore the popularity of anime character, yan hong zheng, Wen Jing, SiKongQi three young hero embodiment for game protagonist, river's lake road again set foot on disaster; Continuation of anime game plot, character in the hands of players encounter throats, friends with peers, original game three roles in the new play together, no need to change your job, don't have to practice, to meet fans hope that three people were from place to place again. 【 grow rich body...

  • People not cup don't stop the painting the chalice of jianghu don't stop after blood makes the video first
    People not cup don't stop the painting the chalice of jianghu don't stop after blood makes the video first Ren play hall 2018-05-07 10:35:18

    Day youdao, jianghu also youdao - people, not cup don't stop! Today, by the hand release, if digital legal mandate of the diffuse fantasy martial arts tour "draw the chalice of jianghu mo stop hand exposure game for the first time after blood makes video! Explosive fighting screen, complex background, a paragraph about blood "chase" drama ", officially unveil the curtain for the player. Rich hidden plot Found more runescape plot to make absolutely reduction, "draw the chalice of jianghu mo stop" mobile game invitation if the original writer's Numbers, personally involved in mobile game plot, and writes a rich hidden plot for players and the unknown story behind the role of many original, let whole picture jianghu story more perfect and colorful, players will be found in the game in the original never mentioned many of the details and mystery, see more mysterious as well! "In the troubled times of war, who was placed on the back to blood to people and will be pursued in the end, the undead endlessly! The living, for the table respect for the underdog, will be...

  • Miracle Games and show to launch the painting the chalice of jianghu mo stop H5 game
    Miracle Games and show to launch the painting the chalice of jianghu mo stop H5 game People's Daily online 2017-12-26 00:00:00

    Recently, the Miracle Games with exhibition Games agreement signed in Beijing, officially established strategic cooperation, win-win co-operation, sharing quality resources to build a high-quality goods game. Both sides in hand, the first project will be jointly issued "draw the chalice of jianghu mo stop H5 game. With the rapid development of Windows 10, equipment installation volume has exceeded 270 million, Miracle Games as Windows 10 global the first platform and distributors, covering 54 million devices in the world, 3.3 million active users, covering more than 190 countries and regions in the world; More than 390 partners and a number of more than 840 product in Miracle Games platform operation, agent of many game in Microsoft Windows store top ten; At the same time, through the powder club, game products, such as starting the rich operations and five-star...

  • After do the
    After do the "neal: mechanical era", he to go on tour "diablo version of Alice" Ren play hall 2017-04-12 20:06:11

    Scheduled in the spring of 2017 online "Alice" death "SINoALICE (シ ノ ア リ ス)" is made up of Pokelabo and Square Enix joint development of mobile game, people set GINO, original script is the cavalry of the dragon's back by a "neal: mechanical era" script of horizontal tail aso is responsible for. The story took place in named "Library" (Library) in the world, all the characters are the characters in the fairy tale, the goal is to "original author" resurrection, but in the end the only one, resurrection so fairy tale characters to fight each other, live to the final victory. Every fairy tale characters with a sin, and little red riding hood represents violence, Cinderella on behalf of meanness, sleeping beauty sleep, night ji, Pinocchio dependence, lattice laiter represented at the vanity, Alice representative bondage, tradescantia sillamontana on behalf of justice. Game every news caused heated discussion, but true...

  • Most of the young girl wind sniper, mobile game HK416 beautiful to Alice
    Most of the young girl wind sniper, mobile game HK416 beautiful to Alice People\'s Daily online 2017-01-04 00:00:00

    Talked about shooting game, believe in the people impression, is holding a tough guy image of the black barrel. However, in "the sniper" mobile game, HK416 Alice came to all shooting game has brought unprecedented pure and fresh feeling. Then Alice HK416 actually is a what kind of guns? And how to get? Want to know then please read on to salute to the goddess HK416 Alice was born Just contact as a sniper, mobile game, when the new to the game will be found with a gun around the world, special and unique, it is the HK416 Alice, it is pure and fresh quietly elegant blue gun body and cute cartoon image of the painting, lovely appearance moment of your heart. So the question comes, who is this cute cartoon images? In fact, the image of Japanese is set beauty, wisdom, brave the storm members "Alice" woman...

  • Leisure game
    Leisure game "version Alice" on December with Eva sister challenge all kinds of sweets Ren play hall 2016-12-11 17:45:44

    Capcom ESC - APE by SEEC is expected to be launched in the android platform in December Puzzle AliceLink swathes Alice, this is a three types of diabetes type leisure game, the free download props charge mode, the following will learn together. This is a popular fairy tale "Alice in wonderland" adapted for three types of diabetes game, story background description like dessert Alice to rabbit ear juvenile eyes suddenly appeared and accidentally into a magical forests, and an incredible fantasy adventure. Game play France and operation is very simple, the players on the same color as long as the picture more than three (including three) snacks together can eliminate the score, can the high score in the game to pass as a target for challenges, experience a lively and lovely three types of diabetes educational adventure challenge. "Version" Alice continued the...

  • "Resident evil 6 new movie posters Alice becomes home People\'s Daily online 2016-12-08 00:00:00

    The "resident evil 6" movie released the latest posters, Alice hands gun, standing in the middle, behind all is one of her teammates, Alice has a good figure wearing tights vest to explode. Resident evil 6 biochemical crisis behind as the background of the ruins of the raccoon city, two zombie dogs and lop countless arm signal in the city with zombie army, blaze is representing the bath fire rebirth or not to be? "Resident evil 6" and in what way to end the series in the picture? In less than a week, that is, on December 23, the "resident evil 6: the final chapter" movie will be screened in Japan, being fought. & have spent

  • "Draw the chalice of jianghu mo stop" on December 7, on-line of CV (voice-over) team People\'s Daily online 2016-12-05 00:00:00

    By the if digital product's latest film, "painting river's lake" series flagship martial arts action of 3 d animation, painting the chalice of jianghu don't stop, will be cut in online on December 7th. If, the original team building, river's lake clouds gather highly attention of all parties. As many versions of the forecast of MV and song MV first meet with the audience, recently the painting the chalice of jianghu don't stop the voice cast posters for the first time exposure, BianJiang, ChuJun, mountain big coffee, like the new squad is luxurious, fans are looking forward to. Figure 1: if the sen official exposure of the painting the chalice of jianghu mo stop CV (voice-over) cast figure painting the cup of the mo stop "tells the story of so many years ago, zhongzhou ZongShuai, north to yan hong to hide, and southern xinjiang, tai chi, three points to make the river's lake, but long-term conquering to various losses, so the three forces truce has twenty years. Now about twenty years, a new overlord battle is making waves. Three...

  • PS4
    PS4 "magic bedding sand and Alice's trap tower" upcoming November 18th 3 dmgame 2016-11-07 21:18:30

    MediaScape today published a PS4 download games "magic bedding sand and Alice's trap tower" will be on November 18, 2016 on PS Store news. "Magic bedding sand and Alice's tower of trap" is incredible tower "trap" for the stage 2 d action games puzzle game. You switch or each other at the same time play two characters "magic bedding sand" and "Alice...

  • Evaluation of Alice VR: a virtual reality version of Alice's fairyland
    Evaluation of Alice VR: a virtual reality version of Alice's fairyland Seventeen thousand one hundred and seventy-three 2016-10-30 06:03:23

    The 17173 News Guide "Alice VR" is adapted from the same name novel Alice sleepwalking fairyland. Although the game has done well in the overall style and atmosphere, it is full of futuristic sentiment, but it still can't cover up a big shortcoming, that it is not a good VR body when playing home. It seems to be playing a traditional PC game. Game name: "Alice VR" developer:...