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  • "War hammer: latter-day plague 2" Xbox One version of the July release test is now open Game time 2018-06-21 12:18:48

    "War hammer: latter-day plague 2" is a popular cooperation survival game in the PC platform. Announced today, the game developers Fatshark do will be on July 11, Xbox One platform. In addition, the Xbox One X version support native 4 k, oriented to the Xbox Insider Beta has started. "Hammer of the survival way" interested in friends, you can go to the Xbox Insider looking for war hammer: latter-day plague 2 Beta option, or download the Beta client search in the shop directly, the size of 25.35 G. It is worth mentioning that if you are the Xbox Game Pass subscription member, no additional purchase can be in the "war hammer: latter-day plague 2" experience this issue on the first day. At the same time, a deluxe edition also contains rich content will in...

  • 《辐射76》将率先在Xbox一平台进行测试活动
    《辐射76》将率先在Xbox一平台进行测试活动 游戏时光 2018-06-19 10:49:18


  • "Cyberpunk" 2077 "confirmation will be landing PS4 XboxOne and PC platforms People's Daily online 2018-06-16 00:00:00

    "Cyberpunk" 2077 "E3 expo trailer very jing is colourful, gameplay demo is great, so a lot of players in the host asked whether the game will visit our generation? Gameinformer today on this issue had an interview with the game designer Patrick Mills, specifically asked if "cyberpunk" 2077 "land this generation will not host? Mills said: "I heard a lot of people said that", "this generation host is our goal. We have the Xbox One target platform, and PS4 and PC. CD Projekt Red still not announced the release date of the game, this year's E3 is also let everybody see gameplay demo for the first time. Know the game will host land this generation very happy, but does not rule out the game will in the future new host. If the game cross-platform sale, we wouldn't be surprised.

  • Confirm new Microsoft Xbox console is developing or in 2020
    Confirm new Microsoft Xbox console is developing or in 2020 People's Daily online 2018-06-14 00:00:00

    In this year's Microsoft E32018 conference, Microsoft's chief says the new generation of Xbox game is already in the research and development, at the same time, also singled out artificial intelligence, this may mean that we will likely see Microsoft Cortana virtual assistant further integrated into the Xbox 2. There are news that Microsoft is likely to consider its Xbox HoloLens AR technology are integrated into the future, though no evidence in this respect. Or to launch some new exclusive new game - so to count on a new generation of Halo game with a new generation of Xbox. But unfortunately Microsoft official Xbox Two release date is not yet clear, but there are predicted new Xbox console or will meet with us in 2020. & have spent

  • Xbox new host or will be launched in 2020 May be more than one
    Xbox new host or will be launched in 2020 May be more than one Game time 2018-06-13 11:23:08

    & have spent & have spent & have spent Today early morning, foreign media Thurrott senior editor Brad Sams exposes Microsoft hardware program over the next two years, including Microsoft Xbox released at E3 new host. Consider Brad Sams is "professional" Microsoft news broke door (halo is infinite "is his early exposure), and this fact is of very high credibility. & have spent & have spent & have spent According to him, the Xbox new host, code-named "Scarlett" (Scarlett), by the Xbox One X original research and development, will be officially launched in 2020. While Brad found that Microsoft will "scarlett" described as a family equipment series (a family of devices), we may finally see...

  • "Neil machinery corporation" on June 26, landing the Xbox One Game time 2018-06-11 01:24:07

    Square Enix announced, developed jointly by them with platinum studio action RPG "Neil machines will be on June 26 Xbox One platform, for $49.99, includes previously introduced all the DLC content. This version was named the "Nier: Automata Become As Gods", currently only mention digital version, no entity section. "Nier: Automata Become As Gods" contains the content As follows: "Neil machinery corporation" game 3 of ontology c3c1d119440927 white book form auxiliary machine auxiliary machine retro red skin auxiliary machine gray skin restoring ancient ways is the auxiliary machine carton robot head mask this February 23, 2017 at the earliest PS4 landing platform, and landed on the PC platform on March 17th, after 4 months...

  • Open Microsoft Xbox E3 promotional activities Don't miss outsized discounts
    Open Microsoft Xbox E3 promotional activities Don't miss outsized discounts Game time 2018-06-07 14:43:12

    & have spent & have spent & have spent Annual E3 is coming, the Xbox shop opens the outsized discount promotions, time will continue until June 17. Content covers more than 300 games and DLC, services, hardware and other products, including 25 games the lowest discount, DLC minimum 5 fold. Legal channels the Xbox console is currently in 618 in each big electric business activities, intentionally of players don't miss the opportunity. Dress Win10 store discounts game name price limit racing horizon 3 & have spent 94.5 limit three deluxe edition 127 racing horizon limit racing horizon 3 ultimate limit racing 7124.5 limit racing 159.5 7 deluxe edition 259.35 7 ultimate racing 329.4 quantum limit 57 core recasting 48 cups broken head 15 (royal) 164.5 56.95 final fantasy runes keep...

  • The first anniversary of the Xbox Game Pass more opportunities for more choice
    The first anniversary of the Xbox Game Pass more opportunities for more choice People's Daily online 2018-06-06 00:00:00

    The Xbox monthly subscription service Xbox Game Pass has been listed in a week. We developed the original intent of the service has always been for the majority of players by the rich variety of games on the Xbox platform works to provide cost-effective fascinating Game experience, at the same time we also hope that with the aid of the Xbox Game Pass for the industry partners to provide a positive role in promoting. Thank you for all the support and concern of our players and the partner, the Xbox Game Pass the first year of fruits. In the past year, we in the support of the broad masses of fans have made many achievements. Since its release, the Xbox Game Pass by global players are looking forward to, as a result, the Xbox Game Pass services continue to expand, now 40 regional and global markets. Our players also tell us AAA...

  • In June 2018 Xbox gold members free game released
    In June 2018 Xbox gold members free game released Game time 2018-05-29 10:02:55

    German Xbox website has revealed that the Xbox gold members free games in June 2018, four will free game is as follows: the Xbox One game: the chronicle of the assassins creed: Russia, free time for June 1 to June 30. "Havoc of god", originally this free MOBA games, free games for the Xbox gold member users within the $100 paid content, contains 20 paid deity role, as well as the voice packets, skin, dress up items, such as 50 items, content of free time to June 16 to July 15. The Xbox 360 game (compatible with the Xbox One) : the sonic all-star racing: deformation, free time for June 1 to June 15. The lego indiana Jones adventure again 2, free time is on June 16 to June 30. At present the Xbox One "metal gear solid 5...

  • All the Xbox E3 2018: has confirmed the One game
    All the Xbox E3 2018: has confirmed the One game People's Daily online 2018-05-28 00:00:00

    People in Beijing on May 28 (Reuters) are preparing their E3 conference, Microsoft may be mysterious book on display for the first time this year, and other new years to sell. Microsoft said this year's E3 press conference will be "in the history of the largest exhibition", and the conference from the Los Angeles convention center to the LA Live next to the Microsoft theater. Microsoft E3 conference will be held in Beijing time on June 12th at 4. Exhibitors have been confirmed the Xbox One game: "3 Minutes before Midnight (3 Minutes to Midnight)" hymn "" the island of amusement park: the first chapter" (Arcade Islands: Volume One) 2 "beyond good and evil," "the call of duty: 15 black action 4" the rebellion of 2050 "fate" 2 "(update) fall across the seal...