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  • "Ultimate racing horizon 2" will be removed from the Xbox mall in October Game time 2018-08-20 09:54:08

    By the Playground Games developed series of new "ultimate racing horizon 4" will go on sale on October 2, 2018, at the same time, the official announced the "ultimate racing horizon 2" will be on September 30 in the Xbox mall. "Ultimate racing horizon 2" sale since September 30, 2014, the 4th anniversary of the official selection right in current frame this is not surprising, the series since early generation "the ultimate racing horizon" two years has maintained a for the sale of speed, and the shelves are on sale in the four years later, must have 2016 issue of "ultimate racing horizon 3" will also be so. Although the ultimate racing horizon 2 "will not offer to buy, but this is the month the Xbox gold members free game, so get a gold member and have to buy this and DLC players can at any time to download, has kept the series game idea of players don't...

  • The Xbox and usher in two new handle Translucent collisions with contracted and tonal
    The Xbox and usher in two new handle Translucent collisions with contracted and tonal Game time 2018-08-15 12:02:08

    & have spent & have spent & have spent After recently unveiled two new handle, handle "king" Microsoft today unveiled two new color Xbox One handle, respectively called "phantom black special edition" and "blue-gray". & have spent & have spent & have spent "The phantom black" special edition handle with gradient transparent body design, color also from top to bottom from the matte black gradient to the champagne gold, cool feels dye-in-the-wood. Keys in addition to use champagne gold cross key, the rest of the button is for black, perfect fit body design. & have spent & have spent & have spent "Blue-gray" handle design is contracted able to bear or endure look. The front and the dark gray processing all buttons, AXBY letters, shoulder buttons and trigger on using the light grey. Back and two rocker bottom half is the pale blue color collocation, bring out the best in each other. & have spent & have spent &...

  • That new Xbox One elite handle will go on sale in October for $149
    That new Xbox One elite handle will go on sale in October for $149 Game time 2018-08-15 10:52:13

    You remember before rumors leak of a new generation of elite Xbox controller? Recently, the us technology site & have spent The Verge  Senior editor Tom Warren send twitter, according to the new elite handle, code-named "Washburn, sells for $149, will go on sale in October. If the new generation of elite Xbox handle all the rumors are true, then its secrecy work isn't very good. Since early this year, and there are various rumors this handle with USB - C interface, can mediate elasticity rocker, higher quality and durable, and so on. If Microsoft really will go on sale in October, the handle, according to the time they probably will be announced in this year's game show in cologne this information. Last year, the Xbox One X sale some detailed information is released game show in cologne. Microsoft's cologne game in 8 conference will be...

  • Xbox One
    Xbox One "force" jungle handle 469 yuan on booking People's Daily online 2018-08-09 00:00:00

    Microsoft has been launched in 2014 "jungle force" special edition handle, its camouflage modelling a bright. Now in the new Xbox controller, after the launch of the "force" jungle handle now also ushered in the new version. A new version of "force" jungle handle on the design with) the difference is not big, but matching buttons into orange, near the Xbox design also changed from black to camouflage. The handle like the rest of the new handle, have improved the wrap material, support bluetooth connectivity, equipped with a 3.5 mm headphone jack, customizable buttons with the Xbox accessories application. "Force" jungle theme wireless controller is adopted new woodland camouflage appearance, make it look very hale and hearty. And smooth streamline design, full of sense of texture matching and non-slip grip the greatly improved the lever handle and comfort. Let the players in the world of game play, leave a good game to experience. The new Xb...

  • 4
    4 "the prince of Persia" earth guard joined the Xbox backward compatibility Game time 2018-08-08 12:01:09

    Larry Hryb today announced on twitter, prince of Persia "earth guard 4" and "no longer hesitate" three Xbox 360 works will join the Xbox backward compatibility. & have spent Prince of Persia by ubisoft sold in 2008, is "the sands of time trilogy" orthodox after the restart of the prince of Persia "series works, obtained good evaluation at that time. In the sequel hopeless cases, players will now have the opportunity to review on the new host at least this classic, digital version of the clothing store in the United States is $19.99. "Earth guard 4" was launched in 2013 the third person shooting game, the player to fight invasion of earth aliens and giant insects creatures. Electronic game clothing stores in the United States currently sells for $49.99. "No longer hesitate" is 2012 Xbox Live barrage of Arcade shooting game, the game has a good review...

  • Xbox One
    Xbox One "hellblade" sold 100 thousand copies Game time 2018-08-07 18:31:37

    Since August last year, the total sales of hellblade has exceeded 1 million copies, of which the Xbox One version, although the latest sales, has been steadily increasing, and the developer Ninja Theory recently announced that the Xbox One edition of the "hell blade" sold 100 thousand copies. At the same time, Ninja Theory did not forget to contribute to charity, and the studio said on twitter that they would fulfill their commitment to the Xbox One release and donate $25 thousand to the mental health organization Mental Health America. Up to now, the total contributions of Ninja Theory to Mental Health America  have reached US $50 thousand, "thanks to all Xb...

  • Microsoft Xbox valkyries handle to open to booking
    Microsoft Xbox valkyries handle to open to booking People's Daily online 2018-08-02 00:00:00

    New "valkyries" Microsoft Xbox wireless controller in Microsoft's official mall opened to booking, the price of 499 yuan, on August 14 in the delivery. Now booking will also be given flash fox Xbox silicone protective suits. Finish daily limited 20, a gift. & have spent & have spent The "valkyries" handle the fresh white design, mint silver ornament, there will be considerable texture texture, 10 computer can connect to the Windows. Handle on the vibration of the trigger on the finger tip vibration feedback, let players feel every vibration and impact. & have spent & have spent In addition, the handle of the wireless range is twice as large as before. New Xbox wireless controller sensitive lever and enhanced the direction key to bring higher precision, also equipped with a 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack, you can put their favorite game headphones into the controller.

  • Xbox discount this week: help a
    Xbox discount this week: help a "slow" Bethesda Game time 2018-08-01 09:30:36

    List of discount Xbox game this week is quite rich, bethesda many works in a big discount, in addition to the game ontology which contains all kinds of season tickets, expansion pack, bundles, and so on, like friends may have to polish the eyes carefully. Best time for the July 31 - August 6, is marked with "disgrace" series 3 collection, "prey" and "the evil spirit possessed 2", and is known as the "break up the kitchen" original works "clowning around the kitchen. If you are interested in "street fighter" series of comparison, this week the Xbox 360 discount game will make you satisfied. The street fighter 2/3/4 "" street fighter to an iron fist" and "super street fighter 4 arcade version ontology and all kinds of DLC are for sale, including support for backward compatibility version, very Gin. It is important to note that the Xbox platform for One of the field 1 DLC "...

  • The cell division The blacklist
    The cell division The blacklist "join the Xbox backward compatibility Digital edition, free of charge Game time 2018-08-01 12:08:06

    Microsoft announced yesterday evening, Xbox360 platform "cell division double agent", "cell division Blacklist "join the Xbox One backward compatibility list. "The cell division double agent" is the fourth series, series is the first Xbox360 console games. Players in this play to infiltrate terrorist organization Sam fisher, experience in black and white two double agent identity, game systems and therefore there is a lot of change. Now Hong Kong serve cost hk $79, us $20. "Cell division blacklist" series is the latest of a work. In this, the player controls Sam fisher could obtain the paladins the flying fortress on terrorist information from all over the world, and are free to choose the target. Its "broken sin" keep the tag in the execution system, players can cut the enemy number quickly through it. This was originally issued digital...

  • The Xbox controller
    The Xbox controller "barrier-free" box is introduced People's Daily online 2018-07-30 00:00:00

    In may, we published the first designed for disabled the game player Controller - Xbox "barrier-free Controller" (the Xbox the Adaptive Controller), since announced we also received the warm feedback from the players. At Microsoft, we have been committed to the design and development to meet different consumer demand the product, so that they get the complete product experience, the concept also reflected on the packaging design of our products. Our product packaging design for the user at all stages in the process of unpacking offers a unique experience. Through contact point, visual and material packaging hint, the structure of the packaging design guide users through reasonable and smooth product out of the process. In the design of the Xbox controller "barrier-free" packaging, we know that this will be a service products of different types of players and have different demand. This means that we need to rethink the...