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  • Week radio 】 【 news comments:
    Week radio 】 【 news comments: "monster hunter world" this is fun Game time 2017-12-15 20:29:11

    VG chatroom is logged in each big FM platform, this program links: netease cloud music | litchi | koala (listening to) | | B station Himalayan FM single OP: | end first song Lin however な る yong appearance - the Monster Hunter X the Original Soundtrack "ED: ト ラ ベ ル ナ - the Monster Hunter X the Original Soundtrack" as "Monster Hunter world" the end of three days of testing, senior Hunter lightning, hardcore game vigorously and didn't play the Monster Hunter series of new players Lost to talk about "Monster Hunter world" the principle of demo experience. More blasting don't lightning exclusive about survive the jedi grenades. In addition, the island is show, denied fishing, mysterious XONE version survive the jedi performance, as well as karp empty sued glory, library the patent infringement...

  • "Monster hunter world" second beta determined eager for a fight again Game time 2017-12-16 00:32:41

    According to the introduction of PlayStation's official blog, the monster hunter world will conduct second public tests in the later part of this month. The specific time is from 1 o'clock in December 23rd morning to 2 o'clock in December 27th December 23rd. At present, the test should be limited to the PS4 platform only. The content of the second public test will be exactly the same with the first test just finished. If the player has participated in the first test, it can keep the client directly in the second test. If you don't take the first test, you can also carry on the client's preload in December 20th. A detailed introduction to the content of the test can be clicked on the news. In the second test of the game player, after completing the three hunting tasks, can also be in the game to receive special awards, including special face camouflage and some consumption props (dust, life, paralysis nostrums trap). Source: PlayStation JP

  • If you are short of cat, then
    If you are short of cat, then "monster hunter world" can help you Game time 2017-12-15 21:01:52

    I heard "sun" cat is very popular now? It is said that everybody envy can be rolled cat every day? Instead of cats can lu you can only in the home lonely brush cat figure? If this is the case, then strongly all of a piece of "monster hunter world", because in this game, no matter who you are, wherever you go, there will be a group of super cute ellione cat follow you at any time! He can play the blame, can cook, can boating, you can also customize the color that oneself like, such an experience, which is not have! Video address & have spent "Monster hunter world" will be released on January 26, 2018, landing PS4 / Xbox One/PC platform, has determined the PS4 Asian version will update Chinese patch. The game already has carried out a Beta, interested friends can click here to read our experiences. & have spent & have spent

  • "Monster Hunter" in the world this is a pretty long and chubby. Game time 2017-12-14 11:35:45

    According to recent news magazine, "new world" monster in the monster hunter "pretty jaw dragon" (Anna, Tokyo, in the fields of nano) before actually determine the image, there are many kinds of design schemes, and they look very interesting. This is the new scheme of dragon beast looks stupid a dragon, with well-developed hind legs, huge claws, seemed to climb the walls. It has a strong sense of smell and likes to smell the smell with the nose to search for the enemy. In addition, because it eats carrion, gas will be piled up in the stomach, due to temperature changes, the gas will lead to its body turn red. When the gas is spit out, it will turn into a flame and attack the enemy. And the other difference is dragon beast, its combat body scales becomes hard and fell to the ground will head to the hunter crazy bite, and fart, shit to mark position...... "Crocodile run dragon" this kind of design, the new dragon beast called "crocodile run dragon", the shape is close to the Dragon beast and crocodile, so very mast. The crocodile runs the nose of the Dragon...

  • Made large 3 d
    Made large 3 d "combat" fantasy world "the headstrong wild world" full platform open beta today People's Daily online 2017-12-12 00:00:00

    To return to the ancient world, each big clan's descendants, hand in hand together through wild save anyone. By harry on playing with network technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "watermelon") build MMOARPG mobile game "headstrong wild world" today (December 11) officially open platform for open beta. Watermelon game was established in guangzhou in March this year, is a building "to make the game entertainment and life" as our mission, to release the high-quality goods for the purpose of the mobile phone games create innovation as the core, provides the fine service for the majority of players the domestic mobile phone game publishers. In April after "qingyun tactic" launched its first product, has become a domestic transport platform monthly income of over 50 million hand tour. The headstrong desolate world, whether such a success is worth waiting for. As a basic framework for ancient shanhaijing, above the background of the ancient wild big fantasy 3 dmmo mobile game, "the headstrong wild world" not only has the immersive main story, high...

  • NOX night: to build the world's leading entertainment intelligent distribution network
    NOX night: to build the world's leading entertainment intelligent distribution network People's network 2017-12-12 00:00:00

    "In the near future, happiness will be perceived by extreme speed. What we see and download is what we like, and it will no longer be interfered with the applications that we don't like or match." this is the charm of intelligent distribution network. To this end, NOX night for three years in the market layout.   2015, night engineer of the first line of code written in AI, the night construction of the road has already set sail marketing. Compared to the AI of the strategic priority (unmanned, AI chip and hardware), the night is the priority choice to enter the field of marketing, and data source supply, iterative big data infrastructure and engineering characteristics, to establish its own neural network. In June 2015, the virtual mobile Android client NoxPlayer, cross screen to quickly enter the market, the accumulation of the first batch of data for the neural network of the night; in April 2016, China's first complete assessment...

  • E-sports champion, was born in the water cube, retrospect and prospect of gold 2017 FIFA world club championship
    E-sports champion, was born in the water cube, retrospect and prospect of gold 2017 FIFA world club championship People's Daily online 2017-12-11 00:00:00

    People in Beijing on December 11 2017 gold club World Cup hosted by netease blizzard was conducted in the water cube in Beijing on December 10, the final stage of the race, Celestial in the hearth legend project final win over Planet Odd, for which they lift the trophy. "Storm hero" project were obtained by KSV champions, with their Team Dignitas contributing to a global audience in the final of a good fight. Against on Dec. 10, Celestial in the hearth legend project 3-0 in the final beat Planet Odd, one of the Celestial Mitsuhide brought wonderful performance, one continuous beating Planet Odd three players, to help the team win in the end. "Storm hero" project for the same very fascinating, Team...

  • The mystery world after the big bang
    The mystery world after the big bang Game time 2017-12-08 11:14:32

    Kojima Hideo announced the third official trailers of "dead stranded" in the The Game Awards 2017 awards ceremony. "Crossbow brother" Norman Reedus appeared again. There was a mysterious and transparent enemy in the trailer. The name of the protagonist was Sam. However, Kojima Hideo still did not announce the specific sale day of "death stranded" and the real combat / operation video. You still have to wait!

  • Outbreak iori debut
    Outbreak iori debut "the king of fighters world" android delete file open closed today! Ren play hall 2017-12-07 13:38:07

    Large 3 d - MMORPG mobile game, the king of fighters to the world the android delete file open closed today, more abundant activities and exclusive title, the king of fighters genuine pillow, t-shirts and other surprise reward waiting for you to take! Dynamic figure at the same time, the outbreak iori skills in today's exposure, most complete history bruiser, casts the king of fighters world, "the king of fighters world" invite you together with a classic arcade game with pleasure, experience the pure combat competition and fun! Outbreak iori by iori outbreak, while in "the king of fighters" series of works on the number of times is not much, but the outbreak iori popularity is very high. The appearance, the king of fighters to the world, the outbreak iori reduction on modelling the classic styling, the king of fighters 97 on skills such as hundred San pick seven type, sunflower, the type, the ghost to burn such classic abilities will one by one again! Outbreak iori display dynamic figure 1 skills outbreak iori dynamic diagram shows the graphics upgrade new downtown fashion appearance details to optimize each test for...

  • To become the game world's father,
    To become the game world's father, "Kadri A's prop house" tomorrow all platform first! Play Hall 2017-12-06 15:03:27

    One day from the start of the "Kadri A's prop house", are all the partners unable to wait? Of course, playing the legend of destiny is quite familiar with Kadri A's world, but for the students who have not yet met, the world is relatively strange. In this world there will be the construction of a game player for adventurers to provide weapons and armor and a series of props props house, let them beat around the world of the monster, also the game player to use the money to build the town, bring more advanced enjoyment for adventurers. The fate of heaven is too dangerous for us. Let's smoke the cat. In Kadri A's prop house, the player is not brave, but the businessman who is preparing to open shop. After Baena Lisi lifted the seal, he first destroyed the player's hometown, green song town. As an important place for a long period of adventure, the prosperity of green pine is essential. And this heavy task,...