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  • My world: underground city
    My world: underground city Game time 2019-11-20 13:13:34

    Mojang previously announced that his derivative work my world: underground city will be released in April 2020. Today, gamespot, a foreign media, released a new 12 minute real-time demonstration of this work, introducing the desert shrine, equipment interface, skill interface, etc My world: underground city is a kind of "Diablo" underground city adventure game, which supports single or local / online multiple people to explore and fight in the underground city. The game has rich equipment, ability, terrain and monsters for players to indulge in. This work will log in to PS4 / Xbox one / switch / PC platform, corresponding to simplified Chinese.

  • Nova wins the world championship again
    Nova wins the world championship again People's net 2019-11-19 00:00:00

    Zijin Dynasty, next to Busan! At the end of last weekend, the 2019 wild fighting finals ended in Busan, South Korea. Nova team from Europe beat Japan 3-0 in the finals to represent animal chanpuru (hereinafter referred to as AC) to the top of the world! This is Nova's second supercell world champion this year after the global finals of tribal conflict All the way! Nova won the title in three consecutive victories. Although it has not been officially launched in mainland China, the wild fighting has set many records in the game rankings of many countries. As a highly competitive 3v3 real-time mobile game, rough and tumble is bound to become an important part of the supercell e-Competition system. In August of this year, the selection of the global final team of wild fighting was officially launched, and the war was burning all over the seven competition areas. The total prize pool of the competition reached 250000 US dollars, close to 180

  • The world is so small!
    The world is so small! Touch music 2019-11-19 17:46:00

    Touch music night talk, nonsense and game related shit, ghosts, new things every day It's a coincidence that you know & times; times; times;! &Don't know if you've ever uttered such an exclamation like me? In my personal sense, a lot of coincidences and fortuitousness are involved in one or many invisible threads. "Rope" and "stick" are the two earliest tools invented by human beings. Stick can keep bad things away, rope can pull good things closer. &Many years later, Hideki Oshima quoted this sentence in the game "stranded in death", and tried to build a good thing like "rope", and make players build

  • My world: underground city will be released in April 2020
    My world: underground city will be released in April 2020 Game time 2019-11-15 08:57:18

    At today's x019 conference, Microsoft announced a real-time demonstration of "my world: underground city", and confirmed that this work will be released in April 2020, landing on the host and PC platform. My world: underground city is an underground city adventure game based on my world. Players can form 4 online / local teams to explore and fight in the underground city. Meanwhile, the equipment and ability system of the game will also bring rich playing methods and route selection.

  • Race's new game
    Race's new game "everwire" announced, focusing on the natural magic world Game time 2019-11-15 08:51:58

    In the x019 activity held in the early morning of this morning, the rare studio released a new game work called everwild, and introduced the new content of the sea of thieves. According to rare, the team focuses on building a natural magic world that allows players to play in new ways, bringing unforgettable, fascinating and meaningful experiences to players. Everwild is still in the early stage of development. The sea of thieves' free monthly update "the sea sound" will be launched on November 20, bringing new tasks for players to participate in this exciting story. In addition, this update will also add a flame bomb, which can be used to throw or launch to attack enemies, whether in adventure or arena.

  • "Diablo 4" released a new demo video, eight people fighting against boss in the world Game time 2019-11-14 10:49:46

    GameInformer, a foreign media, today brought in a new demo video of Diablo 4, which shows eight players fighting against boss. The video address Diablo 4 is set in the open world, and players will explore in a huge and interconnected area. In the video, the operator uses the wizard profession. In the face of the huge world boss, even if the distance is extended for output, it is inevitable to be hit by the boss's sweeping attack. In the video, the wizard player unfortunately hangs up once. When players attack boss, they can increase their posture slots. In the video, when the posture bar of boss in the world is filled, the bone spur at the elbow of the forelimb is broken and falls into a period of hard straightness. The burst output is best released at this stage. Source: GameInformer

  • Media rating summary of Baoke dream sword / shield: the entrance to the new world
    Media rating summary of Baoke dream sword / shield: the entrance to the new world Game time 2019-11-13 22:22:22

    The media rating of Baoke dream sword / shield has been lifted tonight, updated at 22:50: Metacritic included 13 reviews, with an average score of 80; opencritical included 19 reviews, with an average score of 80, with a recommendation rate of 80%. This work will be released on November 15, 2019, and will log on to the switch platform to support Chinese. Ign: 9.3/10 "Baoke dream sword / shield" is the best game in the series. It simplifies the most boring part of the traditional playing method without losing any charm. Game Informer: 8.8/10 it has been proved that the traditional formula playing method of establishing pet and Taoist hall badge collection at the same time is not affected by time, but the new content and strengthened part of this work show that baokemeng has not completed the evolution. &Nbsp; polygon: Baoke dream

  • Rumor: Warner Bros. has cancelled two Superman open world games since 2013
    Rumor: Warner Bros. has cancelled two Superman open world games since 2013 Game time 2019-11-13 09:54:40

    We haven't seen the game adapted from DC Comics for a long time since Batman: akham knight in 2015. According to recent rumors, Warner Bros. has developed two open world Superman games since 2013, but they have all been cancelled. James sigfield, a reporter from the exposed geeks worldwide, broke the news on social media. Siegfeld noted that in 2013, when Henry Carville starred in Superman: the man of steel was released, Warner Bros. got different proposals from different game directors and producers to develop a superman theme game. Warner accepted one of the proposals for an open world game, similar to marvel spider man. However, the project was cancelled in the prototype phase. After that, Warner

  • Several new roles in the new cherry blossom war and the information release of the world China attack competition
    Several new roles in the new cherry blossom war and the information release of the world China attack competition Game time 2019-11-12 18:15:20

    A new issue of "famitong" magazine revealed more information about "the new cherry blossom war", introduced the new roles including the parents of the heroine, Tiangong Sakura, and the information about the "world China strike group war". CV, President of the new role, is the general affairs chief of wlof. He hides his name, age and birthplace as the general affairs chief of all previous dynasties. Although he claims that G is the initial of his name, he can't prove it. By the way, the wlof flagship of President G is also very exaggerated. The left and right hand of President g of man I, the leader of wlof black suit army, is engaged in espionage work. This mysterious man thinks that his words are equivalent to those of President g, and he always takes a high attitude. Tiangong day (CV: tianfeizi, the government of the people's Republic of China) Tiangong Ying's mother, who has passed away at the age of 27, is deeply influenced by her never giving up character, and she has made her sword

  • My world 2019 Developer Conference: do you believe that games can change life?
    My world 2019 Developer Conference: do you believe that games can change life? Touch music 2019-11-12 18:03:01

    On November 9, the 2019 Developer Conference of my world was held in Foshan, Guangdong Province. When I and LAN of MC tribe sat down in the back of the conference hall, there was a warm-up video related to his studio on the big screen. It's a popular entrepreneurial story: Leon joins the studio as the developer of my world. At one time, his career developed very well. Later, the studio encountered financial difficulties and was forced to disband. Li Ang had to go back to his hometown. At the end of the film, the studio came back to life, and all the partners appeared in front of him. The hero's prototype is Li Diwei, a former employee of general manager Lan's studio. He used to be the technical backbone of the studio, and his work experience is basically the same as that in the film;. LAN is always the boss of the studio. His character also appeared in the film. His pseudonym in the film is "Wen Zong"

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