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  • Don't need to cable? SONY or wireless PS VR new patent application
    Don't need to cable? SONY or wireless PS VR new patent application Game time 2019-03-16 13:39:49

    Foreign media yesterday (March 15) revealed a new message: SONY has applied for a new patents on PS VR, patent content related to the wireless connection technology. In the patent, SONY will use links to new equipment and frequency localization method. The device can be used to wireless spectrum technology, the PS VR users with accurate motion. According to the patent, the content of the PS4 will fit special program, which could "according to communications equipment surrounding environment changes, more quickly than before switching to the communication in the special frequency band. "This sounds unknown folded, but we can see some clue: from an application for a patent for the picture can be seen in the picture, by connecting the PS4 host box body, the graphics can be directly wireless transmission to the PS VR wore a display. In addition, the top of the screen display also have special induction equipment. New patents may add to PS VR now wireless communication work...

  • A Lot of Good News in Sniper Elite Series: Reproduction, New Works, Transplantation, VR
    A Lot of Good News in Sniper Elite Series: Reproduction, New Works, Transplantation, VR Game time 2019-03-15 03:17:42

    Today, Rebellion brings us a lot of good news about the Sniper Elite series, including not only the remake of old works, but also the confirmation and development of new ones, and even the VR version. The video address "Sniper Elite V2" ushered in a remake of nbsp; the remake of "Sniper Elite V2" will include all DLC, new camera mode, enhanced picture quality, support 4K& in some platforms; HDR, eight new operable roles from "Zombie Force", is expected to land on PS4/Xbox One/Switch/PC platform in 2019. & nbsp; & nbsp; video address "Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition" landed on Switch "Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition" compared to the original version of "Sniper Elite 3" added nine additional DLCs including three new campaigns, which will be landed on Switch in 2019. Video Address "Sniper Elite" sequel development.

  • VR cool G fat won't save of steam VR business layoffs
    VR cool G fat won't save of steam VR business layoffs The game in a teahouse 2019-03-08 17:28:48

    Steam behind the company's predecessor was recently about VR business moving knife, cut the 13 employees, at the same time also stopped some of the outsourcing contract. Steam spokesman said replies: "last month, there are 13 full-time employees from the us, and at the same time part of the outsourcing contract is annulled. This is the unpleasant part of the business, but does not mean that the company have any major changes. We deeply appreciated the affected employee, wish them work smoothly in the future." Game teahouse found after access to information and data, layoffs or steam last in 2013, the predecessor layoffs altogether 25 people at that time. In recent years, V

  • The nintendo Labo VR suite will go on sale on April 12
    The nintendo Labo VR suite will go on sale on April 12 Game time 2019-03-07 09:20:22

    Nintendo lightning unveiled this morning the fourth set of nintendo Labo, this is the theme of the VR. The VR suite contains two versions, the first version is called "initial suit", contains the VR glasses ontology and launchers, corresponding to a VR games, sold for 3980 yen (excluding tax). Bought the "initial suit" if players want to play to other VR content, can buy two expansion pack. Besides "the initial suit + expansion pack", want one pace reachs the designated position players can buy complete the VR suite, priced at 7980 yen (excluding tax). Source: nintendo

  • Yubi Microgravity Shooting Game
    Yubi Microgravity Shooting Game "Star Fighting VR" on March 26 People's net 2019-02-27 00:00:00

    Ubisoft announced that the microgravity arcade shooting game "Star Fighting VR" (Yubi Taiwan's official translation, formerly Space Junkies), developed for VR platform, will be released on March 26 and will support PlayStation VR, Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus Rift + Touch and HTC Vive virtual reality devices. Star Fighting VR, developed by Ubisoft Montpellier Studio and using Brigitte's brand-new patented virtual reality engine, will fully utilize virtual reality technology to take players forward to the 3D space arena and experience rapid multi-player battle in microgravity environment with jet backpacks. It is worth mentioning that the new Brigitte VR engine can be used.

  • SONY executives talk of PSVR: will be a long iterative development process
    SONY executives talk of PSVR: will be a long iterative development process People's Daily online 2019-02-20 00:00:00

    Accepted the foreign media recently Playstation eldest brother Shawn Layden Gameinformer interview, the PSVR talk during the period of the future. Shawn Layden said PSVR for them is an exciting field, they are the pioneers of the field, he began to work in the technology in the late 80 s, things are out of step two steps to complete, the question now is whether people have no patience, people will say: "wow, PSVR, great! When will it be shrunk to the size? This Shawn out of nokia, for example, from nokia smartphone until now, also after many years of iterative development, in the same way, look now PSVR, nobody can imagine what it would be like ten years later, but there must be a big change, you can't directly to version 5.0, you'll have to complete the 1.0...

  • Because players hand speed than
    Because players hand speed than "human limit" V clubs will update SteamVR People's Daily online 2019-02-13 00:00:00

    According to foreign media reports, V club in the near future to Steam VR software update, the reason is: the rhythm lightsaber players wielding lightsabers faster than V club originally identified "human limit (humanly possible)". The rhythm lightsaber rhythm is a kind of VR games, players need to beat, waving virtual lightsaber cut to block their light. Unfortunately, it seems that the PC platform of the great god of fast too fantastic, they wave controller speed even beyond the limits of Steam VR tracking system. So in some special limit passages, "swordsman" will therefore miss the goal, hard to avoid untimely. Therefore, V club also in the latest issue of SteamVR made in beta update, improve the limit of the tracking system. V club said the value of the system is based on previously collected data set the rhythm lightsaber players...

  • IDC predicts that VR game output will grow by 75% this year.
    IDC predicts that VR game output will grow by 75% this year. People's net 2019-02-12 00:00:00

    On February 11, IDC released 10 VR/AR market forecasts for 2019. IDC believes that the current industry applications are being further developed and deepened, the consumption scenarios in the subdivision areas are constantly enriched, the VR terminal market is gradually transiting to the mid-high-end product form with better experience, and the industrial ecological development is more mature. Specifically, IDC released 10 forecast of VR/AR market in 2019, including: the VR market of the movie-watching integrated machine will continue to grow, 35% of the VR integrated machine will be used for family viewing; 5G network will drive the development of VR/AR security patrol market; 65% of the VR/AR devices will provide voice technology interaction in the future; the content ecology of mobile AR will be more abundant; the VR game market will grow by 75% in 2019, and the revenue of offline experience store games will be increased. Over 80% of the total revenue of VR games; by 2023, there will be more than 1 billion visits to at least one installation of VR equipment per year __________

  • The evil girl with VR, mobile and PC platforms
    The evil girl with VR, mobile and PC platforms Game time 2019-02-09 15:54:47

    Girl MIKAGE LLC announced its set-up RPG series "evil girl" will be on the 10th anniversary of the "evil girl X" usher in a new VR works, will plan on the iOS/Android/PC platform. Video address "evil girl X" by the original Image Box company President royal shadow LiangWei led MIKAGE LLC is responsible for the development, and carried out by a Japanese assistance, this background titled "pure love", the protagonist's fiancee involved and mysterious death, he is on the way to fix for the salvation of lovers met a girl of 24 bits into a cat. This as set by the full moon from Pixiv illustrator け い is responsible for, the script for the series its head and field to front, and the game will support with Japan in the sado jinshan relics of linkage, costume design is designed by the famous Tokyo Degner cooperation. Video capture: the evil little...

  • Two hours of the ace combat seven VR model, conquered the I want to fly in the sky
    Two hours of the ace combat seven VR model, conquered the I want to fly in the sky Game time 2019-01-21 19:00:00

    Bitterness etc. After many years, the ace combat 7 & have spent unknown sky finally came to the us side. Driving fighter is the dream of many people, soaring to achieve your dream does not necessarily have to be in reality. PS4 version of the "ace combat 7" built in a specially designed for PS VR VR model, so players can incarnate the pilot, to fight in cockpit. In today's VR games under the condition of the good and bad are intermingled, natural people doubt whether this attached VR model is just a gimmick, but is to appeal to the player with the PS VR also to buy the game. From the length of the game, it is really like a stunt, but a short period of time, to bring players is unique air combat experience. This video is VR model experience video: B station address very short, but very comfortable when the battlefield from land and sea to the sky, everyone can feel the difference between air immediately. Air is a three-dimensional battlefield, the enemy...