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  • "Blue Mountain" will be launched in early 2019 with PS4/Switch physical version Game time 2018-12-09 10:28:17

    At the recent Kinda Funny Games exhibition, game publisher Limited Run Games announced that it would work with Matt Makes Game, the developer of Blue Mountain, to launch a physical version of the game, including the PS4/Switch version. The physical version will be available on January 1, 2019. As one of the most surprising independent games of the year, "Blue Mountain" won two awards at the TGA this year, namely "Most Influential Game of the Year" and "Best Independent Game of the Year". For those who want to collect or experience the game, the physical version is a very good opportunity. It is worth mentioning that the game has just updated a new model, allowing players to change the rules of the game, further challenging their own operations. Limited Run Games had previously been uuuuuuuuuuuu

  • PS4 port serving the field five activities: normal version 7 fold, deluxe edition 6 fold
    PS4 port serving the field five activities: normal version 7 fold, deluxe edition 6 fold Game time 2018-12-04 14:31:29

    PlayStation port today clothing store digital edition battlefield 5 "opens the discounts, members can enjoy normal version 7 fold lowest 300.3 Hong Kong dollars (263 yuan), deluxe edition 6 fold 377.4 Hong Kong dollars (331 yuan), activity continued to December 12. As of December 4, 14 when the Xbox One and Origin of platform has not been the field 5 discount. The field 5 launch on November 20, only half a month time is open so considerable discounts, friends want to join, don't miss it.

  • "Sengoku basara 4 DX" on March 14, 2019 landing PS4 / Switch Game time 2018-12-03 17:46:23

    Glory, library "announced on March 14, 2019 in PS4, launch the sengoku basara 4 DX Switch platform. This includes "sengoku basara 4" has brought the clothing, weapons, character edit widget, script, BGM, etc all kinds of DLC, included more than 150. In addition, this will also launch BOX, the fifth anniversary tax-inclusive price 15984 yen (RMB 970). Content contains the ontology, art collection (p. 64), the original CD + music animation (CD + 4 DVD 4 copies), set art postcards (144). Source: the glorious library of moab

  • PS4 sales for the past five years, players have achieved what interesting adventure?
    PS4 sales for the past five years, players have achieved what interesting adventure? Game time 2018-12-03 14:53:05

    To celebrate the PS4 to mark the fifth anniversary of on the market in Europe, Playstation Europe has to share a set of players in the PS4 adventure game in five years. Among them, the players in the dawn of the horizon zero has struck down 46 million teeth, thunder in the gran turismo Sports, driving the total mileage of 260000 laps around the earth, in the "the blood curse" has a total of 630000 platinum trophy (the current game platinum at a rate of 5.6%), in the Detroit be saved 4 million fish, in the "god of war" axe to rise to the top 1.4 million times... More players data, let's look at the video: Playstation Europe also to express thanks for all players in the video introduction: in a short span of five years, you climb a mountain, bring down the beast, face to face with the biggest fear, become the hero of the countless adventures. Thank you for you to Play...

  • Analysis of agency predicted in 2019, the Switch full-year sales will exceed the PS4
    Analysis of agency predicted in 2019, the Switch full-year sales will exceed the PS4 Game time 2018-12-01 10:59:18

    Recently, the foreign body analysis Strategy Analytics released a report, said in 2019, the Switch of the annual sales will exceed the PS4. Report estimates that in 2019, the nintendo Switch will be sold worldwide in 17.3 million, but the PS4 and PS4 Pro combined sales of about 17.1 million sets. Microsoft Xbox One and Xbox One X sales of around 10 million sets. If true, this will be the successor to heaven 2009 host become annual sales champion for the first time. Institutions to three vendors host usage of review and forecast report also said that at the same time, in spite of cloud games, mobile games and VR games triple competition, the host game industry is a trend of healthy development. The following are some of the data in report: in the number of hosts in use...

  • The PS4 game full smell 】 【 presale indult Switch receive bag
    The PS4 game full smell 】 【 presale indult Switch receive bag Game time 2018-12-01 01:10:13

    Released by Furyu WORKxWORK is a RPG, in the game, leading role plays in the prince in the theme park called "brave" continent, help NPC experience to become a brave man. This has took the lead in October this year to login the Switch platform, at the time of purchase in advance indult for Switch receive bag. Have to say this cult was quite good, but also has practical, can play a role of promoting games again. Official also released at that time many group pictures, to show players receive bag just load Switch. Awkwardly, Furyu recently announced the WORKxWORK PS4 version will be launched on February 28, 2019, and a rain indult... Receive bag still is with money. Although the official did not mention in the PS4 version of propaganda material Switch, but still be observant players found. How do you say? Is this for work...

  • The eye of the trial Demo death note
    The eye of the trial Demo death note ", the first chapter is open to ordinary PS4 players Game time 2018-11-29 11:24:41

    Sega "the eye of the trial Demo death note ", the first chapter in Chinese today officially open to ordinary PSN player, click here to PS Store page. The demo will be able to play the game the integrity of the first chapter, and play records will inherit in the official version. In addition to the main story, players can also play with the local residents to deepen the feelings of events "friends", also can go to the batting practice center, shoot darts, chess and other places of entertainment. The eye of the trial Death note ", sure will be released on December 13, the Chinese version of synchronization. The first to buy the game players will receive a "detective support package download code" (entity version, download version of the common), containing a variety of recovery items, beverages and other game props to experience gain.

  • PS4 blue line CrossWave released the first war role
    PS4 blue line CrossWave released the first war role Game time 2018-11-28 13:16:59

    CompileHeart today updated PS4 "blue line CrossWave" official website content, and open the eight characters: the first part akagi, x, extras, javelin, Z23, sea, and his lafite. Akagi (CV: zhongyuan linen) for commanders to extreme rhetoric and raised eyebrows by each camp, heavy sakura 】 【 upper member. To heavy sakura and look down on others, but because of who I really is very strong so she dare not days. X (CV: the leaves) ancient member, heavy sakura 】 【 strength was widely recognized. At ordinary times is a gentle and quiet girl, but a show like "ghosts" of damage to a fight. Doesn't seem concerned about everything, once addicted than anyone try to STH. For the joint exercises and silent independent training. Akagi extras (CV: chino love garment) partner. Vision, call akagi "sister", power can be on a par with them. Day...

  • SONY confirmed formally
    SONY confirmed formally "dearly beloved 3" will launch the PS4 Chinese version Game time 2018-11-22 14:07:21

    Update: we learned from unofficial sources that legal channels in Jane version has been questioned, but has yet to be restored, for examination and approval of the present domestic game channels so when listing, whether listed is unknown. Original text: SIE in just officially announced the "kingdom hearts 3" will launch the PS4 Chinese version, but release date and price has not yet been determined, the details will be announced at a later date. Game of Japanese and English version will be synchronized in 2019, the Japanese price is 518 Hong Kong dollars (sale) on January 25,, English version is priced at 468 Hong Kong dollars (January 29th). It is worth mentioning, the port is also frame "dearly beloved" All - In - One Package "digital version, include" dearly beloved 3 "" dearly beloved 1.5 + 2.5" 2.8 "dearly beloved", contains almost All major series, sold for 918 Hong Kong dollars, Japanese English version sold for 798 Hong Kong dollars. With the release of the two of them have the game to buy...

  • To sell only a week, PS4 / Xbox One
    To sell only a week, PS4 / Xbox One "radiation 76 76 discount sale Game time 2018-11-22 11:20:42

    The radiation of 76 "was released on November 14, today is the day of the release and one day a week. Bethesda opens the game discounts, now PS4 and Xbox One port of this are sold at 67 discount in the clothing store. PS4 edition at 311.55 Hong Kong dollars (276 yuan), the Xbox One version for hk $313.26 (277 yuan), activity until late November 27. Goods address, please click on the [PS4] / [Xbox One].