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  • Nintendo announces
    Nintendo announces "Fitness Ring Adventure" and Ring-Con Game time 2019-09-12 20:47:42

    Last week, Nintendo released a warning video of the body-feeling peripheral of the ring switch. Just now, the authorities finally released a detailed introduction. This peripheral is called "Ring-Con" and is accompanied by a game called "Fitness Ring Adventure". Joy-Con with Switch allows you to take risks in the game world while exercising. Video address "Fitness Ring Adventure" contains 20 different and colorful worlds. Players can manipulate character movement, jumping, boating and flying in different ways. There will be enemies in the game, players need to defeat the enemy through round-robin combat. According to reports, there are more than 40 different skills in the game, players need to make specific fitness movements, such as squatting, to trigger different skills. Red series skills can exercise upper limb strength, yellow series skills can exercise core strength, blue series skills can be exercised.

  • The Game Awards concluded with Five Awards for Nintendo Stars Fighting SP in 2019
    The Game Awards concluded with Five Awards for Nintendo Stars Fighting SP in 2019 Game time 2019-09-12 19:07:41

    & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the ongoing Tokyo Video Game Exhibition 2019 released this year's Japanese Game Award list. The winners were selected from nbsp and released in Japan between April 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; among many games, "Nintendo Star Fighting Special Edition" won the annual game award, but also won the Minister of Economy and Industry Award and Excellence Award, a total of five awards. Annual Grand Prize "Nintendo Star Fighting Special Edition" Economic Industry Minister Award "Nintendo Star Fighting Special Edition" Project Group Global Award "Nintendo Star Fighting Special Edition" Japanese Work "Nintendo Star Fighting Special Edition" Overseas Work "Wilderness Bodyguard Redemption 2" Best Sales Award "Nintendo Star Big".

  • Nintendo applies for new peripheral patents or VR glasses for Switch
    Nintendo applies for new peripheral patents or VR glasses for Switch Game time 2019-09-10 09:08:03

    With the introduction of Nintendo Labo VR Suit, more and more Nintendo first-party games have added support for VR mode. Nintendo may launch a new VR glasses peripheral, according to a new patent recently. The patent was submitted in February 2018 and released in August 22nd this year. Unlike the current Labo VR, the new peripherals are filled with foam material grooves, making the light shielding better and the wearer more comfortable. Although new patents have been registered, it is still unknown whether they will be put into use. Nintendo is expected to officially announce its follow-up plan. Source: Nintendo everything

  • Nintendo will no longer
    Nintendo will no longer "regularly update" NSOs to exempt from games Game time 2019-09-07 09:38:33

    Membership free game is a value-added service provided by Nintendo Switch Online (hereinafter referred to as NSO) members by Nintendo. Since its launch, the service has provided dozens of free games. At Nintendo's face-to-face meeting on September 5, Nintendo announced that the first batch of SFC games would be exempted, but there was also a news that made players unhappy. Recently, a representative of Nintendo revealed in an e-mail that NSO will continue to expand its line-up of game-free games, but it will not update regularly every month as before, and the new SFC games will also be affected by this policy. That is to say, the future NSO will exempt the game from periodic updates. As for the next update time, we have to wait for the official notification. Source: Business Insider/Game Radar

  • Nintendo's new Switch is released on September 12
    Nintendo's new Switch is released on September 12 Game time 2019-09-06 09:36:54

    Nintendo released a mysterious product introduction video today, which looks like a Joy-Con peripheral for body-building or party games. Details are expected to be released on September 12. From the video demonstration, we can see that the new peripheral is a ring and a legging belt that can be easily grasped by both hands. Both the ring and the legging belt have slots that can insert Joy-Con to obtain the somatosensory elements, and the ring peripheral seems to be able to withstand a considerable amount of squeezing and stretching to achieve steering wheel, archery, yoga and other kinds. Play. It can be predicted that the introduction of the somatosensory peripheral will inevitably be accompanied by the launch of new game software, and will be the successor of Wii Fit? Or is it a new party game like 1-2-Switch? We look forward to the official announcement.

  • "Nintendo Star Fighting SP" today launched 5.0 update: new venues and new models Game time 2019-09-05 10:51:37

    Nintendo announced at its face-to-face meeting today (September 5) that the role of "Abang & Aka" in "The Great Adventure of Abang Aka" will take part in today's "Nintendo Star Fighting Special Edition". At the same time, the 5.0 version of this book will be released today, updating the new venue, new model and new Mii clothing content. The new venue "Spiral Mountain" is the exclusive venue of the paid DLC "Abang & Aka", which restores the game scenes in "The Adventure of Abang Aka". The third Mii costume of Nintendo Star Fighting Special Edition, the third paid Mii costume, has also been put on the shelves, this time updating the Mii costume of Five Right Gate, Bruce, ZERO, Rocket Team and Sans. Five Right Guard Gate (Swordsmanship Type, Come from Fuel Five Right Guard Gate), Bruce (Shooting Type, Come from Rock People) ZERO (Swordsmanship Type, Come from Rock People X) Rocket Team (Fighting Type).

  • Nintendo's new player You Baokemeng Master has exceeded 10 million loads in four days
    Nintendo's new player You Baokemeng Master has exceeded 10 million loads in four days Game Teahouse 2019-09-05 09:59:21

    Baoke Dream Series has always been Nintendo's classic IP. In 2018, Nintendo NS platform launched "Elf Baoke Dream: Let & #39; s Go Pikachu / Ibu" and introduced Pikachu theme Swash host. At this year's Nintendo Face-to-Face Meeting, a new game on NS platform, "Elf Dream: Sword/Shield" was announced, and it said that this game will mainly show the handheld experience. In addition to NS platform, Nintendo has also developed Baoke Dream IP into a hand tour. Pokemon GO has been launched in overseas markets and has maintained a good revenue level for many years. In the first half of this year, Ren Tian

  • Part of the live screen of Nintendo Switch Lite's new promotional film
    Part of the live screen of Nintendo Switch Lite's new promotional film People's Network 2019-09-05 00:00:00

    Nintendo Switch Lite, Nintendo's new host, will be officially launched on September 20, and Nintendo released two more promotional advertisements on September 4 to show the real-world performance of some games on SwitchLite. In the advertisement, the trial games are "Louis Ghost House 3", "Super Mario Party" and "Mario Racing 8 Deluxe Edition". Nintendo switch Lite has three color systems: gray, yellow and blue-green. Its screen is 5.5 inches 720p, with a size of 91.1 mm in length, 208 mm in width and 13.9 mm in thickness. It weighs 275 g and can play for 3-7 hours with full power. No TV mode, no Joy-Con, HD Vibration, Infrared Camera. Nin...

  • In Nintendo's show, Sakurai said,
    In Nintendo's show, Sakurai said, "Please go and play Xbox!" Game time 2019-09-05 08:20:23

    "Nintendo Star Fighting Special Edition" Director Sakurai said in Nintendo's official program: "Please do play Xbox! It sounds incredible, but it did happen. It happened on the morning of September 5. After Nintendo's face-to-face meeting, with the updating of "Nintendo Star Fighting Special Edition" Banjo Bear, Chengbo Sakurai personally introduced the updating. At the beginning of the program, Sakurai said, "You should know that Banjo Bear's copyright is now owned by Microsoft. "Generally speaking, Microsoft and Nintendo are competing platforms. Thank you very much for letting us use the banjo bear and let the banjo bear fight this time. "If you want to play Banjo Bear Adventure now, you can play it on Xbox (360). "Although in Nintendo's show (a little strange), please do play Xbox! "(Staff bursts out laughing) Because Sakurai Chengbo's sentence...

  • Nintendo's meeting on September 5th: The Divine Sword and the Divine Sin 2 are all here.
    Nintendo's meeting on September 5th: The Divine Sword and the Divine Sin 2 are all here. Game time 2019-09-05 07:13:26

    Nintendo announced a large number of new Switch games at its face-to-face meeting on September 5, including "The Ultimate Edition of Alien Sword", "Fantasy Anomaly Record #FE" and other previously highly anticipated games, as well as new roles of "Big Fighting SP", big updates of "Tetris 99" and free games for NSO members SFC. Following is a summary of the daily video and key information of the meeting. Video Address Watch Pioneer on October 16, 310, 31, the game has been released for a long time, but also provides a lot of live trial play, this time mainly introduces the new party mode, support 8 people online play. "Kabi Hunter" enhanced version of today's Switch original 3DS game landed, picture enhancement, can play alone, four people online, and online warfare, the game for free games, built-in fees. Sacred Sword Legend 3 Reproduction 2.

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