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  • To buy it? The nintendo Labo
    To buy it? The nintendo Labo Game time 2018-04-18 17:00:00

    Guide "buy it" column, to provide a game introduction, version information and some foreign media for the evaluation of the game. & have spent Not so much the nintendo Labo is a game as it is a system attached to the Switch products, a tailor made for the new play. Through the cut out of cardboard, and their combined with cord, canvas belt, reflective stickers, players can create a interesting equipment forms. And with the corresponding specific software, people will enjoy the combination of hardware and the rich content of feeling. Authorities launched two sets of model-making group, they are Variety Kit and Robot Kit. The former includes remote control cars, fishing rod, cabin, such as play materials and software, and the Robot Kit is a need to affect the whole body, some novel experience similar to the virtual reality. In addition to the above content, you can also create camera, steering wheel, drums...

  • Bosses always be misunderstanding Ding
    Bosses always be misunderstanding Ding "master of folk nintendo" the truth is so People's Daily online 2018-04-17 00:00:00

    Yesterday, a period of noisy uproar "ding called nintendo folk master" event with the latest progress: "Japanese economic news" is released on April 11, Chinese reports "ding about online game: hope investment nintendo" revised statement. Statement to change the title to "ding about online game: hope to cooperate with the nintendo game companies such as", and verified the original interview recordings, confirm ding, there is no "called nintendo folk master", and "want to invest in nintendo". According to update the content, it is indeed a "reading comprehension", see "Japanese economic news" of the original report first screenshot: when the reporter's interview questions for "netease's overseas development and how to expand overseas investment", at first glance the original report ding scattered, seems to be really talking nintendo for "master of folk". As a hardcore gamers and game company founder, at first glance, the speech is shocking, but also because of...

  • Nintendo's new patent publicly: screen interactions produce infinite possibility
    Nintendo's new patent publicly: screen interactions produce infinite possibility Game time 2018-04-14 10:59:37

    Recently, nintendo's application for a patent for a new enter the public process, game content for use in the system of "multiple information processing device can communicate with each other". Referred to in the patent device, according to the Digital Trends in each piece of independent screen, when two or more of the screen touch each other, information will be passed between them, create new gaming experience. As shown, we can use a finger from one screen to another screen, a small club along the track of finger seamless mobility between the screen, without losing track system. Don't even need to direct contact with the physical screen, even if a certain distance apart, ball can still from a screen to move to the other. We can even imagine the use of the more exciting way - the ball rebounded from a screen into the air, and to another Angle into the second screen. Not only that, the screen can also be formed by tilting Angle, as in...

  • Nintendo netease investment? But it's not sound so unreliable
    Nintendo netease investment? But it's not sound so unreliable Game time 2018-04-11 19:39:22

    Netease is probably one of the most recent game company, they were at first because of involving infringement PUBG developers into action, its can be used as reference the fifth personality "dawn, fade". While facing Japanese economic news in an interview in the near future, the company chairman ding a "master of folk nintendo" speech, also makes the familiar with host game players Shouting excitedly. Although slightly bizarre language became the people poking fun at netease, but look more rational, the most respondents thought a slip of the tongue. Only from netease investment intentions nintendo, or domestic manufacturers foreign investment game of this kind of behavior, it really didn't think so. Ding doesn't accept investment, may also cooperation strictly, netease and nintendo itself involves some indirect capital relations. At the end of November 2017, developed the elves treasure can dream GO Niantic get a $200 million investment, netease...

  • Ding Lei: I really want to invest in Nintendo, but the Tencent has been cooperating.
    Ding Lei: I really want to invest in Nintendo, but the Tencent has been cooperating. Game Teahouse 2018-04-11 18:16:57

    Recently, Ding Lei, the chairman of the NetEase board, received an interview with the Japanese economic news. In the interview, Ding Lei talked about the layout of NetEase games overseas and even said they wanted to invest in Nintendo. Ding Lei said he hoped to be able to "alliances with Nintendo" in the way of investment to develop products together. Ding Lei: very much hope that the investment "folk master" Nintendo Ding Lei in talking about NetEase overseas investment, said that NetEase mainly investment in game design companies. In Ding Lei's view, even if the NetEase is the world's one of the world's number two hand tour developers, the idea is limited. In the future, there will be a little more foreign investment in the game than at home. "It must be carried out.

  • Astro will work with nintendo launched many Switch headphones
    Astro will work with nintendo launched many Switch headphones Game time 2018-04-06 12:25:51

    High-end Gaming headphones brand Astro Gaming recently announced that it would work with nintendo to reach a definitive agreement, made a lot of games franchise, including "the legend of zelda", "super Mario", etc. The next will be introduced later this year for the Switch many special headphones, headsets and accessories. Astro Gaming  First launched three new retro theme A40 headset, theme is "the legend of zelda", "super Mario bros." and "super Mario bros. 3". The headset is working with nintendo's official was designed and adopted the official artwork. Headache to buy headphones Switch players, this is one more option, which model do you like above? Source: nintendoeverything

  • The nintendo Labo
    The nintendo Labo "workshop mode" new gameplay: start a band Game time 2018-04-05 14:22:02

    Nintendo today updated in its official YouTube channel "nintendo Labo" Toy - Con workshop model "of the third play video -" instruments ". Players in the workshop mode, the use of feature-rich custom edit component can simulate the guitar playing simple panel, along with six rubber band, Joy - Con and cardboard can make a own guitar. Can also give Joy - Con buttons and rocker design different chords effects, even with the body feeling control the frequency of the sound, feeling just like real guitar! With drums and the piano, and your friends together to form their own band! Video address the nintendo Labo more style and function is also available for players to invent, simple and interesting. The nintendo Labo will go on sale on April 20 this year, the detailed information about the version and the content, you can click here to review.

  • Intention to reduce development costs Nintendo create new game engine
    Intention to reduce development costs Nintendo create new game engine Game time 2018-04-04 14:27:02

    In a closed session, nintendo to invited developers share is building its own new engine - the BEZEL. It is reported that the official tried to pass the new engine and a series of tools, to guide developers to create interesting games in a short time, and the maximum reduce production cost. Considering the arrival heaven's attitude to a third party is more and more friendly, coupled with the description of the new engine, BEZEL may be more inclined to cater to the Switch platform independent developers. & have spent & have spent At the same time, someone on twitter exposes a have never seen screenshots, says it is derived from the nintendo 2018 (Gc - Conf) in the GCC on the official presentation. This is likely to be a BEZEL related technology demonstration, or a game concept, with "color injection group" early "postage stamp" some similar model. Source: Resetera

  • Nintendo Labo, Ares and adult artist [April] a new month
    Nintendo Labo, Ares and adult artist [April] a new month Game time 2018-04-01 11:14:41

      April, two big sale, it is a series of major innovative SONY first cut blasting action game "God of war", the other is creative and playful, extremely test the ability of "Nintendo Labo". Because of the two games in town, the number of games in the April was a little less, but it would have to play. In addition to the two monster works mentioned earlier, there is also a hard core game called the redemption road SINNER, which is played by a well-known all age cartoonist, Tian Tian non, who is a man built "XENO" and so on. B station video original address     OP:God of War III Overture - Gerard MarinoED:Break Free (Lead) - Nintendo.

  • IGN the selection done in the history of the game: the nintendo
    IGN the selection done in the history of the game: the nintendo Game time 2018-03-31 14:00:07

    Overseas famous game site IGN in in succession recently released done in the history of the game list, ranked by their covers more than 30 years, many familiar our classic game works. It is important to note that in the top 10 nintendo games account for six seats. We put the detailed list has carried on the summary, take a look at your dream of the classic game, whether in the TOP100!!!! Criteria: before December 31, 2017, issue of all games; If a game on multiple platforms (not remakes), will not to distinguish between version; All the games must be a single work, like a suit version won't consider (such as the half-life Orange box edition); List of the game is to collect the opinions of IGN core team, to organize and sort. Classified according to game company, you can get the following data (thanks for @ Twelve reply) : Squ...