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  • Giant Network appointed Nie Zhiming to set up an Artificial Intelligence Laboratory for CTO
    Giant Network appointed Nie Zhiming to set up an Artificial Intelligence Laboratory for CTO People's Network 2019-04-29 00:00:00

    April 29, Giant Network confirmed that Nie Zhiming has joined the company as CTO, in charge of technology desk, cutting-edge technology, AI laboratory and other departments, fully responsible for the company's technical work. Nie Zhiming's arrival means that Giant Network has a technology leader. He will lead the company's technical team in an all-round way, strengthen R&D strength and technology accumulation, formulate the direction of technological strategic development, and lay out the frontier technological innovation. Nie Zhiming is the president of CTO Giant Network, Liu Wei said: "I am very glad that Nie Zhiming joined Giant Network. His rich experience and foresight in the field of Internet technology will help the company further enhance its technological research and development strength and advantages. It is hoped that under his leadership, the company's technical team will accelerate the construction of technology platform, constantly consolidate technological strength, explore frontier technological innovation, and promote the company's R&D quality to reach the top level in the global market. (Giant Network CTO Nie Zhiming) According to the ___________.

  • Japan's Hirakawa era is coming to an end. Looking back on Hirakawa's masterpieces in the first year of the game
    Japan's Hirakawa era is coming to an end. Looking back on Hirakawa's masterpieces in the first year of the game People's Network 2019-04-26 00:00:00

    The Pingcheng era of Japan, a big animation country, is coming to an end in May. Now recall the first year of Pingcheng, 1989, which is one of the most memorable Masterpieces for gamers. The legendary "Tetris of Russia" was born that year. Let's remember it together. In 1989, the Japanese game circle was already quite popular. Besides the old enemies of Nintendo and Sega, SNK, Wandai, 3DO and Sony are all coveting this market. So what games are worth remembering that year as the beginning of Japan's peaceful era? MOTHER. Many players may not know this game, but this is Nintendo's first RPG game. Its profound theme and unique play method have always been the first benchmark for any dolphin. Tetris of Russia. This is the most legendary product that went on sale in June 1989.

  • Game
    Game "she" era is coming! Women's game market has a bright future Game Daily 2019-04-24 18:56:08

    Now, as you travel through digital entertainment fairs of all sizes, have you noticed that there are more and more female audiences passing you than ever before? In recent years, the industry white paper has been constantly updated.

  • Song of Songs 1.1.0 Update is coming with a new stronghold to brush
    Song of Songs 1.1.0 Update is coming with a new stronghold to brush Game time 2019-04-23 09:46:59

    Andrew Johnson, the director of the hymn community, revealed that the game will be updated at 1 p.m. Eastern Time on April 23 (1 a.m. Beijing Time on April 24) (1.1.0). This update mainly brings a new stronghold, as well as some other improvements and Bug repairs. Outage maintenance is expected to last about 5 hours. With the updates coming, there have been many problems since the release of a 90-day update schedule game. Although Bioware promised to remedy them afterwards, the updates so far have not satisfied the players. Although the details are not clear, from the current disclosure, this is not a decisive update. If you want to know if the hymn can turn over, you have to observe it with patience. Source: Games Radar

  • Xiao Ming's Trouble
    Xiao Ming's Trouble Touch music 2019-04-17 17:40:44

    On an ordinary afternoon, Xiao Ming went live in his studio. Like countless small anchors, Xiao Ming's live studio has no gifts and screen paintings, and most of the netizens who interact with him are house managers or fans. The main content of Xiaoming's live broadcast is "Apex Legends", because the game environment is getting worse and worse, he inevitably encounters voice & ldquo; selling & rdquo; and obvious cheating players, sometimes he will be angry to withdraw directly and play "Watch the Pioneer" or other games. However, no matter which game is broadcast live, some unfriendly content will float through the barrage, either sneering at his technology, or directly attacking him personally & mdash; & mdash; they think Xiao Ming cheated. & ldquo; I'll report if I doubt it. & Looking at the barrage, Xiao Ming occasionally responds, but most of the time, he chooses to look at the ___________.

  • Fan Wei joined hands with 6KW
    Fan Wei joined hands with 6KW "Three Kingdoms Zhiming General Order" to open a new chapter of the Three Kingdoms Game Daily 2019-04-17 10:08:14

    Fan Wei, a well-known comedian, has appeared in Guangzhou 6kw Game Company recently. The popular performer acts in a low-key manner and always brings some surprises to the public. This time, Fan Wei will take it with him again.

  • "Walking Chess" hand-swimming attack, in the end is not fun? Game Daily 2019-04-16 14:46:23

    "Walking Chess" has been attracting much attention. Last night, it finally opened an internal test. I also got the activation code for the first time. Today, I will give you a comment, "Walking Chess" is fun! First, how to play the game! ___________

  • Wolf Learner, The Wolf, Phase I: Wei Ming
    Wolf Learner, The Wolf, Phase I: Wei Ming Game time 2019-04-16 10:00:00

    Luxury full video dubbing version of Simple and Traditional Personal Name Translation "Wolf" has been on sale for some time. Wolf scientists at home and abroad have done a lot of research videos. Because I am busy, I have not updated in time. Please forgive me. So, from today on, let's go into the country of reed name again and dance with wolves together. First of all, I want to point out some translation problems, because I will not quote all the names of the translated version in the following programs, but mainly Japanese version, which is the same as the previous "Curse of Blood Source". According to previous interviews with From's Taida Beiwei, the simplified and traditional Chinese translations of "Only Wolf" belong to two teams, and the original text is Japanese. In addition, in previous works, the text was written by Miyazaki Yinggao himself. This time, another member was responsible for most of the text, while Miyazaki was responsible for the revision and adjustment. & Nbsp; Beiwei Taida & nbsp;...

  • Switch Weekly Journal: Leisure Farming Week
    Switch Weekly Journal: Leisure Farming Week Game time 2019-04-15 17:42:04

    Hello, everyone. This is Switch Weekly Travel Newspaper. It is dedicated to bringing you a quick view of Switch games every week, helping you to screen out games worth playing and unique games. This column will be updated every Monday. I hope you don't miss the first episode of Season 8 of Game of Power. The subtitle of the first episode is Kings Landing. It seems that the story will start around Junlin City. Friends who like the play can look forward to it every week. This week's NS game is also very strong, looking at each one seems to be familiar with IP. I have purchased, of course, Portia Time and Teacup Head, a farm and a challenge, which are very suitable for two different living conditions. After playing the game last week, I think it's a good game, of course, The Game of Royal Power. The mode of the game follows the usual style, but this tour is just like that.

  • Heavy official announcement! Wopin launched the industry's first hand-swimming battery-Firefox
    Heavy official announcement! Wopin launched the industry's first hand-swimming battery-Firefox Game Daily 2019-04-15 17:33:53

    In recent years, with the emergence of large-scale hand games such as King's Glory, stimulating the battlefield and Jedi's survival, the hand-games competition has ushered in a new peak period, and many people have begun to enter the pit one after another. With the improvement of mobile phone performance

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