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  • MSI eliminated before the information Xiao Ming back pain fans worry
    MSI eliminated before the information Xiao Ming back pain fans worry 52 pk game network 2018-05-17 10:46:12

    May 15, the group at the end of the match between Japan and China, all of RNG excellent performance won in the fight to FW, successful team first place in this league. On the last day, xiao Ming excellent play were fans. Against TL bloomberg excellence let master elder brother have no room to play. After the game fans more fun: elder brother to practice chest, if you still want to rely on. In the fight to the finish and FW for the team in the first place, xiao Ming's helpful to block the arrow died for UZI to also make net friends tears touched down.

  • The roaming play
    The roaming play "draw the chalice of jianghu mo stop H5 full platform online People's Daily online 2018-05-15 00:00:00

    Tu camp shot HuYan will, derived battle-hardened broken iron the clothes, if beauty sword dance art, elegance is called hero! In the heart of every man there is a river's lake to wu, chivalrous as maxim, although the hardships and setbacks, but accompanying lover in the side, the final victory of justice over evil, govinda wulin became a superpower. On May 15, the platform line yao world "cup don't stop the H5 of painting river's lake", will lead players together with the new "quack". Adapted as sen digital diffuse the classic countries draw the chalice of jianghu mo stop H5, original restore the popularity of anime character, yan hong zheng, Wen Jing, SiKongQi three young hero embodiment for game protagonist, river's lake road again set foot on disaster; Continuation of anime game plot, character in the hands of players encounter throats, friends with peers, original game three roles in the new play together, no need to change your job, don't have to practice, to meet fans hope that three people were from place to place again. 【 grow rich body...

  • 2018 play fashion show FanX incoming tide mall to teahouse in ticket free of charge
    2018 play fashion show FanX incoming tide mall to teahouse in ticket free of charge The game in a teahouse 2018-05-15 11:58:18

    On April 20, 2018 tide play fashion show FanX official opening guangzhou station official sales channels, the user can through che, cat's eye, the public comment on platforms such as daily, look to buy, and VIP tickets of set limit to snap up. Today game teahouse FanX hand in hand to bring us a new wave of welfare tickets free of charge, the teahouse will put the ticket on the teahouse mall, you can forward to exchange. About FanXperience tide play fashion show FanXperience trend (FanX) originating from the holy land in North America, is committed to create collection trendy toys, music, games, streets, anime, family

  • QiYeMing too like also innocent, the company is
    QiYeMing too like also innocent, the company is "fortress nights" burger out of players Game time 2018-05-15 12:00:39

    As is known to all, "fort nights" is currently the Epic Games, take charge of actress. Explosive growth in the number of players, the game has a disgruntled people will more and more. Call to customer service TouSuBen understandable, but there are some "vision" is not very good players, venting anger to another unrelated company - "Epic Loot Games" company became the object of innocent, in their QiYeMing to you and it was like "Epic". Recently, the in the teapoy of Ohio swim shop in serious trouble, they had received hundreds of thousands of "fortress nights" player's complaints. Because the game developers Epic Games only reply to the customer by email, and no telephone support, which means that anyone on the Google search relevant phone Numbers, will be directed "Epic Loot Games...

  • Zen swimming games
    Zen swimming games "a physical pinball genuine little game tencent generation alone People's Daily online 2018-05-15 00:00:00

    Why the "physical pinball genuine" small game tencent generation alone can be acquired? "Creativity should be valued, interesting soul will eventually meet, we will spare no efforts to protect the" a, creativity should be cherished - this is a get tencent alone the generation of high-quality goods the original game recently, I noticed on the micro letter little game selection recommendation, there's a "physical pinball genuine" little game, after it opens at interface appear the sign of "zen swimming game", confirmed by the I know, the game is to get tencent alone the generation of one of the first batch of high-quality goods game. "Physical pinball" originally is a have independent style of partial operational hand tour. The tour last December has hand in global iOS, Google synchronous online, and rank in multiple countries. In February, trill emerged a large number of anchors in brush the pinball physics phenomenon, has brought the very high heat, in the domestic iOS onto the third list of free games, once in...

  • Game live era coming dozens of top players hold up value of canine teeth billions
    Game live era coming dozens of top players hold up value of canine teeth billions People's Daily online 2018-05-15 00:00:00

    The live game as the first listed company "the title finally as canine teeth in the United States listed on the success of the New York stock exchange (nyse) and the dust settles. Us 9 a.m. local time on May 11, 30 points, canine teeth success on the New York stock exchange, as one of the first game live platform in China. It also announced: the game live time coming! Canine teeth in the live game cimc made a hero alliance, desperately, king pesticides, boost the battlefield, the fifth personality which 5 present the most popular online game, or even include all hot areas! Now the core of the broadcast industry is still the host, so canine teeth tens of billions of value is also in by the dozens of top players hold up! Small make up take you to see a few tiger carried face now! Tiger is carried of the e-sports queen -- Miss. Miss Miss big I think everyone not unfamiliar, a champion of warcraft and starcraft champion got soft China e-sports queen! Mainly engaged in the later of warcraft...

  • To survive the jedi targeting pan 18 offline upcoming pilot treasure box
    To survive the jedi targeting pan 18 offline upcoming pilot treasure box People's Daily online 2018-05-15 00:00:00

    Target desperately pan box on May 18, to stop selling eight o 'clock in the morning, at the same time, a new "pilot treasure box" or will be launched at the same time. According to jewelry website, this pilot treasure chest to use new keys to open, the key price is still $2.5, including accessories include denim hot pants, the desert, scarf, two new coat, and so on. Judging from the frequency of blue hole before launch box, on May 18, the new box should be updated. Of course, this is only speculation, still need to wait for the official announcement. Inside can be seen in the previous data mining at the same time buy added a "royal Bengal tiger" parachute skin, the skin does not need out of the box, to be paid by the player bought $2.5, and the key to a price, interested players can consider to buy.

  • God of AIchemyGod (gold) : to collect royalties simulated business game 丨 area swimming lane
    God of AIchemyGod (gold) : to collect royalties simulated business game 丨 area swimming lane The game in a teahouse 2018-05-11 15:15:16

    Area swimming lane is game teahouse original block chain interview program, every week will interview a block chain one of the game, to recommend the latest hot block chain game. This week, the game the teahouse interviewed AIchemyGod Pom (gold), the god of senior people, he is from tsinghua university and the university of Washington hosted global innovation institute (GIX), and as a block chain association at the university of Washington. God of AIchemyGod (gold) is a simulation based on Ethernet fang block chain management game, all the in-game assets on the chain, all logic and rules are based on complete and intelligent contracts

  • Valve released two streaming software using a mobile phone to spin Steam
    Valve released two streaming software using a mobile phone to spin Steam Game time 2018-05-10 18:42:00

    Predecessor was announced today that they will launch in the next period of time two APP, respectively is Steam Link and Steam Video. Through the two software, players will be able to easily on the mobile end use, play and watch the Steam platform services, games, and video. AP according to the official description, Steam Link APP support Android phones, tablets, and television, as well as the iOS iPhone, ipod, Apple TV. Through 5 GHZ or Ethernet network, you can Steam the game picture of streaming to these devices. It is worth mentioning that using a mobile phone game also need access to the Steam controller or MFI controller. The effect of Steam Video similarly, via wi-fi or...

  • Corner with love
    Corner with love "audition" tour sweet appointment JiMingRi open hand Ren play hall 2018-05-10 11:14:53

    Developed by netease agent, long swim swim ", "the only genuine hand is the whole platform in open beta, in 2018 the first expansion" love life "spoil online! This summer, swim tomorrow hand in hand "audition" updated corner with love activities, to participate in the dance party with TA, fast login "checkout" to their website to download games, dancing! "Audition" tour date hand project activities launched early summer, this season is very suitable for dating, and TA in the game to a good date. After the game update tomorrow, a new activity date "only love", "sweet love", "lucky star" and so on. In the audition tour in hand, and your male god goddess, with sweet date! Experience the audition tour brings you another hand fun to play games at the same time also can reap handsome rewards, including drilling, eggs, and gold, limited clothing, and so on. Quickly download games to experience! "Audition" hand swim all...