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  • "Prince of tennis", the theme day of hand travel national costume is coming, breaking the return of the prince of the Yuan Dynasty. People's network 2018-10-15 00:00:00

    "Prince of Tennis" series of animation as a classic sport, since 1999 in the "Junior JUMP" published, experienced several TV animation, OVA, and in 2009 launched a sequel to the "New Prince of Tennis," not only to popularize the sport to the general public, but also to become many young tennis players into the game. Opportunity. In the past 20 years, the popularity of the tennis princes has increased, and they have a huge number of fans at home and abroad. The new tennis prince Rising Beat, the first genuine hand game in the series, has attracted a wide range of animation fans and game players, including fans, with its exquisite character drawing, massive repertoire library and rich story scripts since its release at the end of 2017. The game has entered many countries and regions in less than a year since its opening, and has been announced in China.

  • Cloud gaming, Xbox journey next sea stars
    Cloud gaming, Xbox journey next sea stars Game time 2018-10-11 07:00:00

    Two days ago, Microsoft's cloud game plan & have spent Project xCloud  Released for many people. Is generally believed that in the game industry is on a royal road to the future, Microsoft took the lead with the most complete attitude stood in the middle of the stage. Cloud computing has changed too many areas in the world. In the entertainment industry, with iTunes, services, such as YouTube, Netflex, in music, video and other industry one after another after the change, now the fire was burning in the game industry. In the near future, the game may no longer some hardware and turn around, but all around the games and hardware. The game host level can be anywhere at any time to play will play, should not be limited by equipment. Is a simple vision behind, is a reflection of Microsoft on cloud technology foresight, and deep insight of service-oriented business. Microsoft as a service 'azur...

  • The BFS legend Halloween special events coming in 2018
    The BFS legend Halloween special events coming in 2018 People's Daily online 2018-10-12 00:00:00

    The BFS legend to Halloween! It's the headless knight in the favorite time of the year, on October 17th to October 31, he will return to the hotel, to bring a new round of Halloween carnival! If you have the courage to step into decorative whimsy and terror pub, you will find that the terrorist's visitors have also prepared to scalp gift and exciting challenges. An attractive gift As long as the log in the game, the headless knight will distribute hauntingly gift for you! On October 31 October 17 solstice zero during login game, you will get a free gold "the witch of the crucible and a competitive mode. Grand Halloween Halloween fancy dress party in competitive mode, you can experience the unique dual professional competitive mode * : "hearth legend" nine classic hero will dress for! During Halloween activity, when you choose to start a competitive journey...

  • Pan yue e-sports pan yue hui Ka street carnival PUBG cool incoming mobile end final
    Pan yue e-sports pan yue hui Ka street carnival PUBG cool incoming mobile end final People's Daily online 2018-10-11 00:00:00

    Wuhan first big tournament "chicken" e-sports carnival pan yue, after National Day four popularity at the tour group, hand on October 7, hand swim finals in earnest, twenty e-sports blocks - jiang ace team gathered in the strongest team, pan yue hui Ka, street! Eat chicken "has become the present young people more and more like one of the entertainment, the e-sports carnival advocates pan yue, the whole people to participate in an e-sports concept, green, followed by the 7th world military games green development concept, construction of sports power, reveal elegant demeanor. PUBG mobile terminal is located in the final culture, office, leisure and entertainment is equal to the integration of pan yue hui KA in the south street, all-round link young consumer groups, e-sports entertainment, sports leisure as one of the building, young, tide, tidal cafe, coffee's new stop to play. To drop! Red warning PUBG of high-energy mobile end final kick off, the interaction, the strongest in the history of welfare to show you...

  • AORO roaming W650 police 350M trunking communication talkback smart phone
  • E-sports charm WUCG2018 eastern conference finals over the magic are blooming
    E-sports charm WUCG2018 eastern conference finals over the magic are blooming People's Daily online 2018-10-08 00:00:00

    Sponsored by seven dimensions named WUCG2018 China's eastern conference finals on October 3 in Shanghai new international expo center a successful ending. Released this WUCG e-sports + ", "the concept of entertainment, music, secondary yuan and other elements, popular with young people to create the party of young people. The eastern conference finals, WUCG fireflies anime music carnival together for the first time, but also the e-sports + ", "performance incisively and vividly. After two days of intense competition, the winner of each project would have belongs to. Band, curtilage dance performances, but also for the eastern conference finals graces many, the audience left a deep impression. Her cub Into a king glory Volkswagen group King glory Volkswagen group by xinhua computer Xgaming majoring in college and nanjing college of engineering, Faith for the title. Eventually by xinhua computer specialty college school with the score 2-0 defeat of nanjing engineering college, won the championship. Prizes than...

  • Swimming race
    Swimming race "shanhai mirror flower" National Day two exhibition "a rare quintessence" scraping the secondary yuan a whirlwind Game daily 2018-10-08 09:09:06

    During the National Day holiday, the family network, the first since the research secondary yuan mobile game "shanhai mirror flower" in guangzhou and Beijing CICF and I DO a simultaneous two exhibition, grasp the rare holiday marketing opportunities.

  • Rumor: the function of PSN modifying user name is coming soon.
    Rumor: the function of PSN modifying user name is coming soon. Game time 2018-10-05 10:14:34

    Since the PlayStation Network (PSN) was launched in 2006, perhaps the most frequently asked question has been "When will I be renamed?" At last year's PSX, the presenter asked the question again to the chairman of SIE's global studio, nbsp; Shawn Layden, who answered, "You won't ask this question next time on PSX." A year later, SIE announced that PSX would not be hosted this year, but the PSN's modification of username functionality seems to be on the horizon recently. According to foreign media Kotaku, three developers from different studios anonymously disclosed that PSN renaming is coming. They say they've recently debugged Bug and tweaked settings to make sure their game adapts to PSN. And fourth anonymous...

  • "Color injection group 2" global "sacrifice" incoming: trick or treat! Game time 2018-10-04 09:58:17

    Nintendo's "shot blasting" game "color injection group 2 since launch continuously introduce updated content, official recently announced a global synchronization of the festival activities" Splatoween ", the theme of "trick or treat" on Halloween. Unlike the usual sacrifice, the Halloween celebration will be held for 48 hours, the specific time for October 19 16:00 ~ 16:00 on October 21, (Beijing time). Residents are changed into the tide of color square Halloween costume. Officials have launched four holiday limited head is dressed up, zombie cap, devil horns, killer mask respectively, monkfish caps, players can be in before the start of October 5 solstice activity, through the Switch news channel "イ カ institute of communication" or "squids Research Lab". Also a sacrifice against the site is designed to be Halloween style, in the fierce fighting with...

  • Google Chrome streaming can run 1080 p / 60 frames the assassins creed The Odyssey.
    Google Chrome streaming can run 1080 p / 60 frames the assassins creed The Odyssey. Game time 2018-10-02 13:18:42

    & have spent & have spent & have spent Streaming media has profoundly changed the field of audio and video, greatly reduce the access threshold. And the profound changes now seems to be to gaming. Project Stream is biggest challenge Google to solve streaming field test Project of technology, and its today formally announced the "Project Stream" to enter the game field. And this is not small, scale of the project at the latest 3 a masterpiece. & have spent & have spent & have spent Earlier, Google had co-operated with the ubisoft in cloud technology experience, the further cooperation, now has not sold the assassin's creed Odyssey will become the first test games. The test will be open on October 5, when attending the limited test users will be able to free play the assassins creed Odyssey. From the perspective of the actual results show of official...