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  • Blizzard after the layoffs begin hiring The basic for the development team position
    Blizzard after the layoffs begin hiring The basic for the development team position People's Daily online 2019-02-15 00:00:00

    In spite of activision blizzard announced job cuts, after a 8% on February 14, blizzard's official recruitment website a number of new jobs, is the vast majority of the game development team. These covers various aspects of game development, such as modeling, animation, UI, design, software programming, etc. Such as world of warcraft alone in recruiting senior position such as game designers, underground environment designers, presumably in preparation for the next big expansion. In addition, in not released items (Unannounced Project), the recruitment of mobile client, mobile client engine engineers, speculated that blizzard is ready to some part of IP or IP transfer to the mobile terminal, facilitate the use of fragmented time into the game. Of course does not rule out blizzard is making a new mobile games. At present, irvine (i.e., blizzard hq) area are looking for...

  • Activision blizzard Q4 results downsizing of nearly 800 people
    Activision blizzard Q4 results downsizing of nearly 800 people Game time 2019-02-13 12:40:46

    Today, activision blizzard announced the 2019 fiscal year earnings in the fourth quarter and year-end performance, while the performance is good, but not revenue to the company's expectations. At the same time the company also determined to cut 8%, that is to say, leave will have nearly 800 employees from the company. Earnings data in general, activision blizzard this quarter net revenue of $2.38 billion, slightly raise $2.04 billion from the same period a year earlier, the digital channels the net revenue of $1.79 billion, compared to $1.43 billion a year earlier. In addition, the niche market in the fourth quarter revenue grew 6%, to $1.41 billion and operating income rose 14%, to $723 million. As of December 31, 2018 for a whole year, activision blizzard's net revenue of $7.5 billion, more than $2017 in 7.02 billion. Digital channel revenue was $5.79 billion, compared with $5.48 billion. Booking revenue reached $7.26 billion...

  • Blizzard will not launch any blockbuster in 2019
    Blizzard will not launch any blockbuster in 2019 Game time 2019-02-13 11:30:56

    Activision blizzard confirmed in the latest earnings call, blizzard entertainment will not launch any new blockbuster games in 2019, Major Game). Published "warcraft 3 heavy plate" "diablo immortal" although has confirmed that will go on sale in 2019, but it seems they are not among the blockbuster games, of course not rule out the possibility of their extension. Another meeting said activision blizzard will refocus sold works such as "the watchman pioneer" and "hearth legend" and so on. , of course, this is not a surprise, perhaps because with the news is activision blizzard announced that it will cut 8%, about 800 people will lose their jobs, plus the activision blizzard shake-up, blizzard last year carnival on the diablo immortal cause of public relations crisis, activision and "fate" developers Bungie breakup, the north American game giant may be the stop to think about how to get to the next.

  • Touch the dorm: activision blizzard and its game
    Touch the dorm: activision blizzard and its game Touch the music 2019-02-12 18:45:50

    Touch the night, say every day and play about fart matter, ghost, new. Figure/since the second half of 2018, ronaldinho, blizzard will not peace. Recently, activision blizzard seems to be suffering the huge impact of globalization, falling share prices, it is reported that activision blizzard on Tuesday in a massive layoffs of hundreds of people. Activision blizzard's share price has lower industry related sources, this a series of difficulties, activision blizzard is currently encountered related to its product performance not exceeding the expectation ". Watch "hearth legend", "pioneer" and so on old game users stagnation or decline, the family of fate 2: left sales is bad, the storm hero out of part of the core members. In addition, including activision's chief financial officer/long is known in Taiwan. Spencer Neumann, administrative personnel and resignation or retirement. Activision blizzard seems to be on thin ice, now in a dilemma. How to get out of the this time...

  • Bloomberg: activision blizzard plans layoffs
    Bloomberg: activision blizzard plans layoffs Game time 2019-02-09 13:30:28

    According to bloomberg, for trying to restructure and centralized operation, activision blizzard is planning to conduct a large-scale layoffs. An unnamed, according to people familiar with the activision blizzard is expected to formally announce the news on Tuesday. Job cuts could reach hundreds of people, this is the company's intention to focus function, part of the restructuring plan to increase profit, blizzard will be involved at the same time. As a reference number, activision blizzard employs about 9800 employees at the end of 2017. Despite strong black 4 action, but it is undeniable that the watchman pioneer "hearth legend" and so on other major game flat or down in the number of users, has had a negative impact on the company's revenue, and parted ways with the Bungie could let activision earning up to $400 million in damages. Analysts estimate that activision blizzard's sales will drop by about 2% this year, to $7.28 billion. Source: GameInformer

  • Coca-Cola to reach a cooperation with blizzard Exclusive sponsor the watchman pioneer league
    Coca-Cola to reach a cooperation with blizzard Exclusive sponsor the watchman pioneer league People's Daily online 2019-02-11 00:00:00

    Coca-Cola believes that no one will don't know, recently, according to the sports business newspaper (SBJ/SBD) news, the international beverage giant coke (Coca Cola) and activision blizzard to achieve long-term strategic cooperation, will become the OWL (watch pioneer league) and subordinate all OW subprime tournament officially designated non-alcoholic drinks. According to the current reveal information to understand the Coca-Cola in the contract is signed "exclusive sponsorship," cover the OWL20 team consists of beverage sponsorship, and OC, OD, the World Cup, the league in colleges and universities, in other words, from now on in the game players reference drinks and other official activities provide drinks only coke products, is the contract signed for three years. However, in the content of the contract for the "exclusive sponsorship" priority or made division, priority for the team before the league/home, so if one team/home venue first signed a Pepsi,...

  • Blizzard discount season new information disclosure: warcraft top-up pig mounts
    Blizzard discount season new information disclosure: warcraft top-up pig mounts People's Daily online 2019-01-31 00:00:00

    Footsteps getting closer and closer to the Spring Festival, "blizzard discount season" is wonderful. Special world of warcraft has open now, to bring the pig edition mount and other gifts! Tomorrow, on February 1, "will also watch pioneer", "the history of the most explosive is favorable and meet you! Space-time hub partners also won't be disappointed, "hero" storm bought in February 4, 1050 gems to send 12 rare loot box which extends the splendid. World of warcraft Spring Festival period top-up preferential Send the pig edition mount The pig to send blessing! Special discount season "blizzard" world of warcraft hxdye to bring new pig year edition mount - hai "as" Ruth hoge, bonanza. Activities during the top-up limited-time offers, and pig year edition will be presented to the mount and the gift box of a landrieu. Activity of warcraft one: limited-time top-up enjoy discounts On January 31 and February 7, players to Tmall mall "blizzard games official flagship store",...

  • Blizzard discount season:
    Blizzard discount season: "the BFS legend" "new collection" special preferential People's Daily online 2019-01-30 00:00:00

    "Blizzard discount season" special activities open hearth legend magazine! Spring full furnace stone pavilion, the tavern owner bring a "new collection" preferential card bag, February 6, log in the game more gold card, the gold COINS and dust free to wait for you to take, don't miss! Log in to send the gold card Since February 6 to February 13, and we celebrate the Spring Festival in the hearth inn together, there is New Year's day waiting for you. During the festival the login "hearth legend", will be able to have a free gold rare card fireworks technicians to your collection. Gold, arcane, the dust of every day During the celebrations, a special New Year task, more can get a lot of gold COINS and arcane reward of dust. "New collection" limited-time special "new collection" is now officially on sale! January 30 - on February 13, during the activity, the ladder mall and the hearth legend within the game, can the price of 128 yuan to buy "new collection" get...

  • "Cyberpunk" 2077 "of the creative director to blizzard Game time 2019-01-24 10:41:01

    According to get the page, the original cyberpunk 2077 developers CD Projekt Red creative director & have spent Sebastian St ę pie ń has been away from studio, and joined the blizzard, the starting time for January this year. Sebastian St ę pie ń in CDPR work for more than 12 years, participated in the production of the wizard 2 "wizard 3" "cyberpunk" 2077 ". Move after the blizzard, he worked as a creative director will continue, but it is unclear what he will be involved in the project development. In addition, St ę pie ń departure will development of "cyberpunk" 2077 "what impact, we also don't know, but I hope it will not result in a game in development progress and other aspects of the delay. Source: ResetEra

  • DeepMind, blizzard announced the upcoming artificial intelligence starcraft ii
    DeepMind, blizzard announced the upcoming artificial intelligence starcraft ii People's Daily online 2019-01-23 00:00:00

    Beat go world champion KeJie Google AlphaGo artificial intelligence believes everyone not unfamiliar, but prior to that, Google's artificial intelligence unit DeepMind has also announced plans to do a AI can play starcraft ii. Recently, DeepMind and blizzard announced, will be in Beijing time at 2 a.m. on Friday, a AI playing starcraft ii of the real machine demo. In fact, as early as in 2016 Google DeepMind research and development of artificial intelligence researchers will focus on the real-time strategy game starcraft ii. Compared with the previous game of chess ai, fact judgment that you need as a real-time strategy game will be more complex, development difficulty will be increased significantly. Can in order to be able to create a human player against the AI, r&d staff opened the 65000 games in the past data used in the training of the AI, but also the table...