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  • Black cat game bankruptcy The fly entertainment game layout under pressure
    Black cat game bankruptcy The fly entertainment game layout under pressure People's Daily online 2019-02-19 00:00:00

    On the fly past entertainment game industry large layout are suffering continuous against the wind. February 18, the Beijing news reporter learns from the national bankruptcy reorganization information platform, according to applications of black cat game culture (shenzhen) co., LTD., shenzhen city then has ruled that accepts the black cat game culture co., LTD., a piece of the bankruptcy liquidation. Earlier, Mr Fly entertainment has the black cat game related payment provision 100% bad debts of $5 million. On February 18th, Mr Fly entertainment related information disclosure personnel to the Beijing news reporters, not clear about it. According to Mr Fly entertainment about 2018 annual assets impairment of the announcement, the provision of various assets depreciation reserves is as high as 1.4872299 billion yuan. Mr Fly, according to the entertainment company in comprehensive adjustment of prophase planning with new management policy correlation is not high and the result of poor related business, organizational structure and personnel. Secondary yuan mobile game black cat game bankruptcy business information display, a black cat game was established in 2...

  • "Spider-man" DLC "bandit" warning: enchanting black cat appeared Game time 2018-09-04 10:29:04

    As before The Insomniac Games, announced on October 23, they will bring "spider-man" night city "series first DLC" The Heist ", SONY released The DLC film last night, The player can see The "black cat" fei li west Asia in The game. Trailer for "black cat" black hair sex appeal and enchanting, in a short trailer seduce spider-man to catch her. "No night city" the other two parts "Turf Wars" and "Silver Lining" will go on sale in November and December, respectively, including "bandit" single selling price is $9.99, complete the city of "not" DLC package for $24.99. "Spider-man" will be released on September 7th, our evaluation is on September 4th at ten o 'clock this evening was released, please look forward to our review on this page. Source: DualShockers

  • Gourd black cat sheriff to open a restaurant in the United States to complete the movie tour hand tour to do food
    Gourd black cat sheriff to open a restaurant in the United States to complete the movie tour hand tour to do food Ren Tang Tang 2016-12-29 17:31:13

    To talk about childhood memories, Shanghai art film studio "gourd", "black cat Sheriff", "snow child", "Lotus Lantern", "my song" boutique animation is not open around the. In the animation and comics have entered the era of commercialization, these childhood memories, have also come up with a more innovative form, such as hand travel, such as recently announced the theme of the restaurant and MEIN FRIENDS cooperation. This restaurant will be composed of three parts: the core area of water area, product sales area and culture experience. What special decoration looks, but there is full of classic animated characters statue. The dishes focus on, such as food, drinks, desserts, and similar to Japan's animate cafe, with the animation image to decorate food, or food made of other animated characters, such as black Sergeant mousse, mousse monkey etc.. Or to the animation role name to the food name, such as "water baby...

  • Dark wind through the game
    Dark wind through the game "she wants to let me die" : a belly black cat after.. Ren play hall 2016-05-20 17:40:57

    She Want Me Dead She wanted Me to die is developers Hello There AB, a dark wind horizontal version recruit mobile game, now on the mobile platform. In the game, the player will play a cat called Laura, you need to do their best to, escape from this crazy cat catch only, and avoid she made all kinds of traps. Players in the game can change their shape, in different image...

  • "Black cat Sheriff" evaluation content and subject matter with nostalgia countless creature 4399 2015-08-12 18:11:18

    the classic, black Sergeant animation movie upcoming, at the same time, the original authorization hand tour of the same name "black cat Sheriff" was the first step. Today the whole network landing. As a few of the classic style of the classic animated IP, black cat police launched hand travel, exposure is evident. Giant hand travel is not the first time, before the results can be fairly well, I do not know this is under the weight of a fine, or directly into a movie...

  • Black cat Sheriff tour today 11 open 100% send value trench ceremony
    Black cat Sheriff tour today 11 open 100% send value trench ceremony 4399 2015-08-12 10:54:49

    in under the highly anticipated, film of the same name, first action strategy of hand travel black cat Sheriff tour on August 12, 11 will be formally launched apple and the app store, and synchronize open IOS limited free download, download to participate in activities can get the tickets for the film Oh ~ the return, black cat Sir is no longer "poker face". It is reported that game will conform to the young, the trend of modern players to taste, to combat, shooting action element fusion home strong interaction,...

  • "Black cat Sheriff" at the box office in the first week of 40 million treasure help hunt - released August 7, an ear China Daily net 2015-08-11 18:12:06

    in diffuse classic animation movie "black cat Sheriff emerald star, 80, 90 generations childhood memory boost, the box office continued to rise, the first week at the box office nearly 4000 million, become the return of the saint, the domestic animation of a miracle. The movie is not fun, what can it do to catch a black cat ear? Application of combination of "Tencent treasure" black cat Sheriff aggressively, launched the "black cat Sheriff of the century" special application...

  • Black cat Sheriff: in the travel experience of childhood memories (1)
    Black cat Sheriff: in the travel experience of childhood memories (1) CDC 2015-08-11 15:03:56

    black cat sheriff is many of our childhood memories, the punishing crime black sergeant and sinfulness ear these classic image has been deeply in our heart. Recently, with the release of "black cat Sheriff: the movie", produced by the giant of the same name official tour also formally launched the, which carries the characters of our childhood is again attracting our eyeball. Now, let us with simulated play (a play) Android simulator together, in the game.

  • "Black cat Sheriff" hand swam in diffuse hero China industry research network 2015-08-07 18:10:42

    "black cat Sheriff" tour started what is what? First of all, this is a horizontal version of fighting hand travel. In the game, black Sergeant didn't use his good pistol, but the incarnation of Shaolin monks, with fists and. The sharp leg sweep church, that ferocious uppercut, and below the dazzling combo skill, let a person deeply doubt as to whether it is a black cat sheriff or a Bruce Lee reincarnation. Of course, there are modern weapons, such as the flame emitter...

  • You hand the official the film
    You hand the official the film "black cat Sheriff" 12 welcome open test 100% take cash.. extraordinary game network 2015-08-05 11:01:03

    the arrangement strategy keep their homes, Wu can combat pursuit treated rats bandits! August 1, the black cat Sheriff emerald star, movie reflecting 350 million at the box office the first day, a diffuse country films reflect record, started in diffuse recovery plan first. In August 12th, the first cartoon action strategy, the film with the same name hand tour, black cat is about to be formally launched AppStore and the major application store, 30 years after the display of black cat sheriff's new posture! With...

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