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  • Japanese game/Hardware weekly sales 2019 4.1~4.7
    Japanese game/Hardware weekly sales 2019 4.1~4.7 Game time 2019-04-11 10:50:45

    The sales of games and hardware in Japan last week (4.1~4.7), Fami, have been announced, and the new "Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission" won the top of the sales list with 123,000 results. Last week's first-selling "Yew West Handmade World" slipped to second place, selling 28,000 copies. In third place is the "Wolf Shadow two Degrees" PS4 version, sales of 18,000 copies. Located in the fourth, "Nintendo star Big Bucket Special Edition", sold 15,000 copies this week, the Japanese region's cumulative sales have officially exceeded 3 million, only 17 weeks. Other new works, the B women's game "Variable Barricade" landed on the PSV platform, sales of 3,993 copies, located in the 14th place in the sales list. 2019 2019 4.1~4.7 Japanese Game sales: hardware, last week's highest sales for Switch, a total sale ...

  • PCLP is about to open fire 32 teams to attack the last 16 places of PCL
    PCLP is about to open fire 32 teams to attack the last 16 places of PCL People's net 2019-04-04 00:00:00

    After many rounds of fierce competition, 12 teams from the Jedi Survival Development League (PDL) and 20 teams from the Jedi Survival Championship Spring Pre-season (PCLP) came together on April 9-14 to start a new round of confrontation. Thirty-two teams will compete for the first 16 points after six days. They will really step into the top competition field of the continental Jedi Survival League, the Jedi Survival Champions League (PCL). Let's wait and see who can take this last chance. Figure 1: PCLP KV PCLP schedule and grouping arrangements for April 9-14 at 18 o'clock every day, the PCLP competition officially opened, each round includes four games, the first game will use the Miramar map, and the second-fourth game will open fire on the Allenger map. Figure 2: PCL...

  • Overview Strategy for Ultra-Low Allocation of Ark 1-12 Tomorrow
    Overview Strategy for Ultra-Low Allocation of Ark 1-12 Tomorrow People's net 2019-04-04 00:00:00

    As a zero krypton player, after experimenting with many methods, he finally found a way to pass 1-12 with ultra-low configuration. In the required configuration pictures, the required officers include Amia + two milk + two shields + Vanilla (or other COST skills) + any remote output of two + Yanfu. There are three remaining positions with shield to choose shield. If there is no shield, guards or pioneers can do it, because they are used to attract hatred, so level 1 is enough, and there is no need to waste resources. Immediately after entering the picture, the vanilla (skill plus 6 COST) is placed in the position of 1 in the picture, waiting for him to refresh his skill. The first wave of weirdness is on the right, but it's far away. So when the first weirdness just passes through the three forks, you can put a shield in the position of COST 2 in the figure around 15 o'clock. Because in the back, you need to absorb a lot of damage without a wet nurse.

  • "Tomorrow's Ark" three tests open one-day downloads 130,000 to top multiple lists People's net 2019-04-04 00:00:00

    On March 28, a big surprise happened on TAPTAP, a well-known third-party game download application platform in China. The popular national tours of Glory of the King and Survival of the Jedi: Stimulating the Battlefield, originally ranked No. 1 and No. 2 in the "taptaptap hot list", were inadvertently stepped on by a test-suit game that did not know where it came from and was just pre-downloaded. 。 At first, Xiaobian thought that it was only taptaptap's algorithm that produced a little BUG, but by looking at several other rankings, it was found that this game called "Ark of Tomorrow" also occupied the first place of taptaptap's "New Products List" and "Download List", and also took the second place in the new tour reservation list. The most frightening thing is the download of the game. According to the official announcement of the game, the game was officially open for testing on March 29, that is, "Tomorrow" at that time. Now only _________

  • Magic Talons and JOMA Help the New Start of UECL College E-Sports League in 2019
    Magic Talons and JOMA Help the New Start of UECL College E-Sports League in 2019 People's net 2019-04-08 00:00:00

    The PLL spring playoff of 2019 was officially lit on April 4, and eight teams launched a new confrontation at Hangzhou LGD home. When it comes to Hangzhou, many players are unavoidably surging. They are looking forward to proving the true value of E-sports in the name of the Asian Games in 2022. Obviously, it is of great significance for the development of electronic sports to enter the Olympic Games. In order to enter the Olympic Games by electronic competition, players, developers and people from all walks of life in traditional sports gathered together. With the joint efforts of all, I believe that in the future, more and more people will pay attention to Hangzhou and electronic competition. However, the long-term development of e-Competition can not be separated from the support of grass-roots echelon construction and alliance. Only by developing different levels of professional leagues, regional tournaments and campus tournaments can more and more enthusiasts gradually become participants in the tournament, while building a complete chain of participation in the tournament, and most importantly, it can also promote the organization of the tournament team and local teams.

  • Netease NeXT Spring Competition opens 16 games on April 8
    Netease NeXT Spring Competition opens 16 games on April 8 People's net 2019-04-08 00:00:00

    On April 8, Netease NeXT officially announced that the Spring Online Competition of Netease NeXT was officially opened in 2019. This new season is a collection of "Yin and Yang Master", "Fifth Personality", "Non-human School", "Dahua Westward Journey 2" classic edition, "Dahua Westward Journey 2" free edition, "Dream Westward Journey" computer edition, "Dream Westward Journey", "Chu Liuxiang" hand tour, "Adverse Water Cold", "My World", "Watching Vanguard", "Furnace Stone Legend", "Warcraft Struggle for Hegemony III", and "Starcraft Struggle for Hegemony". II, Boxing King 14 and Knife Tower Self-Walking Chess are 16 top-quality games, which integrate professional competition and entertainment carnival, and are dedicated to creating more interesting new entertainment cultural content experience services for game enthusiasts. The grand competition, which takes the form of online preliminaries and offline finals, started today in an all-round way for more than a month to rally game lovers. Netease Electric Competition NeXT, or Netease Electric Competition X Series, is Netease.

  • China's top runner-up is expected to sign a contract with the F1 team
    China's top runner-up is expected to sign a contract with the F1 team People's net 2019-04-09 00:00:00

    F1 management company recently announced that the F1 eSports Series has landed in China for the first time this year. This month, Shanghai will usher in the first 1000 matches in the history of F1. Through this grand prix, Jiushi Sports'Jiushi Wisdom Sports introduced F1 E-sports to China in order to attract more young fans to pay attention to F1 and pave the way for grass-roots athletes. Julian Tan, head of F1 Development and Competition Department, said that the official competition of F1 has developed rapidly in the past two years. He was very happy to bring the official competition of F1 to China in the third season, which is very important for F1 and F1 competitions. It is of special significance to announce the landing of the F1 China Championship at the important time of the 1000th station in the history of F1. F1 hopes to attract more fans through innovation and hope that the F1 Electric Competition can be held in China.

  • Call of Duty 16 will be developed by IW
    Call of Duty 16 will be developed by IW People's Network 2019-04-09 00:00:00

    When asked by fans if the 2019 call of duty was their most ambitious one, Taylor Kurosaki, the narrative director of the book, replied firmly: "Absolutely (Definitely)." "Call of Duty 16" will have a "new single-player campaign, a huge and expansive multiplayer world and some interesting collaborative gameplay" before the report, which has previously indicated to investors in the financial results.

  • Product volume Fly, Perfect World 2019 Q1 profit forecast surge
    Product volume Fly, Perfect World 2019 Q1 profit forecast surge Skyjet 2019-04-01 15:36:01

    March 29, 2019, a-Share listed Enterprises Perfect World released 2019 first quarter results forecast, perfect world in the first quarter attributed to listed companies

  • "Asking" 1.67 fantastic video recommendations Skyjet 2019-04-04 13:50:07

    "Asked: Fantastic" 1.67 new information film heavy public testing, the first time to join hands with the variety of cross-border. The new "floating record" system shakes the line, the calling function opens strongly, the attribute adds to the booster king

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