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  • The stunt bikes: fusion official video 2
    The stunt bikes: fusion official video 2 Game time 2015-04-23 16:41:46

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    \"Girls vs. chariot fantasy chariot\" on sale date to determine the chariot forward in February next year Game time 2017-11-18 09:52:34

    BNEI announced today the PS4 game \"girls and chariot dream chariot confrontation\" price and release date, and released trailers, the game will be on sale in February 22, 2018, the average version of 7600 yen, the first version of the restricted version of 11100 yen. The first version of the game will contain Blu ray discs that contain special images, 5 stickers, special booklets, game bodies and storage boxes. Pre order bonus 7 rival school captain of the women\'s College of clothing washing. According to the content of the trailer, the game players will be able to experience a wide range of acclaimed original theater version, set up their favorite color for the chariot in the game, as well as 5V5 tank battle. According to the information released before, this work also includes network warfare mode, players can compete with people on the network. In addition, BNEI previously announced that the book will be released in Chinese version, but there is no specific release date.

  • A sneak peek! The 12th Jin Ling prize announced results shocked!
    A sneak peek! The 12th Jin Ling prize announced results shocked! Sina game 2017-11-17 14:09:57

    After nearly two months of intense competition 2017 outstanding game contest winners come out! By ChinaJoy organizers Shanghai harvest letter constant exhibition co., LTD., host, and get the mobile gaming entrepreneurs union (MGEA), China VRAR entertainment industry alliance (VREIA) support the 12th Jin Ling award, 2017 tickets already sealing on November 16, a symbol of the Chinese game...

  • 2017 G - STAR, busan, highlight to survive the jedi into the venue
    2017 G - STAR, busan, highlight to survive the jedi into the venue Sina game 2017-11-17 19:27:36

    The annual South Korea G - star game exhibition held in busan BEXCO convention and exhibition center as scheduled. This year\'s GStar 2017 covers\' content \'and\' business \'game, there are 676 companies from 35 countries and regions to participate in, the booth area is 5% more than last year. Main sponsor besides GStar, Nexon, and vigorously promote e-sports Eyedentity Games. In addition, the first KAKAOGAM...

  • Sandbox adventure game \
    Sandbox adventure game \"Knight of the gate\" is about to land at WeGame Game time 2017-11-17 21:09:55

    The adventure sandbox game, launched by 505 Games, will enter WeGame in November 21st. Meanwhile, it will build a domestic server with multi benefit network to ensure that the domestic players have a carefree gaming experience. There will be a special discount for the knight of the sale, and a booking campaign is starting today. WeGame will take 666 free tickets from the scheduled players. Players who purchase and make purchases in advance will receive a unique gift pack; players who buy double packs and four packs can also get additional access rights and rare pets. \"Portal Knight\", is a 3D fantasy cartoon style sandbox adventure game, adventure through the portal in random and unique terrain of each island, a high degree of freedom of action, role integration acquisition, create elements play a variety of NPC tasks, collect resources to customize your equipment, build your the building, improve the level of...

  • China mobile game enemy at the gate G - Star new products on the presentation?
    China mobile game enemy at the gate G - Star new products on the presentation? The game in a teahouse 2017-11-17 18:16:28

    South Korea\'s biggest game show G - Star in busan opened yesterday, including Nexon, NCSoft, blue hole, Kakao are well-known manufacturers such as brought its exhibition of new products. Although South Korea\'s domestic mobile game market, the domestic game into the bestseller lists, and even occupy the top ten best-selling up to half. But the game still more internationalization, in terms of the art performance IP influence is also very strong, this aspect or domestically produced game lacks. Several well-known manufacturers from South Korea XinYou, still focus on MMORPG, but on a slightly innovation. Such as blue hole \"A: IR\" is A new work

  • R.I.P. \
    R.I.P. \"Dragon Ball\" voiced by Hiromi Tsuru bulma died last night Game time 2017-11-17 14:26:05

    According to Japanese media reports, as the \"Dragon Ball\" actress bulma dubbing Japanese veteran actor Tsuru Hiromi, last night was found dead in the Japanese capital highway, the cause of death is under investigation. Yesterday evening, the capital highway in Tokyo, Japan, was surrounded by a ring. A car with a warning light was found parked on the road, and the crane crane in the car had lost consciousness. Although he was immediately rushed to hospital, he was still dead. The Japanese police are investigating the cause of the death, because no signs of accidents have been found on the scene. As a veteran voice actor and stage actor in Japan\'s two green firm, Tsuru Hiromi had as many classical roles featuring the voice, in addition to the aforementioned bulma, including \"the\" orange road Ayukawa circle, \"GS beauty bliss major combat\" goddess, \"Reiko Ranma 1/2\" long Temple right Beijing etc.. Life is fragile, wish the dead to rest in peace, and her voice will continue to spread around the world. Source: Bahamut

  • Xbox black 5 discount strikes: the origin of assassins creed: only 235 yuan
    Xbox black 5 discount strikes: the origin of assassins creed: only 235 yuan Game time 2017-11-17 11:04:06

    Xbox discount today in the morning to open the black Friday themes, most of these games are suffocating to very low prices, \"the best speed revenge is on sale in a week and then made a sixty percent, deluxe edition is only hk $374, is quite shocking. Without gold members of the player can to $1 (us)/the price of hk $10 (Hong Kong) every member service, because the Xbox black Friday discounts are based on gold as a member of the game, quite a bargain. Other well-regarded Xbox Game Pass service now can also use a dollar (us)/the price of hk $10 (Hong Kong) experience for 30 days, why don\'t you try? Don\'t forget to Microsoft recently launched the war machine 4 + 5 \"halo with bales, only hk $179... Key game discount gold membership price (hk) 2 new giants 234 German headquarters the evil spirit possessed 2234 shame...

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    \"Can\'t hug you online Zhang to the sunrise XingZhaoLin abuse heart love People\'s Daily online 2017-11-17 00:00:00

    & have spent By sohu video, positive signs, film and television, let\'s have fun joint production, film and television production of a network show \"unable to hug you\" will officially launched on November 20, 8 o \'clock. On November 16th, director of the cat tree, hand in hand, starring zhang to the sunrise, XingZhaoLin appearance \"can\'t hug you\" sohu video online conference. \"Can\'t hug you\" adapted from superman comic touch \"and\" gas, the play tells the story of a vampire Li Shiya is a beautiful girl (zhang to the sunrise) with severe cleanliness male Jiang Zhihao (XingZhaoLin) in abuse heart story of struggle between love and humanity. Conference on the same day, the main actor appeared one by one. Zhang to the sunrise again in urban idol drama, playing vampire girl Li Shiya is nifty and lovely, with XingZhaoLin plays the cleanliness higher cold male. XingZhaoLin said, this is the first time he take modern dramas, started a bit does not adapt, and even the cup are a little costume that fit also specially spent a lot of time to correct. ...

  • Japan\'s mobile game was revealed fraud scandal, say good wife go where?
    Japan\'s mobile game was revealed fraud scandal, say good wife go where? Ren play hall 2017-11-17 10:07:48

    Than ten even smoking for a few times can\'t spare the wife is more terrible? Is the official didn\'t put your wife in the pool. Japan\'s mobile game war of the dragon ball Z burst (ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル Z ド ッ カ ン バ ト ル) \"players two days before the suffered such a tragedy. On November 14, the dragon ball Z burst war opened UP a new round of card pool activity, but some players found that different players in the game with the probability of promotion (PICK UP) role is not the same, or even to log in again after, this form will be changed. So dark the game card is suspected games pool drop probability. The storm not only in Japanese websites such as twitter, 2 ch triggered a heated debate, even on weibo have a lot of people in the discussion. Players can be combined in this activity to draw five new roles, general Japanese tour in live-fire hand when a new role, in order to motivate players smoke card, always improve the drop probability of the new role, in theory, should be...