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Online cloud play experience upgrade helps cloud games enter the era of large screen

2020-03-25 00:00:00Source: The people.

On March 23, Shunwang technology released a new cloud game product "Shunwang cloud game", which has attracted a lot of attention recently, through the way of live network broadcast. The product provides large screen cloud game service for users, and is the first cloud game system integrating software and hardware in China. The official website of cloud games along the Internet also goes online synchronously. Cai Xiang, vice president of Shunwang technology, said that since Nintendo launched the FC red and white machine in 1983, the upgrading of game equipment has accompanied the whole history of game changes, and the game experience of players has become more and more rich. The cloud play suite includes cloud play box and cloud play handle. The cloud game box can provide users with 4K high-quality pictures at most. The cloud game handle supports full key position, force feedback and Wi Fi module connection. Cloud game box and handle are light and convenient for users to operate. This product supports PC, mobile device and large screen. Players can connect with the terminal seamlessly at any time. Through the cloud, the cloud store along the network provides most of the mainstream game content on the market to players, such as stand-alone, network, classic 3a, new games, etc., which are not limited by the platform and do not need to download and install. Cai Xiang also said that the pay range of cloud games along the Internet will be controlled below four figures, which is more

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