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National Bank switch's "neon abyss" and "Rainbow falling" have been reviewed

2020-03-24 20:18:41Source: Game time

The State Administration of press, publication, radio, film and television today announced the approval information of domestic online games in March 2020: two national bank switch games have been reviewed, namely "neon abyss" and "Rainbow Falls in"; in addition, there are national bank reviews of such games as "Ai Xi", "casting craftsman" and "star arena". Rainbow Falls in is a black-and-white screen style puzzle game. The player will play iris, the little girl, who is led by black cat and accidentally enters a dilapidated old theater. Here, he wants to solve the riddles related to light and shadow, find the exit of the theater and expose the hidden truth. &Amp; nbsp; & nbsp; neon abyss is a horizontal platform action game with roguelike elements, which focuses on unlimited props and evolving dungeons. &Amp; nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Ashi is a 2D action game of cyberpunk style. The heroine is named Ashi, holding a sharp sword against many robot enemies, seizing their "core", and unlocking the mysterious "Judas" identity

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