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"Housing economy" enters the digital era

2020-03-03 00:00:00Source: The people.

Open Amazon website, you can find that the online retail giant has released more than 1000 full-time job information of home work, including technology development, sales, operation, human resources, etc. This is not a case. France has enacted a new labor law and relaxed the provision of telework. In 2018, telecommuting in French companies grew by 25% from a year ago. With the increasing popularity of home-based work, "home economy" has attracted much attention. In short, "housing economy" is the economy of "housing" at home, including home consumption and home work. In Japan, the consumption content and mode of specific groups not only define a home consumption culture, but also directly promote the development of animation, video games and derivative industries. In the United States in the 1970s, due to environmental pollution and traffic jams, people wanted to get rid of commuting by using remote office. Nowadays, with the popularization of Internet and information technology, the mode of mass consumption and work has changed fundamentally. In the past, centralized consumption and work have been replaced by remote online, distributed and individual mode. So far, "housing economy" has entered the digital era. How large is the market scale of "housing economy"? Residence

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