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Race against the epidemic, a 40 year game Marathon

2020-02-24 08:00:00Source: Game time

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, computer based and mobile phone screens, appear to be the result of confirmed cases, suspected symptoms and deaths. In special period, the whole society is full of anxiety. But not all of the data are frowning, and the growing donations, as well as the materials pouring into Wuhan from all over the country, are still a bit of relief in the disaster. According to incomplete statistics, as of January 28, more than 200 companies had helped the epidemic area, with a cumulative amount of nearly 6 billion yuan. More than a third of the donations came from the game industry, Tencent and Netease at home, as well as Sony and Microsoft overseas. This is not surprising. After all, looking back at the Wenchuan earthquake 12 years ago, the game industry sent more than 40 million yuan in relief within four days of the incident, which can be called rapid. And about 40 years ago, the game was also closely linked to charity - their opponent was pneumonia. Running a marathon on January 2, 1981 is a very common day, but it's very important to live at home

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