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[February 3, 2020] switch weekly report: action element week

2020-02-17 17:56:32Source: Game time

Affected by the epidemic, many people have been holding it at home for a long time. I believe that many people only bring switches when they go home. If the games on hand are all finished and no new games come out, it's depressing. After all, they can't go out to relax. Fortunately, the new work recommended by switch this week is full of action elements. Although it can't really let you stretch, it can probably calm your restless heart. This week's recommendation of ghost Cry 3: Special Edition Original Name: Devil May Cry 3 special edition game unlocking time: 23:00 (day service) on February 19 language: Chinese minimum reference price: 126.64 RMB (day service) ghost Cry 3 Special Edition is a reference film of ghost Cry 3 released in 2005. Now new functions are added to switch platform. NS version of "ghost Cry 3 Special Edition" main

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