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Can't you buy it? Records of the Three Kingdoms 14

2020-01-14 16:22:05Source: Game time

● the "buy or not" column aims to guide the purchase, provide the game introduction, game version information and some foreign media's evaluation of the game. &Inadvertently, the "Three Kingdoms" series has gone from 1985 to now. As the 35th anniversary work of the whole series, the forthcoming issue of "chronicles of the Three Kingdoms 14" returns to the monarchy playing method of a map of "chronicles of the Three Kingdoms 11". More than 1000 heroes expand the characteristics of the army through different "personalities". Of course, there is also the well-known "land coloring system", which is closely linked with the political and war systems, not just gimmicks. Through personality, balance the overall situation of generals in the series of records of the Three Kingdoms, there are many works with generals as the core, mainly focusing on the cultivation of characters, the overall evaluation of players is mixed. The popularity of Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms 9 and chronicles of the Three Kingdoms 11 is much higher than that of the traditional monarchy. ...

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