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Game time is hot this week: the national bank is finally here

2019-12-08 02:22:35Source: Game time

At the end of the year, the information of the Bank of China switch was finally released, and we can immediately put it into our hands. It's also an event that players have been waiting for a long time, and it's also worth looking forward to the next week. There must be a lot of information to be made public at the state of play and TGA awards. This week, in preparation for the 299 Lite version of the 2099 console game launched by the NS pre-sale of the National Bank of China, @ Jingyan said: every time the national bank is mentioned, someone has to say two slanders in various ways and step on one foot. I feel speechless when I see such remarks. No matter whether it's locked or not, whether it's troublesome or not, Guoxing has its own significance. To paraphrase a famous saying, Guoxing is a manifesto, a propaganda team and a seeder. As a manifesto, Guohang not only announced the ice breaking opening of the domestic game market to the industry, but also promised the convenient guarantee and service to the domestic players. Guohang is also a propaganda team, which provides all the domestic tourists with the right services

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