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Nova wins the world championship again

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Zijin Dynasty, next to Busan! At the end of last weekend, the 2019 wild fighting finals ended in Busan, South Korea. Nova team from Europe beat Japan 3-0 in the finals to represent animal chanpuru (hereinafter referred to as AC) to the top of the world! This is Nova's second supercell world champion this year after the global finals of tribal conflict All the way! Nova won the title in three consecutive victories. Although it has not been officially launched in mainland China, the wild fighting has set many records in the game rankings of many countries. As a highly competitive 3v3 real-time mobile game, rough and tumble is bound to become an important part of the supercell e-Competition system. In August of this year, the selection of the global final team of wild fighting was officially launched, and the war was burning all over the seven competition areas. The total prize pool of the competition reached 250000 US dollars, close to 180
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