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Queuing and dropping, the "population disaster" of online games

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Queuing and dropping, the
In recent days, when I turn on the chat message in my mobile phone, I always see a large number of "Final Fantasy 14" players wailing. With the launch of the new version of 5.0, these unlucky guys have been suffering from queuing and dropping lines for a week. There are many people who can't enter the game for six or seven hours, so that wegame timely displayed the slogan of "less queues for new services in the second district". In retrospect, it's funny. According to past experience, as long as an online game still has some titles, the initial online process is often accompanied by a "population disaster", players flock to the server, and users' connections are more than the server load, just like continuous legal DDoS attacks, which instantly destroy those famous companies and works of scale. So is world of Warcraft, so is destiny 2, and so is final fantasy 14. In 2004, Blizzard equipped 40 servers to welcome the opening of world of Warcraft.
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