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"Random Game" Causes Dozens of Premium Blind Box Regulation Can't "Blind"

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Many online bloggers on social platforms speak for the strength of "blind box". Simple open-box videos can generate tens of thousands of comments and praises. Buying or drawing a limited amount of money is also a cause for cheers. The popular Internet section says, "Buy enough 100 blind boxes and stop it." After "go out now, get there immediately" and "don't stay up late today", it has been successfully selected as the third largest classic lie flag in contemporary society, which shows the popularity of blind box as a gadget. Players'obsession with limited edition and hidden money has triggered a huge boom in the second-hand market. On the second-hand trading platform, a doll with an original price of 59 yuan soared to a high price of 2350 yuan, nearly 40 times. According to media reports, blind box trading has become a 10 million-level market. Blind box player "chopper" strength growth fastest so-called "blind box", that is, opaque box, with dull expression, fashionable design of doll toys or cartoon images in animation, only after the unpacking, can we know..
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