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World of Warcraft's new animation exposure: Queen Greek missing

2019-09-26 00:00:00Source: People's net

On September 25, the World of Warcraft test suit version 8.2.5 was excavated into three new animated CGs, telling the final outcome of King Sarufal, the protagonist of the plot of the "Battle Azeroth" version. The plot begins with King Sarufal's secret society and King Anduin. They unite with the leaders of the tribal alliance, including Aqiang, Valila, Lexa, Jaina, Sal, and so on. They come to Ogrema and try to fight Hilvanas to the death. After seeing numerous tribal compatriots in Og, King Sarufal was soft-hearted. One man went to the battle to challenge Silvanas. Queen Hill readily agreed that Anduin would also give Valian's Salamaine (chopsticks and swords) to the King. However, the old king was completely defeated by Queen Greece, and the scene was one-sided. After a few words, King Sarufal fought hard, broke off his chopsticks and swords, and cut the Queen's eye. The Queen's eyes recovered when she became angry. (I don't know if it was the foreshadowing of the ancient god or the Banshee.)

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