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Netease NeXT 2019 Autumn Competition opens today

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Netease NeXT 2019 Autumn Competition opens today
In September, Netease set off another wave of competition. Netease's NeXT Autumn Competition kicked off on September 16, 2019. As one of the largest comprehensive professional electric competitions in China, this NeXT autumn competition includes Netease Games, Blizzard, SNK's "Dream Journey to the West" computer version, "Dream Journey to the West" hand tour, Yin and Yang Division, and "Final Battle!" Ping'an Jing, Yin and Yang Teachers: Baiwen Brand, Yin and Yang Teachers: Monster House, After Tomorrow, Non-human School, A Dream of River and Lake, Wilderness Action, Fifth Personality, Watching Pioneer, Hearthstone Legend, Starcraft II, Warcraft III and Boxer King 14 totaled 16 elites. Play game project participation. The competition covers more than 200 million registered users. More than 100,000 players participate in the sea election. More than 500 players and commentators will experience online and offline tournaments. At the same time, this autumn competition has won 21 live broadcasts at home and abroad.
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