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Play Youth's Workplace Drifting

2019-07-17 18:42:08Source: Touch music

& ldquo; Screening failed. & Wu Jun can't count how many times he has been rejected --- mdash; & mdash; from one of the largest factories to the nameless small workshop, the whole game industry is rejecting him. He received almost all the interview invitations from insurance sales and programming training institutions, and Wu Jun could only laugh bitterly at them. That was May 2018. The weather is getting warmer and warmer, but the game industry is caught in the cold winter because of the discontinuation of the distribution of edition numbers. Large companies are laying off workers, small studios are closing down, and countless project teams are shutting down. When Wu Jun falls, the crisis turns into a very specific problem: the threshold for recruiting interns for game companies has also been raised. Wu Jun studied in a well-known media university in Hong Kong, China, majoring in Media Arts and minoring in computer science. With this background, it is not difficult to find a decent job in the local area - mdash; & MD..

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