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Fate 2's new expansion film "Shadow Fortress" leaked ahead of schedule

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Fate 2's new expansion film
Just a few days ago, Bungie announced that a major update of its game Destiny 2 would be released near E3, but it seems that the update was leaked ahead of time. In today's online "Destiny 2" new season document, some players found this promotional picture called "Shadow Fortress". According to the information in the promotional pictures, the new documentary will lead players to the moon to launch new adventures, which are planned to be launched in autumn 2019. From the above "Open Reservation Today", it is estimated that the book will open the pre-order on the day of release, and will also launch an entity collection version. The Moon is a map of the early "Destiny" with many classic checkpoints and missions. This time, the guardians will return to the Moon. There must be many old players who will be very excited.
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