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Teenagers Programming, Facing the Future "Playing True"

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Teenagers Programming, Facing the Future
Over the years, the words "teenagers" and "games" together tend to cause negative associations. Teenagers'addiction to games has always been a serious social problem. Now, is it feasible to turn children's love of games, in part, into their love of programming? A 16-year-old Brazilian teenager has developed a popular game on Roblox, the world's largest multiplayer online game creation tool with more than 9 million active monthly users, which is the most successful product in 2018. After the game was developed, a 15-year-old American teenager made a marketing plan for it, such as how to promote it to more people, how to explain it on the video platform, and so on. After the game had earned money, they introduced a British teenager to manage the whole financial affairs. Such a scenario is not unfamiliar to developed countries nowadays. In this complete system, teenagers can learn very early.
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