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PS4 may no longer have the privilege of "Call of Duty"

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PS4 may no longer have the privilege of
According to GamingINTEL, they received an anonymous source who had previously accurately disclosed the release date of the game on May 30 and the release window in October. This time, he gave a new message: This year's new book Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will no longer have the privilege of the PS platform. Content. The informant described this as: "There will be a lot of changes this year, and I don't think the PS platform will still have the priority of exclusivity." The so-called priority exclusive right refers to the PS4 platform in the past few years (from 15 years) for the "Call of Duty" works such as "Black Action 3/4", "World War II" new content and updates enjoy the 30-day time limit exclusive. Although PC and Xbox platforms can still experience the same content in 30 days, this month's exclusive time is enough to attract tons of loyal players to buy PS4. This is also Sony and Vista.
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