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Game/Hardware Weekly Sales in Japan 2019 5.13-5.19

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Game/Hardware Weekly Sales in Japan 2019 5.13-5.19
Last week's game and hardware sales in Japan (5.13-5.19) by Famitong have been announced. Last week, Isu: Selsetta's Tree Sea Reform landed on the PS4 platform and sold 14,000 copies. There were no new releases last week, and sales of old games were generally low. The second to fourth editions were "Nintendo Star Race Special Edition", "Malio Racing 8 Deluxe Edition" and "My World" Switch Edition, with sales of 8507, 7258 and 6954 copies respectively. During May Day Golden Week, sales of No More of the Past, which topped the list, fell to fifth place, with 6276 copies sold this week. Top 10 Japanese Game Sales from May 13 to May 19, 2019: In terms of hardware, Switch still had the highest sales last week, selling 32,564 units, followed by PS4 and 5,572 units. Source: Famitsu
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