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Japan will send up the model into space

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Japan will send up the model into space
JAXA, Japan's Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee and Tokyo University announced that they would launch the tall model into space. The model is "Gaoda" and "Xiaya Zhagu" in "Mobile Soldier Gaoda", which is about 10 centimeters high. The model will be loaded into a 30 cm long, 10 cm wide and 10 cm high super-small satellite, G-SATELLITE, with an electronic display board displaying information. It will be launched in March next year by a replenishment ship of the International Space Station (ISS). After the satellite enters orbit around the earth, the model and the electronic display board will enter the outer space of the satellite. The camera on the satellite will take pictures of the satellite at any time and transmit images to the earth. The Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee will publish these images through social networking sites, etc. The information content includes "Congratulations on winning gold" and so on. It will be displayed in many languages, such as Japanese and English.
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