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PC "Rainstorm" and "Excellent Twin" will be released soon

2019-05-16 23:44:54Source: Game time

Quantic Dream announced today that the PC version of Rainstorm and Excellent Twins will be released in June this year, the trial version will be on the shelves before the official launch, while Detroit as a Human is expected to be launched in the autumn, with a specific date to be set. Specifically, the PC trial version of Rainstorm will be released on May 24 and officially released on June 24; the PC trial version of Excellent Twin will be released on June 27 and officially released on July 27; and the PC trial version of Detroit Becomes Human will be released in summer and officially released in autumn. Reservations have been made for three games, including Rainstorm, Super Twin for $19.99 and Detroit as Humanity for $39.99. Because of the current EGS promotional campaign, pre-orders can now get a $10 discount. But the problem is...

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