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History of Taiwanese mainframe Shanzhai

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History of Taiwanese mainframe Shanzhai
Older generations of players will have some knowledge of the history of the mainland Shanzhai game consoles, such as the early involvement in the replacement of Yanshan software with Yadalica tape, or the later reputation of the small overlord in Zhongshan. But maybe not everyone knows that Taiwan may come earlier when it comes to the history of copycat hosting and games. Before the new century, Taiwan was once regarded as a kingdom of piracy. Since the 1960s, unauthorized translated books have appeared in the area. Even though the authorities have issued the Guidance Measures for the Compilation and Printing of Comic Pictures, publishers can still obtain the publication number of pirated books and legitimately circulate them by bribing content censors. This kind of chaos, then logical spread in video tapes, CD-ROMs, industrial products. By the end of the 1970s, the idea of "self-made" Adali 2600 had been launched. Subsequently, as gambling activities such as Dale and Mingpai began to prevail, a number of Shanzhai arcade boards,...
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