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Imperceptible Art: The Secret of Game Read Interface

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Imperceptible Art: The Secret of Game Read Interface
Before the hymn's public opinion became so bad, people were still confident about its future. Players continue to make changes in social media, and official patches are released one after another. Among them, one of the most concerned issues is how to improve the "frequent and long reading mechanism". Many people think that if Bioware can't optimize its efficiency with a frost engine, it shouldn't be difficult to replace the rigid reading interface with a "mini game to kill time". Although it's more like a joke, it can really minimally enhance the experience. Implanting mini games into the reader interface is not a particularly novel setup. You can continue to play Pong with your friends in the intervals of every game of Real Life Quick Play 2. The joy of reading Royal Sister Rose is no less than that of the positive film. The 3-D Spice Girls in bikini shake themselves into horizontal pixel villains. They collect gold coins all the way, and use mechanical sword tricks.
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