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Want to venture with the English Gentleman?

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Want to venture with the English Gentleman?
El Charles & Middot Leiden is a 37-year-old professor of archaeology. He always wore a top hat and a sporty suit because I was an English gentleman. He likes solving puzzles, fencing, and always keeps a diligent and approachable manner. He can sip black tea gracefully in a porcelain cup and point out the truth behind all kinds of supernatural events. He has the shadow of Sherlock & Middot; Holmes, but not as perverse as the famous detective, but in line with people's fantasies about & ldquo; British gentleman & rdquo; on the contrary. He is a symbol that combines literature, movies, Victorian elements and light steampunk. It sounds old-fashioned (commendatory, of course), but when these old-fashioned features are combined with puzzles and adventures, it becomes a fascinating new story. Thunder...
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