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Fantasy Plan Gift for May Day Evening Cherry

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Fantasy Plan Gift for May Day Evening Cherry
The gentle spring breeze awakened the sleeping earth, and all things came to life, and all flowers came to blossom. Spring is a beautiful season, spring rain moistens beautiful cherry blossoms. At the end of the Qingming Dynasty, the Three-Yuan cherry blossom season is coming to an end, and the two-yuan cherry appreciation program is still in full swing. With the end of the cherry blossom period, the time-limited activities of "The Gift of Late Cherry - Labor Day" in Fantasy Plan are in full swing. In the "Labor Day" activities, players can search for cherry petals, get cherry blossom marks, and light up fantastic cherry blossoms. "Labor Day" time-limited activities lasted from April 26 to May 8, lighting a cherry petal, harvesting the indestructible Cherry Blossom stamp in the heart. [Lighting cherry petals, harvesting cherry blossom stamp] In this "cherry blossom seven-day" time-limited activities, players can win the lottery by completing the designated tasks. There are 15 sub-tasks per day, and each sub-task can be awarded a lottery. Luck draw...
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