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Unicom Partners'Meeting Held Xiaowo Release "Wojiayun Tour"

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Unicom Partners'Meeting Held Xiaowo Release
From April 23 to 25, the Shanghai 5G Innovation and Development Summit and China Unicom Global Industry Chain Partnership Conference were held in Shanghai World Expo Center. The theme of the conference is "Unicom 5G, See the Future Together". Top government officials, industry leaders and more than 3,000 global industry chain partners attended the conference, and tens of thousands of people made appointments to visit. On the afternoon of April 24, as the main event of 21 thematic forums of the conference, the 5G-oriented Digital Content Operations Forum officially opened. Many industry leaders and experts and scholars in the field of digital content jointly discussed the new ideas and Strategies of content operation in the 5G era, and described the magnificent picture of the great development and prosperity of the digital economy. Mr. Mai Yanzhou, Vice General Manager of China Unicom Group, delivered a speech in person. Buy General said that 4G changed life, 5G changed society, and the application of 5G would have a profound impact on the mode of production, lifestyle and thinking of human beings. China Unicom has conducted in-depth research on 5G.
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