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"Land of Redemption" defines the new competitive ecology with "sub-era"

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The first sandbox competitive game "Land of Redemption" based on UE4 engine will be launched in TapTap on April 26. As a competitor touring in the "sub-era", Land of Redemption, with its excellent engine strength, has created a game quality no less than that of the mainframe masterpiece in the performance of the screen and is popular in the field of new tours. At the same time, "Land of Redemption" creatively introduces sandbox elements into chicken-eating play, creating "sandbox interactive play", which provides a new way of thinking for competitive games. "Next Age" Tour has always been a hot area for players to look forward to, "Land of Redemption" in TapTap on the shelf has been enthusiastically sought after, the number of reservations increased by 700,000, the word of mouth stabilized at 9.3 points, but also in this A test aroused the enthusiasm of the majority of players to participate. So what is the magic of the "sub-era" of Land of Redemption? Let's take a look at it. Top rendering technology is comparable to main products.
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