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The game "Dr. Panda" for children is online on the whole platform.

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The game
Dr. Panda recently ushered in the brand's first educational application of the same name, Dr. Panda. As the flagship application of the brand in the future, a game that is very suitable for children to play, Dr. Panda is specially designed for preschool children. In the process of accompanying children, it guides children to contact and learn preschool subjects through interesting content, and will continue to improve the content matrix in the following days. It is expected that it will eventually include more than 50 puzzle games and more than 100 copies of English. Language storybook. While playing and learning, self-improvement involves many preschool subjects. Through a series of audio-visual multimedia experiences, Dr. Panda creates a fun and enlightening paradise for children, providing 360 degrees of all-round exploration of the world. In many interesting games, children will begin to learn arithmetic from the basics and play around in the math world; read and pronounce all 26 English letters, spell English words.
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