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China Joy: An Overview of the Ninth Art

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China Joy: An Overview of the Ninth Art
As a product of digital technology, a deeper combination of games and culture is bound to be a trend in the future. If China's game industry wants to continue to stand in the world, in the process of introducing and going out, it is bound to continue to inherit and carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture. On this point, it is most intuitive at China Joy, the most famous and influential annual event in the field of digital entertainment in the world. First of all, previous activities such as ChinaJoy Live's "National Style and Chronicle" and Cosplay Carnival National Competition combined games with traditional culture and eventually created a series of programs which were deeply commented on online friendliness, such as "State of Etiquette", "Sheng Tang-Silk Road", "Under Chang'an City" and "Quyun Zhuan". In addition to official activities, you can also feel the Chinese traditional culture in more and more players'clothes, which is reviving in a new form.
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