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How to objectively evaluate Wolf: Two Evanescent Degrees?

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In recent years, with Miyazaki & ldquo; Old Thieves & rdquo; stable and high-quality output, FromSoftware has gradually moved from a small second-tier factory to an internationally influential big factory, & ldquo; Soul & rdquo; the success of taste Games has also spawned some imitators. FromSoftware naturally won't sit idly by and ignore its peers'encroachment. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, A & ldquo; soul & rdquo; a series of derivatives of harmony and wind were born. Since its release in late March, whether at home or abroad, "Wolf" has been a hot topic of discussion, and its public praise is as good as that of its predecessors. What's more, compared with the slightly conservative "Soul of Darkness 3" inherited from his predecessors, and even with the derivative work "Curse of Blood Source", which also boasts innovation.
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