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Evening Talk: What are my Weixin friends playing with?

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Happy Night Talk, everyday jokes and games related farts, ghosts, new things. Ten years of lithotripsy, two vast, strong will to write in sickness. But ask Ronaldinho where he is today? Hospital bed. Not surprisingly, I have 288 Weixin friends. This is certainly not much more than the social elite who readily read thousands of sails, but compared with the old people who only have relatives, friends and a few colleagues in their friends, nearly 300 are also quite true. If you reconcile it, you can force it to be the median number of people's friends. In Weixin game, there is a self-contained & ldquo; Friends'Hot Play List & rdquo; function. On the list, users can see the specific number of friends who play a certain Tencent game, and thus infer the popularity of the game in the circle of friends and the overall taste of friends. At first glance, this is another interesting and useless function, but carefully touching, there are some flavors. & It's no surprise that the leading edge is huge.
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