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Switch Weekly Bulletin: Role Playing Week

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Switch Weekly Bulletin: Role Playing Week
Hello, everyone. This is Switch Weekly Travel Newspaper. It is dedicated to bringing you a quick view of Switch games every week, helping you to screen out games worth playing and unique games. This column will be updated every Monday. I hope you don't miss another wave of Switch games this week. Compared with last week, there are many big-name games on sale this week. Every Monday for these two months, besides updating Switch's weekly games, there are also HBO's "Game of Rights" update episodes. But today's focus is on the game. This week's game is quite good, and many of the works have Chinese. Among them, for example, "Dark Awareness of the Doctrine of the Dragon", this game is not only highly playable, but also has Chinese, which really makes people look forward to. In terms of independent games, the "Table" series has come out of bowling again. It has to be said that this series is really not any kind of ball games.
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