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A foreign team built a Hailar castle in My World

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A foreign team built a Hailar castle in My World
Today, Nintendo officials released a video showing a Hailar castle built with My World, which reproduced the landscape before the Canadian agricultural disaster. The scale and details are amazing. It is understood that this work was produced by a professional team named Team-Beijing, My World. The team started its activities in 2012. Its daily activities are to reproduce the real city in My World, which has been officially certified by Microsoft. Team members introduced that they first refer to the game screenshots, official information, from the height of the terrain to the scope of the building, to "My World" bricks as a unit of measurement to make design drawings, and then according to the screenshots bit by bit repair details. Thirteen team members participated in the project, and the whole production cycle was less than two months. The first two weeks or so of the project were drawing designs. In the view of the team, the whole work of Zelda's research laboratory library is ___________.
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