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Steam's Weekly Sales: Adventure in the Rain

2019-04-22 10:57:25Source: Game time

The weekly sales ranking of Team in the new week is fresh. Despite the end of the buy-one-get-one deal, Adventure in the Rain 2 still ranked first in weekly sales last week, while the second and fourth were dominated by the new game A.D. 1800. Newcomers to this week's list include The Prophet & amp; The Warlock, an extension of The Hammer: Total War 2, which includes two legendary lords from Warhammer's fantasy war world, each with their own artifact missions, mechanisms, troops and game play. In addition, the leisure (Xiuxian) game "The Story of Floating Island" released by HB has also entered the top ten, which is a placement game. Players need to explore, produce, collect and manage resources, find secrets and build bases from scratch, buy land for exploration and expansion. Detailed List: Adventure in Rain 2 A. D. 1..

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