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Immediately and rightly ignited "Vanity" 2019 CVPL Summer Competition registration opens

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Immediately and rightly ignited
With the upcoming version 4.2, "Vanity" will officially enter the era of cross-platform! In this "Vanity" CVPL (Vanity China Professional League) official announcement rules: mobile phones, tablets, PCs will be the first time in the same competition! The distance between different platforms no longer exists. Rules for registration: As long as your "Vanity" national service account is registered before January 31, 2019, and its position is higher than 4 paragraphs (including 4 paragraphs), whether you use mobile phones, tablets or PCs, you can form a team to participate in this summer competition! "Vanity" MOBA competitive new era, no platform, only the strength of the struggle! Vanity players, we must not miss the National Summer Games! At present, the official Summer Race registration channel has been opened (pay attention to the official vanity website or scan the two-dimensional code below to register). The prize pool part of this contest will also satisfy all competitors. ...
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